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The place for all code (plugins, cookbooks etc.) supporting GoCD that isn't part of the core app. These repos are not covered GoCD core team support.

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  1. gomatic gomatic Public

    A Python API for configuring GoCD

    Python 142 61

  2. ansible-gocd ansible-gocd Public archive

    Ansible playbook to install ThoughtWorks open-source continuous delivery tool, Go. Also available on Ansible Galaxy

    Shell 69 60

  3. gocd-build-status-notifier gocd-build-status-notifier Public

    GoCD build status notifier plugin

    Java 48 40

  4. script-executor-task script-executor-task Public

    Go task plugin to run Shell scripts

    Java 31 20

  5. docker-elastic-agents-plugin docker-elastic-agents-plugin Public

    Docker-based elastic agents for GoCD

    Java 30 39

  6. gocd-golang-agent gocd-golang-agent Public archive

    GoLang agent for GoCD

    Go 29 15


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