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Latest commit e3851e7 Jan 16, 2017 @lucasvr lucasvr The implementation of overlayfs is quite fragile when it comes to
mounting an overlay on top of another. In special, the following
sequence of operations is broken when we recompile a program that
already has an entry under /Programs:

1. Compile respawns with Runner, creating overlayfs on
2. Compile creates a safelinking copy of the old entry under /Programs
3. New links pointing to /Programs/Foo/Version-safelinking are created
under /System/Index/{bin,lib,include...}
4. Make install creates a sandbox on /System/Index. If the sandbox uses
overlayfs, then all changes created on step (3) are "lost" and simply do
not appear under the new namespace. If the sandbox uses e.g.,
unionfs-fuse, then those changes are propagated as one would expect.

As a workaround, this commit removes overlayfs from the list of
possible union backends.