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package form
import (
//Form is the html form tag, this will hold other tags inside it.
type Form struct {
//SetAuthenticityToken allows tags to work smoothly with Buffalo, it receives the auth token and creates an input hidden with it.
func (f *Form) SetAuthenticityToken(s string) {
f.Prepend(tags.New("input", tags.Options{
"value": s,
"type": "hidden",
"name": "authenticity_token",
//Label permits to create a label inside a Form
func (f Form) Label(value string, opts tags.Options) *tags.Tag {
opts["body"] = value
return tags.New("label", opts)
//New creates a new form from passed options, it sets defaults for method and also handles other methods as PUT by adding _method hidden input.
func New(opts tags.Options) *Form {
if opts["method"] == nil {
opts["method"] = "POST"
if opts["multipart"] != nil {
opts["enctype"] = "multipart/form-data"
delete(opts, "multipart")
form := &Form{
Tag: tags.New("form", opts),
m := strings.ToUpper(form.Options["method"].(string))
if m != "POST" && m != "GET" {
form.Options["method"] = "POST"
form.Prepend(tags.New("input", tags.Options{
"value": m,
"type": "hidden",
"name": "_method",
return form
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