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Hi, has anyone got any hints for glibc? I compiled 2.5.1 into /Programs/Glibc/2.5.1 but which step should i do next?

(Ideally this should be expanded... i have static versions of tar, bzip, bash, coreutils, binutils, make, but if i symlink brutally then ncurses has some links, so I probably need to do something differently.)

I was in an even worse situation, since I was using a dynamic version of those programs. I totally trashed my system: every single program would segfault, and then the kernel started to panic at boot time. But I've found a solution which can be used either to fix the above ailment, or to cleanly install a new Glibc.

1) Boot using the live-CD.

2) Mount your root partition to /Mount/Media.

> mount /dev/hda6 /Mount/Media

3) Install the version of Glibc you want. Note that the "-r" is essential, otherwise your /Systems/Index/bin links will point to subdirectories of /Mount/Media, which won't be mounted anymore after you reboot.

> goboPrefix="/Mount/Media" SymlinkProgram -r Glibc 2.5.1

4) Relink against the new Glibc. If you forget this step, all non statically-linked programs will segfault. If your boot process involves any (which it probably does), you won't even be able to reboot!

> chroot /Mount/Media ldconfig -v

-- Gelisam

To make this relatively painless, make sure to compile Glibc with using this command

> Compile -l no Glibc

as it will stop Compile from symlinking Glibc after a successful compile and install.

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