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New project in windows fails #1661

gcubar opened this issue May 9, 2019 · 0 comments


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commented May 9, 2019


I'm new trying to use buffalo, but I can not create a new project. I am following all the prerequisites and installation steps that appear on this page (

I'm developing in Windows 10 and I use this script:

 go get -u -v

to install like another go projects, but I receive follow error when try to create a new project.

PS C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src> buffalo new myproject
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] Step: 453f81f0
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] Chdir: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\.codeclimate.yml
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\.env
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\actions\actions_test.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\actions\app.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\actions\home.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\actions\home_test.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\actions\render.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\fixtures\sample.toml
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\grifts\init.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\inflections.json
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\main.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\config\buffalo-app.toml
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] Step: c0f142e1
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] Chdir: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\.dockerignore
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\Dockerfile
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] Step: c2b9cfb0
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] Chdir: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\grifts\db.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\models\models.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\models\models_test.go
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:33-04:00] Exec: go get
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] Step: d0b82122
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] Chdir: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] File: C:/Users/<myuser>/go/src/myproject/database.yml
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] Step: 3e98e741
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] Chdir: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] File: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject\
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] Step: 1c4a9d72
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] Chdir: C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\myproject
�[37mDEBU�[0m[2019-05-09T05:38:35-04:00] Exec: go get
# cd C:\Users\<myuser>\go\src\\gobuffalo\release; git pull --ff-only
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
package exit status 128
  buffalo new [name] [flags]

      --api                  skip all front-end code and configure for an API server
      --ci-provider string   specify the type of ci file you would like buffalo to generate [none, travis, gitlab-ci] (default "none")
      --config string        config file (default is $HOME/.buffalo.yaml)
      --db-type string       specify the type of database you want to use [cockroach, mysql, postgres, sqlite3] (default "postgres")
      --docker string        specify the type of Docker file to generate [none, multi, standard] (default "multi")
  -d, --dry-run              dry run
  -f, --force                delete and remake if the app already exists
  -h, --help                 help for new
      --module string        specify the root module (package) name. [defaults to 'automatic']
      --skip-config          skips using the config file
      --skip-pop             skips adding pop/soda to your app
      --skip-webpack         skips adding Webpack to your app
      --skip-yarn            use npm instead of yarn for frontend dependencies management
      --vcs string           specify the Version control system you would like to use [none, git, bzr] (default "git")
  -v, --verbose              verbosely print out the go get commands
      --with-dep             adds to your app

time="2019-05-09T05:38:37-04:00" level=error msg="Error: exit status 1"

Then I try to use scoop installer, but i receives the same error.

Any tips?

Best regards

@gcubar gcubar closed this May 16, 2019

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