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Find file Copy path
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package render
import (
// Helpers to be included in all templates
type Helpers hctx.Map
// Options for render.Engine
type Options struct {
// HTMLLayout is the default layout to be used with all HTML renders.
HTMLLayout string
// JavaScriptLayout is the default layout to be used with all JavaScript renders.
JavaScriptLayout string
// TemplatesBox is the location of the templates directory on disk.
TemplatesBox packd.Box
// AssetsBox is the location of the public assets the app will serve.
AssetsBox packd.Box
// Helpers to be rendered with the templates
Helpers Helpers
// TemplateEngine to be used for rendering HTML templates
TemplateEngines map[string]TemplateEngine
// DefaultContentType instructs the engine what it should fall back to if
// the "content-type" is unknown
DefaultContentType string
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