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Go Developer Network (GDN)

To better support our Go user groups worldwide, the Go community leaders at GoBridge and Google have joined forces to create a new program called the Go Developer Network (GDN). The GDN is a collection of Go user groups working together with a shared mission to empower developer communities with the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to build the next generation of software in Go. This network creates a single place for people to search for local user groups, events, and see what other Gophers are doing around the world.

How to Join

If you currently run a Go developer group on, please fill out this application to request to add your meetup to the GDN. If you want to start a new Go developer group on, please fill out this application. If you are a Go developer looking for a meetup to join, find a meetup near you on the GDN map.


Comming Soon!

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