Easily create HTML tags in Go
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Easily build HTML tags in Go! This package is especially useful when using http://gobuffalo.io.

Getting Started


Tags has a minimum Go dependency of 1.8.1.


To get this lib just get it via go get

go get -u -v github.com/gobuffalo/tags/...

Running the tests

In order to run the tests just do it with a regular

go test ./...


Documentation is currently in this repository Wiki, you can find there instructions on how to use tags within your app.


If you want to contribute, please read this article first: Contributing to Open Source Git Repositories in Go. It shows how to configure your git environment to avoid common pitfalls. This article is recommended to all those who are looking to contribute to any Go projects.

^ Taken from gobuffalo.io

⚠️ Send PRs to development branch

The way we release in Tags is:

  1. We use development branch to accumulate changes to be released
  2. Once we decide to make a release we send a PR from development to master with those changes to be added.
  3. Once that PR gets merged we tag a new release with the vX.X.X scheme.