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All things GoBridge workshops start here.

Before kicking off a new workshop, be sure to read about requirements and details about organizing or sponsoring a GoBridge workshop.

New to this? We've got your back❗️ 💥 We provide training and have presentation material for you to use!

For information about funding a GoBridge workshop, please visit Bridge Foundry's finances repo.

Kickoff a new workshop

If you are a company offering a venue or sponsorship for a GoBridge workshop, or if you are a person who wants to organize one, please head to our issue list and open a new issue. We get notified automatically and will get back to you soon after to help make your workshop happen.


  • Either an organizer or a sponsor can kickoff a workshop.

  • Visit Bridge Troll to see a listing of past events for inspiration.

  • Select one of our available courses, or use your own.

  • Learn about our workflow for moving issues all the way through to the scheduled status.

Ways to reach us (in order of preference)