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LifterLMS is a powerful WordPress learning management system plugin that makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses and training based membership websites.

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Welcome to the LifterLMS GitHub repository. This repository serves as the core project's central location for issue tracking and feature development.

If you're not a developer or contributor, please use LifterLMS plugin page at

Getting Help and Support

GitHub is for bug reports and contributions only! If you have a support question or a request for a customization this is not the right place to post it. Please refer to LifterLMS Support or the community forums. If you're looking for help customizing LifterLMS, please consider hiring a LifterLMS Expert.

Resources and Documentation

Included Core Packages

The LifterLMS core includes several additional packages which are included in releases through composer. These core projects are installable as standalone plugins for development and testing purposes. The stable versions are automatically included in LifterLMS core releases.

These packages have their own GitHub repositories:

Reporting a Bug

Bugs can be reported at

Before reporting a bug, search existing issues and ensure you're not creating a duplicate. If the issue already exists you can add your information to the existing report.

Also check our known issues and conflicts for possible resolutions.

Reporting a Security Vulnerability

Security issues and vulnerabilities should be responsibly disclosed directly to the LifterLMS core developers via email. Please see our Security Policy for details on disclosing a security vulnerability.


If you clone or download this repo directly it will not run as a plugin inside WordPress!

Installable production releases are available in on the Releases tab. You can get the latest stable release from

If you're interested in installing development versions, see Installing for Development


Contributions Welcome

Interested in contributing to LifterLMS? We'd love to have your contributions. Read our contributor's guidelines here.



Endless thanks to all our incredible contributors!

Partners and Sponsors


BrowserStack helps us ensure LifterLMS looks great and works on every imaginable browser and device.