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package fizz
import (
type BubbleType int
type Bubbler struct {
data []string
func NewBubbler(t Translator) *Bubbler {
return &Bubbler{
Translator: t,
data: []string{},
func (b *Bubbler) String() string {
return strings.Join(, "\n")
func (b *Bubbler) Bubble(s string) (string, error) {
f := fizzer{b}
ctx := plush.NewContextWith(map[string]interface{}{
"exec": f.Exec(os.Stdout),
"create_table": f.CreateTable,
"change_column": f.ChangeColumn,
"add_column": f.AddColumn,
"drop_column": f.DropColumn,
"rename_column": f.RenameColumn,
"raw": f.RawSQL,
"sql": f.RawSQL,
"add_index": f.AddIndex,
"drop_index": f.DropIndex,
"rename_index": f.RenameIndex,
"add_foreign_key": f.AddForeignKey,
"drop_foreign_key": f.DropForeignKey,
"drop_table": f.DropTable,
"rename_table": f.RenameTable,
err := plush.RunScript(s, ctx)
return b.String(), err
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