Setup Go, Goby and PostgreSQL on a Linux system

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These are the steps required in order to setup Go (1.9), Goby and PostgreSQL on a Linux system.

Install go from source (in /usr/lib)

$ wget -O /tmp/golang-1.9.tar.gz
$ sudo tar xv -C /usr/lib -f /tmp/golang-1.9.tar.gz
$ sudo mv /usr/lib/go /usr/lib/go-1.9

Set the paths

The most generic solution is to use $HOME/.bashrc.

Setting $GOPATH (the path of the Go workspace) to $HOME/go is a common setup:

$ echo 'export GOPATH=$HOME/go' >> $HOME/.bashrc
$ echo 'export GOBY_ROOT=$GOPATH/src/' >> $HOME/.bashrc

Add the go workspace binaries to the path:

$ echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin' >> $HOME/.bashrc

Note that if your terminal is set to run as login shell, then you'll need to modify $HOME/.bash_profile instead.

Optionally add a shell function for selecting the Go version

$ cat <<<'STR' >> $HOME/.bashrc
# Switch go version; assumes that go versions are installed as `/usr/lib/go-1.X`
function goswitch {
  if [[ "$#" != 1 ]] || [ "$1" = "-h" ] || [ "$1" = "--help" ]; then
    echo 'Usage: goswitch <version>'
    export PATH=$(perl -pe 's/:\/usr\/lib\/go-\d\.\d+\/bin//' <<< $PATH)
    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/go-$1/bin

# Select go
goswitch 1.9

doing so will automatically select Go 1.9 on terminal invocation.

Reload the shell configuration, and download the repository:

$ source ~/.bashrc
$ go get

This will create the workspace directory ($GOPATH), if it's not present.

Install PostgreSQL

Install the provided package, on Ubuntu 16.04:

$ sudo apt install postgresql-9.5 postgresql-contrib-9.5

Trust clients connecting from the local machine:

$ sudo perl -i -pe 's/^((local|host).*)\b(\w+)$/$1trust/' /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/pg_hba.conf

Restart the service:

$ sudo systemctl restart postgresql

And create the test database:

$ psql -c 'create database goby_test;' -U postgres

Alternative PostgreSQL versions

PostgreSQL maintains a PPA with more recent PGSQL versions. In order to add it, execute:

$ wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
$ echo "deb $RELEASE-pgdg main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgdg.list
$ sudo apt update

Then follow the instructions in the previous section, changing 9.5 with the desired version.

Happy hacking!

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