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package plush
import (
// Helpers contains all of the default helpers for
// These will be available to all templates. You should add
// any custom global helpers to this list.
var Helpers = HelperMap{
moot: &sync.Mutex{},
func init() {
Helpers.Add("partial", partialHelper)
Helpers.Add(forms.FormKey, bootstrap.Form)
Helpers.Add(forms.FormForKey, bootstrap.FormFor)
Helpers.Add("form_for", bootstrap.FormFor)
var _ hctx.HelperContext = &HelperContext{}
// HelperContext is an optional last argument to helpers
// that provides the current context of the call, and access
// to an optional "block" of code that can be executed from
// within the helper.
type HelperContext struct {
compiler *compiler
block *ast.BlockStatement
const helperContextKind = "HelperContext"
// Render a string with the current context
func (h HelperContext) Render(s string) (string, error) {
return Render(s, h.Context)
// HasBlock returns true if a block is associated with the helper function
func (h HelperContext) HasBlock() bool {
return h.block != nil
// Block executes the block of template associated with
// the helper, think the block inside of an "if" or "each"
// statement.
func (h HelperContext) Block() (string, error) {
return h.BlockWith(h.Context)
// BlockWith executes the block of template associated with
// the helper, think the block inside of an "if" or "each"
// statement, but with it's own context.
func (h HelperContext) BlockWith(hc hctx.Context) (string, error) {
ctx, ok := hc.(*Context)
if !ok {
return "", fmt.Errorf("expected *Context, got %T", hc)
octx := h.compiler.ctx
defer func() { h.compiler.ctx = octx }()
h.compiler.ctx = ctx
if h.block == nil {
return "", errors.New("no block defined")
i, err := h.compiler.evalBlockStatement(h.block)
if err != nil {
return "", err
bb := &bytes.Buffer{}
h.compiler.write(bb, i)
return bb.String(), nil
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