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@lucasvr lucasvr released this 03 Apr 18:53
· 17 commits to master since this release

Here comes GoboLinux 016.01! It accumulates a few improvements since the announcement of 016.01-beta:

  • Upgrade APulse to version 0.1.9
  • Upgrade GoboNet to 0.10
  • Upgrade UnionFS-Fuse to 2.0, fixing sandboxing issues
  • Upgrade to Compile 016.01, fixing file verification logic
  • Upgrade to Scripts 016.01, augmenting the "command not found" database and removing obsolete scripts
  • Repackaged LibCap 2.25
  • Installation fixes for UEFI systems
  • Live ISO fixes when querying sysfs for system information
  • Conditional use of Xorg modesetting workaround for Intel video cards

The package list is available here.

ISO SHA256: 48739770c0d664ef1b89420ad452a8e4b85d1ca83116f7a1298f205d1fdc44c6