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package buffalo
import (
// App is where it all happens! It holds on to options,
// the underlying router, the middleware, and more.
// Without an App you can't do much!
type App struct {
// Middleware returns the current MiddlewareStack for the App/Group.
Middleware *MiddlewareStack `json:"-"`
ErrorHandlers ErrorHandlers `json:"-"`
router *mux.Router
moot *sync.RWMutex
routes RouteList
root *App
children []*App
filepaths []string
// Muxer returns the underlying mux router to allow
// for advance configurations
func (a *App) Muxer() *mux.Router {
return a.router
// New returns a new instance of App and adds some sane, and useful, defaults.
func New(opts Options) *App {
opts = optionsWithDefaults(opts)
a := &App{
Options: opts,
ErrorHandlers: ErrorHandlers{
404: defaultErrorHandler,
500: defaultErrorHandler,
router: mux.NewRouter(),
moot: &sync.RWMutex{},
routes: RouteList{},
children: []*App{},
dem := a.defaultErrorMiddleware
a.Middleware = newMiddlewareStack(dem)
notFoundHandler := func(errorf string, code int) http.HandlerFunc {
return func(res http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request) {
c := a.newContext(RouteInfo{}, res, req)
err := fmt.Errorf(errorf, req.Method, req.URL.Path)
_ = a.ErrorHandlers.Get(code)(code, err, c)
a.router.NotFoundHandler = notFoundHandler("path not found: %s %s", 404)
a.router.MethodNotAllowedHandler = notFoundHandler("method not found: %s %s", 405)
if a.MethodOverride == nil {
a.MethodOverride = MethodOverride
return a
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