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package buffalo
import "encoding/json"
// flashKey is the prefix inside the Session.
const flashKey = "_flash_"
//Flash is a struct that helps with the operations over flash messages.
type Flash struct {
data map[string][]string
//Delete removes a particular key from the Flash.
func (f Flash) Delete(key string) {
delete(, key)
//Clear removes all keys from the Flash.
func (f *Flash) Clear() { = map[string][]string{}
//Set allows to set a list of values into a particular key.
func (f Flash) Set(key string, values []string) {[key] = values
//Add adds a flash value for a flash key, if the key already has values the list for that value grows.
func (f Flash) Add(key, value string) {
if len([key]) == 0 {[key] = []string{value}
}[key] = append([key], value)
//Persist the flash inside the session.
func (f Flash) persist(session *Session) {
b, _ := json.Marshal(
session.Set(flashKey, b)
//newFlash creates a new Flash and loads the session data inside its data.
func newFlash(session *Session) *Flash {
result := &Flash{
data: map[string][]string{},
if session.Session != nil {
if f := session.Get(flashKey); f != nil {
json.Unmarshal(f.([]byte), &
return result
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