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Docker GoCD server 18.8.0

  • use alpine 3.8 image

Docker GoCD Server 18.2.0

  • 0bfabbf - Add script for cloning the gocd config on startup
  • d375bab - Always download the plugin jar and overwrite the plugins in the volume if present.

Docker GoCD Server 18.1.0

No changes

Docker GoCD Server 17.12.0

  • #46 - add support for custom entry-point scripts on startup. Any executables volume mounted in /docker-entrypoint.d will be executed before starting the GoCD server. This will allow users to perform initialization when runing the container, or building images that derive from the gocd/gocd-server
  • Add ability to install custom plugins as part of bootstrap process

Docker GoCD Server 17.11.0

  • 6722950 - Move to using logback
  • 0736c74 - Export $SERVER_WORK_DIR and $GO_CONFIG_DIR only when starting the server when starting the container.

Docker GoCD Server 17.10.0

Docker GoCD Server 17.9.0

  • log server output and logs to STDOUT in addition to writing logs to log files, so you can now watch all server logs using docker logs.

Docker GoCD Server 17.8.0

  • e4fcb35 Reduce the docker GoCD server image's size by removing the downloaded binary after its extracted.
  • 85b0c76 Fail on error when the download of the server zip fails.
  • 7928995 Use apk --no-cache to prevent caching

Docker GoCD Server 17.7.0

No changes

Docker GoCD Server 17.6.0

No changes

Docker GoCD Server 17.5.0

No changes

Docker GoCD Server 17.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • d49ffa4 Remove /home/go from the volume instruction. This makes the /home/go directory writable by the go user.