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Signer Information Sheet

What is a GoChain Signer?

A GoChain signer is a company/entity that is given the privilege of signing blocks in the GoChain network based on our Proof of Reputation consensus.

What’s in it for a Signer?

  • Publicly supporting the cause of a greener, more decentralized blockchain network
  • 7 GO per block signed
  • Blocks are signed every 5 seconds
  • Even distribution amongst all signers
  • ~44M new GO awarded per year
  • Early signers earn more due to the network being smaller

Company Requirements

To get accepted as a GoChain signer, you must meet some minimum requirements. All of these are compared with other nodes in the network to decide if your company would be a good fit.

  • Annual recurring revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Years in business
  • Funding level
  • Public/private

Submit your application via this form:

Recommended System Requirements

You'll need a machine with the following specifications or greater:

  • 32GB RAM
  • CPU - typically, a 32GB machine will have enough CPU to handle it
  • SSD drives with at least 200GB of space
  • Network - any modern data center/cloud provider should have sufficient network bandwidth

Testnet QA

Before you will be accepted into the mainnet, you must be able to run a node on our testnet under heavy load for at least a week. You will be added as a signer to the testnet and a week long load test will run to ensure you are capable of operating and maintaining your node.

Ongoing Governance

Every signer must be able to run, manage and operate their server(s) at the following minimum SLA requirements:

  • 3 9's of uptime - 8.76 hours of downtime maximum per year
  • 24/7 on call with 2 hour response times (emergency responses should be fairly rare, but availability must be ensured)

If a node cannot keep up with these requirements, they may be immediately voted out.

If a signer must be removed for other reasons, such as a more reputable company coming online, there will be 60 day notice before being voted out. Signers must also give 60 days before voluntarily leaving.