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import gocardless
import json
import requests
class Request(object):
def __init__(self, method, url):
self._method = method
self._url = url
headers = {}
headers["Accept"] = "application/json"
lib_version = gocardless.get_version()
headers["User-Agent"] = "gocardless-python/{0}".format(lib_version)
self._opts = {"headers": headers}
if not self._valid_method(method):
raise ValueError('Invalid method {}'.format(method))
def _valid_method(self, method):
return method in ('get', 'post', 'put')
def use_http_auth(self, username, password):
self._opts['auth'] = (username, password)
def use_bearer_auth(self, token):
auth_header = 'bearer {}'.format(token)
self._opts['headers']['Authorization'] = auth_header
def set_payload(self, payload):
if payload is not None:
# Set the payload type - always JSON
self._opts['headers']['Content-Type'] = 'application/json'
# And JSON encode the data
self._opts['data'] = json.dumps(payload)
def perform(self):
fetch_func = getattr(requests, self._method)
response = fetch_func(self._url, **self._opts)
return json.loads(response.content)
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