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Patches are applied in filename order, with the '-p1' option. Creation by

 diff -Naur old_dir new_dir


 diff -Nau old_file new_file

works well. They should be named '01-explanation.patch', where the initial numbers increase in the order for patches to be applied, and explanation is a short title giving some inkling of the patch's purpose. Additionally, the first few lines of the patch (before the

 --- foo/1.0/file.bad
 +++ foo/1.0/file.good

lines) should contain an explanation of why the patch is necessary. GoboLinux avoids patches to add features or optimizations; patches should fix compilation or installation, or true bugs.

Dynamic patches

These patches are modified by Compile prior to being applied. They should be named The dynamic variables may be used, prefixed with the string '@%Compile_' and postfixed with '%@'. Such variables include (where the Program being compiled has some dependency Foo):

  • @%Compile_target%@
  • @%Compile_settings_target%@
  • @%Compile_variable_target%@
  • @%Compile_foo_path%@
  • @%Compile_foo_settings_path%@
  • @%Compile_foo_variable_path%@
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