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NuGet Poller Plugin for GoCD


This is a package material plugin for GoCD. It is currently capable of polling NuGet repositories running API V2.

The behaviour and capabilities of the plugin is determined to a significant extent by that of the package material extension point in GoCD. Be sure to read the package material documentation before using this plugin.

This is a pure Java plugin. It does not need nuget.exe. You may however require nuget.exe on the agents, if you need to download the packages using NuGet.


Just drop go-nuget-poller.jar into plugins/external directory and restart GoCD. More details here


This plugin is compatible with the JSON message based plugin API introduced in version 14.4.0. More details here

Repository definition

Add a NuGet repository

NuGet Server URL must be a valid http or https URL. For example, to add as a repository, specify the URL as The plugin will try to access URL$metadata to report successful connection. Basic authentication (user:password@host/path) is supported. We recommend only using authentication over HTTPS.

Package definition

Click check package to make sure the plugin understands what you are looking for. Note that the version constraints are ANDed if both are specified.

Define a package as material for a pipeline