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package buffalo
import (
// Response implements the http.ResponseWriter interface and allows
// for the capture of the response status and size to be used for things
// like logging requests.
type Response struct {
Status int
Size int
// WriteHeader sets the status code for a response
func (w *Response) WriteHeader(i int) {
w.Status = i
// Write the body of the response
func (w *Response) Write(b []byte) (int, error) {
w.Size = binary.Size(b)
return w.ResponseWriter.Write(b)
// Hijack implements the http.Hijacker interface to allow for things like websockets.
func (w *Response) Hijack() (net.Conn, *bufio.ReadWriter, error) {
if hj, ok := w.ResponseWriter.(http.Hijacker); ok {
return hj.Hijack()
return nil, nil, errors.New("does not implement http.Hijack")
// Flush the response
func (w *Response) Flush() {
if f, ok := w.ResponseWriter.(http.Flusher); ok {
type closeNotifier interface {
CloseNotify() <-chan bool
// CloseNotify implements the http.CloseNotifier interface
func (w *Response) CloseNotify() <-chan bool {
if cn, ok := w.ResponseWriter.(closeNotifier); ok {
return cn.CloseNotify()
return nil
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