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package parser
import (
// Box found while parsing a file
type Box struct {
Name string // name of the box
Path string // relative path of folder NewBox("./templates")
AbsPath string // absolute path of Path
Package string // the package name the box was found in
PWD string // the PWD when the parser was run
PackageDir string // the absolute path of the package where the box was found
type Boxes []*Box
// String - json returned
func (b Box) String() string {
x, _ := json.Marshal(b)
return string(x)
// NewBox stub from the name and the path provided
func NewBox(name string, path string) *Box {
if len(name) == 0 {
name = path
name = strings.Replace(name, "\"", "", -1)
pwd, _ := os.Getwd()
box := &Box{
Name: name,
Path: path,
PWD: pwd,
return box
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