The Python client library for the GoCardless API
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GoCardless Python Client Library

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This module provides a wrapper around the GoCardless payments API, the interface to the api is provided by the gocardless.Client object. See the documentation for that class for how to obtain an instance.

By default the library will attempt to use the GoCardless production environment, for testing purposes this is not what you want and you should set the gocardless.environment to "sandbox".::

>>> gocardless.environment = "sandbox"

Set your account details:::

>>> gocardless.set_details(app_id="kzCOPw2JtJvRQxKOPEREQTGvxLvkoMS1Eb0Dgl5QVc1W0NKpOEZDvESfGOI_kkG2l",
>>>     app_secret="IO9AlgPsbYNCtFlcOFGROBrGB3Mi07PFYSn2zx4uK5xaWJI1AzwnYeC86x46ji_g",
>>>     access_token="5EFkzOrUOZ8t+iaP86NggIy+FOFSD0f7QMnMd+Q3P4mQk17Kzq9G1vYrNlEWFldlg",
>>>     merchant_id="02FX1YFDAS")

You can now use the gocardless.client object to generate urls for receiving payments.::

>>> gocardless.client.new_bill_url(10)

Users who click on this link will be taken to the GoCardless website to make a payment to your account.

You can also use it to query the api for information about payments resources using an active resource style API. For example, to get all of a merchants bills::

>>> merchant = client.merchant()
>>> merchant.bills()
>>> [<gocardless.resources.Bill at 0x29a6050>]


Fork the repo then clone it to your machine and install in "develop" mode (preferably using a virtualenv)::

mkvirtualenv gocardless
git clone<username>/gocardless-python
cd gocardless-python
python develop

Install the testing dependencies::

pip install -r requirements.txt

and run the test suite::