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package genny
import (
func init() {
// Generator is the basic type for generators to use
type Generator struct {
StepName string
Should func(*Runner) bool
Root string
ErrorFn func(error)
runners []RunFn
transformers []Transformer
moot *sync.RWMutex
// New, well-formed, generator
func New() *Generator {
g := &Generator{
StepName: stepName(),
runners: []RunFn{},
moot: &sync.RWMutex{},
transformers: []Transformer{},
return g
// Event has been deprecated and does nothing.
func (g *Generator) Event(kind string, payload mapi.Mapi) {
fmt.Println("Events have been deprecated. Please manually trigger events if needed.")
// g.RunFn(func(r *Runner) error {
// return events.EmitPayload(kind, payload)
// })
// File adds a file to be run when the generator is run
func (g *Generator) File(f File) {
g.RunFn(func(r *Runner) error {
return r.File(f)
func (g *Generator) Transform(f File) (File, error) {
defer g.moot.RUnlock()
var err error
for _, t := range g.transformers {
f, err = t.Transform(f)
if err != nil {
return f, err
return f, nil
// Transformer adds a file transform to the generator
func (g *Generator) Transformer(t Transformer) {
defer g.moot.Unlock()
g.transformers = append(g.transformers, t)
// Command adds a command to be run when the generator is run
func (g *Generator) Command(cmd *exec.Cmd) {
g.RunFn(func(r *Runner) error {
return r.Exec(cmd)
// Box walks through a packr.Box and adds Files for each entry
// in the box.
func (g *Generator) Box(box packd.Walker) error {
return box.Walk(func(path string, f packd.File) error {
g.File(NewFile(path, f))
return nil
// RunFn adds a generic "runner" function to the generator.
func (g *Generator) RunFn(fn RunFn) {
defer g.moot.Unlock()
g.runners = append(g.runners, fn)
func (g1 *Generator) Merge(g2 *Generator) {
g1.runners = append(g1.runners, g2.runners...)
g1.transformers = append(g1.transformers, g2.transformers...)
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