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package logger
import (
var _ Logger = Logrus{}
var _ FieldLogger = Logrus{}
var _ Outable = Logrus{}
// Logrus is a Logger implementation backed by sirupsen/logrus
type Logrus struct {
// SetOutput will try and set the output of the underlying
// logrus.FieldLogger if it can
func (l Logrus) SetOutput(w io.Writer) {
if lg, ok := l.FieldLogger.(Outable); ok {
// WithField returns a new Logger with the field added
func (l Logrus) WithField(s string, i interface{}) FieldLogger {
return Logrus{l.FieldLogger.WithField(s, i)}
// WithFields returns a new Logger with the fields added
func (l Logrus) WithFields(m map[string]interface{}) FieldLogger {
return Logrus{l.FieldLogger.WithFields(m)}
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