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  • #44 Implement authorization extension v2 to support:
    • 'get-user-roles' capabilities
    • 'is-valid-user' authorization extension request


  • #43 - Cleaner logs by default

    • Logs won't show stack traces by default for a failed authentication. Can turn on DEBUG logging to see stack traces.


  • #39 - Deny authentication when multiple user's matches to the username using UserLoginFilter in a search base


  • Cleanup the build script. No changes in functionality



Reduced the size of the plugin from 1.1MB to 270KB by removing dependencies on utility code from apache commons. There are no functional changes from the previous release.

3601af8 - Bundled with GoCD v17.5.0


  1. Authorization Configuration changes
  • ManagerDN is non-mandatory, Password is required only if a ManagerDN is specified.
  • DisplayNameAttribute is optional and defaulted to cn.
  • EmailAttribute is optional and defaulted to 'mail'.
  • LoginAttribute changed to UserLoginFilter which is an LDAP search filter used during authentication to lookup for a user entry matching the given expression.
  • SearchAttribute changed to UserSearchFilter which is an LDAP search filter used to lookup for users matching a given search term.
  1. Verify Connection validates the auth config before checking connection.


  1. When multiple search bases are defined, a invalid search base should not error out the operations. Errors are logged and the operation continues with the next search base.


Initial release of plugin.
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