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       NewVersion -

       NewVersion <package> <version> (url)

       Update a recipe to a new version.


              Enable terse messages.


              Enable debug messages.

       -h, --help

              Show this help.


              Show program version.

       -v, --verbose

              Enable verbose mode.

       --logfile <entry>

              Log all output to specified file.

       -s, --source <entry>

              Recipe version number to use as a base for the new version

       -n, --former-name <entry>

              App name of the Recipe to use as a base. Only necessary if it's different from the name of the new Recipe

       -k, --keep-existing

              Keep existing recipe if one already exists

              Optimistically,  it  assumes only the version number has changed, and the compilation process is still identi‐
              cal. The generated recipe is better understood as a 'template' for the new version recipe.

              NewVersion Allegro 4.1.12, NewVersion --source 0.9.7 Wine 0.9.14

       Copyright © 2003, Hisham Muhammad - Released under the GNU GPL.

GoboLinux                                                March 2017                                            NEWVERSION(1)

Usage example:

NewVersion Bash 4.4.12

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