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The .NET client library for the GoCardless API
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.nuget Adding Merchant and User Ids to bill.
GoCardlessSdk.Net2.Tests Test fixes
GoCardlessSdk.Net2 Bumping version number.
GoCardlessSdk.Tests Fixing specs
GoCardlessSdk Accept Charge Customer At
Sample.Mvc3 Fix for post bill amount bug
packages Adding Merchant and User Ids to bill.
.gitignore Fixing signature validation of Connect Client for URL escaped URIs.
GoCardlessSdk.sln Adding Merchant and User Ids to bill.
GoCardlessSdk.sln.DotSettings updating all external project references
LICENSE Added license and readme Deprecation message

:warning: This client library is no longer supported

This library isn't supported or maintained to the same high standard as our other projects, so we would advise that you don't use it to build a new integration.

If you're working with our API using .NET, you should make HTTP requests to our API directly (documentation) instead.

The source will remain available, so you can modify it to suit your requirements if you still wish to use this library.

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