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LifterLMS Changelog

v3.36.0 - 2019-09-16

User Interaction event and session Tracking
  • Added user interaction tracking for the following events:

    • User sign in and out.
    • Page load and exit (for LMS content)
    • Page focus and blur (for LMS content)
    • And more to come
  • Interaction events are grouped into sessions automatically. A session is "closed" after 30 minutes of inactivity or a log-out event.

  • Added "Last Seen" student reporting column which reports the last recorded activity for the student.

  • Automatically hydrate when calling LLMS_Abstract_Database_Store::to_array().
  • Added CSS to make course and lesson video embeds automatically responsive.
Bug Fixes
  • Correctly pass the $remember variable when using llms_set_person_auth_cookie().
  • Fixed undefined index error when retrieving an unset value from an unsaved database model.
  • Fix issue causing quotes to be encoded in shortcodes used in course and membership restriction message settings fields.
  • Fix issue preventing manual updates of order dates (next payment, trial expiration, and access expiration) from being saved properly.

v3.35.2 - 2019-09-06

  • When sanitizing settings, don't strip tags on editor and textarea fields that allow HTML.
  • Added JS filter llms_lesson_rerender_change_events to lesson editor view re-render change events.

v3.35.1 - 2019-09-04

  • Fix instances of improper input sanitization and handling.
  • Include scripts, styles, and images for reporting charts and datepickers

v3.35.0 - 2019-09-04

Security Notice
  • Fixed a security vulnerability disclosed by the WordPress plugin review team. Please upgrade immediately!
  • Explicitly setting css and js file versions for various static assets..
  • Added data sanitization methods in various form handlers.
  • Added nonce verification to various form handlers.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some translation strings that had literal variables instead of placeholders.
  • Fixed undefined index error encountered when attempting to email a voucher export.
  • Fixed undefined index error when PHP file upload errors are encountered during a course import.

The following unused classes have been marked as deprecated and will be removed from LifterLMS in the next major release.

  • LLMS_Analytics_Memberships
  • LLMS_Analytics_Courses
  • LLMS_Analytics_Sales
  • LLMS_Meta_Box_Expiration
  • LLMS_Meta_Box_Video
Template Updates

v3.34.5 - 2019-08-29

  • Fixed logic issues preventing pending orders from being completed.
Templates Changed

v3.34.4 - 2019-08-27

  • Add a new admin settings field type, "keyval", used for displaying custom html alongside a setting.
  • Added filter llms_order_can_be_confirmed.
  • Always bind JS for the login form handler on checkout and registration screens.
Templates Changed
LifterLMS REST API v1.0.0-beta.6
  • Fix issue causing certain webhooks to not trigger as a result of action load order.
  • Change "access_plans" to "Access Plans" for better human reading.

v3.34.3 - 2019-08-22

  • During payment gateway order completion, use llms_redirect_and_exit() instead of wp_redirect() and exit().
LifterLMS REST API v1.0.0-beta.5
  • Load all required files and functions when authentication is triggered.
  • Access $_SERVER variables via filter_var instead of llms_filter_input to work around PHP bug

v3.34.2 - 2019-08-21

LifterLMS REST API v1.0.0-beta.4
  • Load authentication handlers as early as possible. Fixes conflicts with numerous plugins which load user information earlier than expected by the WordPress core.
  • Harden permissions associated with viewing student enrollment information.
  • Returns a 400 Bad Request when invalid dates are supplied.
  • Student Enrollment objects return student and post id's as integers instead of strings.
  • Fixed references to an undefined function.

v3.34.1 - 2019-08-19

  • Update LifterLMS REST to v1.0.0-beta.3
Interface and Experience improvements during API Key creation
  • Better expose that API Keys are never shown again after the initial creation.
  • Allow downloading of API Credentials as a .txt file.
  • Add required properties to required fields.
  • Added the ability to CRUD webhooks via the REST API.
  • Conditionally throw _doing_it_wrong on server controller stubs.
  • Improve performance by returning early when errors are encountered for various methods.
  • Utilizes a new custom property show_in_llms_rest to determine if taxonomies should be displayed in the LifterLMS REST API.
  • On the webhooks table the "Delivery URL" is trimmed to 40 characters to improve table readability.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a formatting error when creating webhooks with the default auto-generated webhook name.
  • On the webhooks table a translatable string is output for the status instead of the database value.
  • Fix an issue causing the "Last" page pagination link to display for lists with 0 possible results.
  • Don't output the "Last" page pagination link on the last page.

v3.34.0 - 2019-08-15

LifterLMS REST API v1.0.0-beta.1
  • A robust REST API is now included in the LifterLMS core.
  • Create API Keys to consume and manage LifterLMS resources and students from external applications.
  • Create webhooks to pass LifterLMS resource data to external applications (like Zapier!).
  • The full API specification can be found at
Student management capabilities
  • Explicit capabilities have been added to determine which users can create, view, update, and delete students.
  • Admins and LMS Managers have all student management capabilities.
  • Instructors and instructors assistants are granted limited view capabilities allowing them to only view students enrolled in their own courses/memberships.
  • Added the list_users capability to the "Instructor" role, allowing instructor's to better view and manage their assistant instructors.
  • The new capabilities are: create_students, view_students, view_others_students, edit_students, edit_others_students, delete_students, & delete_others_students.
  • Added new actions to help differentiate enrollment creation and update events.
  • Added methods and logic for managing user management of other users.
  • Added a filter llms_table_get_table_classes to LifterLMS admin tables which allows customization of the CSS classes applied to the <table> elements. Thanks @pondermatic!
  • Added a filter llms_install_get_schema to the database schema to allow 3rd parties to run table installations alongside the core.
  • Added the ability to pull "raw" (unfiltered) data from the database via classes extending the LLMS_Post_Model abstract.
  • Added a bulk_set() method to the LLMS_Post_Model abstract allowing the updating of multiple properties in one command.
  • Added comment_status, ping_status, date_gmt, modified_gmt, menu_order, post_password as gettable\settable post properties via the LLMS_Post_Model abstract.
  • Links on reporting tables are now the proper color.
  • The editable_roles filter which determines which roles can manage which other roles is now always loaded (instead of being loaded only on the admin panel).
  • Updated LifterLMS Blocks to 1.5.2
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing the user_url property from being retrieved by the get() method of the LLMS_Abstract_User_Data class.
  • Fixed an issue causing the LLMS_Instructors::get_assistants() method to return assistants for the currently logged in user instead of the instructor of the instantiated object.
  • Fixed an issue which would allow LMS Managers to edit and delete site administrators.

The following functions and methods have been marked as deprecated and will be removed from LifterLMS with the next major release.

  • LLMS_Course::get_children_sections() use LLMS_Course::get_sections( 'posts' )" instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_children_lessons() use LLMS_Course::get_lessons( 'posts' )" instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_author()
  • LLMS_Course::get_author_id() use LLMS_Course::get( "author" ) instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_author_name()
  • LLMS_Course::get_sku() use LLMS_Course::get( "sku" ) instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_id() use LLMS_Course::get( "id" ) instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_title() use get_the_title() instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_permalink() use get_permalink() instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_postmeta_data()
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_postmetas_by_key()
  • LLMS_Course::get_checkout_url()
  • LLMS_Course::get_start_date() use LLMS_Course::get_date( "start_date" ) instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_end_date() use LLMS_Course::get_date( "end_date" ) instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_next_uncompleted_lesson()
  • LLMS_Course::get_lesson_ids() use LLMS_Course::get_lessons( "ids" ) instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_syllabus_sections() use LLMS_Course::get_sections() instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_short_description() use LLMS_Course::get( "excerpt" ) instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_syllabus() use LLMS_Course::get_sections() instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_enroll_date()
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_post_data()
  • LLMS_Course::check_enrollment()
  • LLMS_Course::is_user_enrolled() use llms_is_user_enrolled() instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_student_progress() use LLMS_Student::get_progress() instead
  • LLMS_Course::get_membership_link()

v3.33.2 - 2019-06-26

  • It is now possible to send test copies of the "Student Welcome" email to yourself.
  • Improved information logged when an error is encountered during an email send.
  • Add backwards compatibility for legacy add-on integrations priority loading method.
  • Fixed undefined index notice when viewing log files on the admin status screen.

v3.33.1 - 2019-06-25

  • Added method to retrieve the load priority of integrations.
  • The capabilities used to determine if uses can clone and export courses now check edit_course instead of edit_post.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the "Net Sales" line to sometimes display as a bar on the sales revenue reporting chart.
  • Fixed an issue causing a PHP notice to be logged when viewing the sales reporting screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing backslashes to be added before quotation marks in access plan descriptions.
  • Integration classes are now loaded in the order defined by the integration class.
  • Fixed an issue causing a PHP error when viewing the admin logs screen when no logs exist.

v3.33.0 - 2019-05-21

  • Added the ability for site administrators to delete (completely remove) enrollment records from the database.
  • Catalogs sorted by Order (menu_order) now have an additional sort (by post title) to improve ordering consistency for items with the same order, thanks @pondermatic!
  • Hooks in the dashboard order review template now pass the LLMS_Order.
LifterLMS Blocks
  • Updated to version 1.5.1
  • All blocks are now registered only for post types where they can actually be used.
  • Only register block visibility settings on static blocks. Fixes an issue causing core (or 3rd party) dynamic blocks from being managed within the block editor.
Bug Fixes
  • If an enrolled student accesses checkout for a course/membership they're already enrolled in they will be shown a message stating as much.
  • Removed a redundant check for the existence of an order on the dashboard order review template.
  • When an order is deleted, student enrollment records for that order will be removed. This fixes an issue causing admins to not be able to manage the enrollment status of a student enrolled via a deleted order.
  • Fix issue causing errors when using the [lifterlms_lesson_mark_complete] shortcode on course post types.
  • Fixed an issue causing quiz questions to generate publicly accessible permalinks which could be indexed by search engines.
Templates Changed

v3.32.0 - 2019-05-13

  • Added Membership reporting
  • Added the ability to restrict coupons to courses and memberships which are in draft or scheduled status.
  • When recurring payments are disabled, output a "Staging" bubble on the "Orders" menu item.
  • Recurring recharges now add order notes and trigger actions when gateway or recurring payment status errors are encountered.
  • When managing recurring payment status through the warning notice, stay on the same page and clear nonces instead of redirecting to the LifterLMS Settings screen.
  • Updated the Action Scheduler library to the latest version (2.2.5)
  • Exposed the Action Scheduler's scheduled actions interface as a tab on the LifterLMS Status page.
LifterLMS Blocks
  • Updated to version 1.4.1.
  • Fixed issue causing asset paths to have invalid double slashes.
  • Fixed issue causing frontend css assets to look for an unresolvable dependency.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue allowing instructors to view a list of students from courses and memberships they don't have access to.
  • WooCommerce compatibility filters added in 3.31.0 are now scheduled at init instead of plugins_loaded, resolves conflicts with several WooCommerce add-ons which utilize core WC functions before LifterLMS functions are loaded.

v3.31.0 - 2019-05-06

  • Tested to WordPress 5.2
  • Adds explicit support for the twentynineteen default theme.
  • The main students reporting table can now be filtered to show only students enrolled in a specific course or membership.
  • Resolve conflict with WooCommerce (3.6 and later) resulting in 404s on the dashboard endpoints "lost password", "order history", and "edit account".
  • Adds a dynamic filter (llms_notification_view{$trigger_id}_basic_options) to basic (pop-over) notifications to allow configuration of their settings.
  • The filter llms_plan_get_checkout_url now passes a 3rd parameter: $check_availability
  • Improves LLMS_Course_Data and LLMS_Quiz_Data classes by adding shared functionality to a shared abstract, LLMS_Abstract_Post_Data
  • Changed access on class methods in LLMS_Shortcode_Courses from private to protected, thanks @andrewvaughan!
Bug fixes
  • Treats post_excerpt data as HTML instead of plain text. Fixes an issue resulting in HTML tags being stripped from lesson excerpts when duplicating a lesson in the course builder or importing lessons via the course importer.
  • Fix an issue allowing access plan sales prices to be set as negative values.
LifterLMS Blocks
  • Updated to LifterLMS Blocks 1.4.0.
  • Adds an "unmigration" utility to LifterLMS -> Status -> Tools & Utilities which can be used to remove LifterLMS blocks from courses and lessons which were migrated to the block editor structure.
  • This tool is only available when the Classic Editor plugin is installed and enabled and it will remove blocks from ALL courses and lessons regardless of whether or not the block editor is being utilized on that post.
  • LLMS_Query::add_query_vars() use LLMS_Query::set_query_vars() instead.

v3.30.3 - 2019-04-22

  • Fixed typos and spelling errors in various strings.
  • Corrected a typo in the content-disposition header used when exporting voucher CSVs, thanks @pondermatic!
  • Improved the quiz attempt grading experience by automatically focusing the remarks field and only toggling the first answer if it's not visible, thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • Removed commented out code on the Student Dashboard Notifications Tab template, thanks @tnorthcutt!
Bug Fixes
  • Renamed "descrpition" key to "description" found in the return of LLMS_Instructor()->toArray().
  • Fixed an issue causing slashes to be stripped from course content when cloning a course.
  • Fixed an issue causing JS warnings to be thrown in the Javascript console on Course and Membership edit pages on the admin panel due to variables being defined too late, thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • Fixed an undefined variable notice encountered when filtering quiz attempts on the quiz attempts reporting screen, thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • Fixed an issue causing slashes to appear before quotation marks when saving remarks on a quiz attempt, thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • @pondermatic fixed typos and misspellings in comment and docs in over 200 files and while that doesn't concern most users it's worthy of a mention.

The following unused classes have been marked as deprecated and will be removed from LifterLMS in the next major release.

  • LLMS\Users\User
  • LLMS_Analytics_Page
  • LLMS_Course_Basic
  • LLMS_Lesson_Basic
  • LLMS_Quiz_Legacy
Template Updates

v3.30.2 - 2019-04-09

  • Added new filter to allow 3rd parties to determine if a LLMS_Post_Model field should be added to the custom array when converting the post to an array.
  • Added hooks and filters to the LLMS_Generator class to allow 3rd parties to easily generate content during course clone and import operations.
  • Fixed an issue causing all available courses to display when the [lifterlms_courses] shortcode is used with the "mine" parameter and the current user viewing the shortcode is not enrolled in any courses.
  • Fixed a PHP undefined variable warning present on the payment confirmation screen.
Template Updates

v3.30.1 - 2019-04-04

  • Added handler to automatically resume pending (incomplete or abandoned) orders.
  • Classes extending the LLMS_Abstract_API_Handler can now prevent a request body from being sent.
  • Added dynamic filter 'llms_' . $action . '_more' to allow customization of the "More" button text and url for student dashboard sections. Thanks @pondermatic.
  • Remove unused CSS code on the admin panel.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug preventing course imports as a result of action priority ordering issues.
  • Function llms_get_order_by_key() correctly returns null instead of false when no order is found and will return an int instead of a numeric string when an order is found.
  • Changed the method used to sort question choices to accommodate numeric choice markers. This fixes an issue in the Advanced Quizzes add-on causing reorder questions with 10+ choices to sort display in the incorrect order.
  • Increased the specificity of LifterLMS element tooltip hovers. Resolves a conflict causing issues on the WooCommerce tax rate management screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain fields in the Customizer from displaying a blue background as a result of very unspecific CSS rules, thanks @Swapnildhanrale!
  • Fixed builder deep links to quizzes freezing due to dependencies not being available during initialization.
  • Fixed builder issue causing duplicate copies of questions to be added when adding existing questions multiple times.
Template Updates

v3.30.0 - 2019-03-21

  • Create custom thank you pages with new access plan checkout redirect options.
  • Added the ability to sort items on the membership auto enrollment table (drag and drop to sort and reorder).
  • Improved the interface and interactions with the membership auto enrollment table settings.
LifterLMS Blocks
  • Updated LifterLMS Blocks to 1.3.8.
  • Fixed an issue causing some installations to be unable to use certain blocks due to jQuery dependencies being declared improperly.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing courses with the same title from properly displayed on the membership automatic enrollment courses table on the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue preventing builder custom fields from being able to specify a custom sanitization callback.
  • Fixed an issue preventing builder custom fields from being able to properly save and render multi-select data.
Template Updates

v3.29.4 - 2019-03-08

  • Fixed an issue preventing users with email addresses containing an apostrophe from being able to login.

v3.29.3 - 2019-03-01

Bug Fixes
  • Removed attempts to validate & save access plan data when the Classic Editor "post" form is submitted.
  • Fix issue causing 1-click free-enrollment for logged in users to refresh the screen without actually performing an enrollment.
Template Updates

v3.29.2 - 2019-02-28

  • Fix issue causing blank "period" values on access plans from being updated.
  • Fix an issue preventing paid access plans from being switched to "Free".

v3.29.1 - 2019-02-27

  • Automatically reorder access plans when a plan is deleted.
  • Skip (don't create) empty plans passed to the access plan save method as a result of deleted access plans.

v3.29.0 - 2019-02-27

Improved Access Plan Management
  • Added a set of methods for creating access plans programmatically.
  • Updated the Access Plan metabox on courses and lessons with improved data validation.
  • When using the block editor, the "Pricing Table" block will automatically update when access plan changes are saved to the database (from LifterLMS Blocks 1.3.5).
  • Access plans are now created and updated via AJAX requests, resolves a 5.0 editor issue causing duplicated access plans to be created.
Student Management Improvements
  • Added the ability for instructors and admins to mark lessons complete and incomplete for students via the student course reporting table.
Admin Panel Settings and Reporting Design Changes
  • Replaced LifterLMS logos and icons on the admin panel with our new logo LifterLMS Logo and Icons.
  • Revamped the design and layout of settings and reporting screens.
Checkout Improvements
  • Updated checkout javascript to expose an error addition functions
  • Abstracted the checkout form submission functionality into a callable function not directly tied to $_POST data
  • Removed display order field from payment gateway settings in favor of using the gateway table sortable list
Other Updates
  • Removed code related to an incompatibility between Yoast SEO Premium and LifterLMS resulting from former access plan save methods.
  • Reduced application logic in the course/complete-lesson-link.php template file by refactoring button display filters into functions.
  • Added function for checking if request is a REST request
  • Updated LifterLMS Blocks to version 1.3.7
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing "Pricing Table" blocks from displaying on the admin panel when the current user was enrolled in the course or no payment gateways were enabled on the site.
  • Fixed the checkout nonce to have a unique ID & name
  • Fixed an issue with deleted quizzes causing quiz notification's to throw fatal errors.
  • Fixed an issue preventing notification timestamps from displaying on the notifications dashboard page.
  • Fix an issue causing GET requests with no query string variables from causing issues via incorrect JSON encoding via the API Handler abstract.
  • Fix an issue causing access plan sale end dates from using the default WordPress date format settings.
  • LLMS_Lesson::has_quiz() will now properly return a boolean instead of the ID of the associated quiz (or 0 when none found)
Template Updates
Templates Removed

Admin panel templates replaced with view files which cannot be overridden from a theme or custom plugin.

  • admin/post-types/product-access-plan.php
  • admin/post-types/product.php

v3.28.3 - 2019-02-14

  • ❤❤❤ Happy Valentines Day or whatever ❤❤❤
  • Tested to WordPress 5.1
  • Fixed an issue causing JSON data saved by 3rd party plugins in course or lesson postmeta fields to be not duplicate properly during course duplications and imports.

v3.28.2 - 2019-02-11

  • Updated default country list to remove non-existent countries and resolve capitalization issues, thanks nrherron92!
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing the email notification content getter to use the same filter as popover notifications.
  • Fixed an issue preventing default blog date & time settings from being used when displaying an access plan's access expiration date on course and membership pricing tables.
  • Fixed an issue causing 404s on paginated dashboard endpoints when the permalink structure is set to anything other than %postname%.
  • LLMS_Query->set_dashboard_pagination()

v3.28.1 - 2019-02-01

  • Fixed an issues preventing exports to be accessible on Apache servers.
  • Fixed an issue causing servers with certain nginx rules to open CSV exports directly instead of downloading them.

v3.28.0 - 2019-01-29

  • Updated reporting table export functions to provide immediate download prompts of the files. Exports are generated in real time and you must remain on the page while it generates. The good news is if your site had issues with email or cronjobs it'll no longer be an issue for you.
  • Updated lesson metabox to use icons for attached quizzes
  • Added an orange highlight to the admin "Add-Ons & More" menu item
  • Removed unused cron event.
LifterLMS Blocks
  • Updated LifterLMS Blocks to 1.3.4
  • Adds support for handling courses & lessons in "Classic Editor" mode as defined by the Divi page builder
  • Skips course and lesson migration when "Classic" mode is enabled.
  • Adds conditions to identify "Classic" mode when the Classic Editor plugin settings are configured to enforce classic (or block) mode for all posts.
Database Updates
  • Unschedules the aforementioned unused cron event.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing the temp directory old file cleanup cron from firing on schedule.
  • During plugin uninstallation the tmp cleanup cron will now be properly unscheduled.
  • Fixed an issue causing notifications on the student dashboard to appear on top of static headers or the WP Admin Bar when scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue preventing manual updating of customer and source information on orders resulting from unfocusable hidden form fields.
  • Fixed mismatched HTML tags on the Admin Add-Ons screen
  • Class method: LLMS_Admin_Table::queue_export()
  • Class: LLMS_Processor_Table_To_Csv

v3.27.0 - 2019-01-22

  • Added the ability to add existing questions to a quiz in the course builder. This allows cloning of existing questions as well as attaching "orphaned" questions currently attached to no quizzes.
  • Added the ability to detach questions from quizzes. Coupled with adding existing questions, questions can now be easily moved between quizzes.
  • Added permalink capabilities to the builder to allow linking to specific items within the builder (a lesson, quiz, etc...).
  • Quizzes with 0 possible points will no longer show a Pass/Fail chart with a 0% (failing) grade on quiz results screens.
  • Replaced option lifterlms_lock_down which cannot be set via any setting with a filter to reduce database calls. This will have no effect on anyone unless you manually set this option to "no" via a database query. Having done this would allow the admin bar to be shown to students.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing the default "Redeem Voucher" and "My Orders" student dashboard endpoint slugs from not having the correct default values. Thanks @tnorthcutt!
  • Fixed an issue causing quotation marks in quiz question answers to show escaping slashes on results screens.
  • Fixed a bug preventing viewing quiz results for quizzes with questions that have been deleted.
  • Fixed a bug causing a PHP Notice to be output when registering a new user with a valid voucher.
Templates Changed

v3.26.4 - 2019-01-16

  • Update to LifterLMS Blocks 1.3.2, fixing an issue preventing template actions from being removed from migrated courses & lessons.

v3.26.3 - 2019-01-15

  • Fix issue preventing course difficulty and course length from being edited when using the classic editor plugin.
  • Improved pagination methods on Student Dashboard Endpoints
  • "My Notifications" dashboard tab now consistently paginated like other dashboard endpoints
  • Update to LifterLMS Blocks 1.3.1.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing course difficulty and course length from being edited when using various page builders.
  • Fixed issues causing errors on quiz reporting screens for quiz attempts made by deleted users.
Deprecated Functions
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_notifications_content() replaced with lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_my_notifications()
Templates Changed

v3.26.2 - 2019-01-09

  • Fast follow to fix incorrect version number pushed to the readme files for 3.26.1 which prevents upgrading to 3.26.1

v3.26.1 - 2019-01-09

  • Tested to WordPress 5.0.3
  • Student CSV reports will now bypass cached data during report generation.
  • Add course and membership catalog visibility settings into the block editor.
  • Includes LifterLMS Blocks 1.3.0.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing the course instructors metabox from displaying when using the classic editor plugin.
  • Fixed an issue causing membership background enrollment from processing when the course background processor is disabled via filters.
  • Fixed an issue causing errors when reviewing orders on the admin panel which were placed via a payment gateway which is no longer active.
  • Fixed an issue preventing course difficulty and course length from being edited when using the classic editor plugin.
  • Fixed a very convoluted conflict between LifterLMS, WooCommerce, and Elementor explained at

v3.26.0 - 2018-12-27

  • Adds conditional support for page builders: Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, and Elementor.
  • Fixed issue causing LifterLMS core sales pages from outputting automatic content (like pricing tables) on migrated posts.
  • Student unenrollment calls always bypass cache during enrollment precheck.
  • Membership post type "name" label is now plural (as it is supposed to be).

v3.25.4 - 2018-12-17

  • Adds a filter (llms_blocks_is_post_migrated) to allow determining if a course or lesson has been migrated to the WP 5.0 block editor.
  • Added a filter (llms_dashboard_courses_wp_query_args) to the WP_Query used to display courses on the student dashboard.
  • Fixed issue on course builder causing prerequisites to not be saved when the first lesson in a course was selected as the prereq.
  • Fixed issue on course builder causing lesson settings to be inaccessible without first saving the lesson to the database.

v3.25.3 - 2018-12-14

  • Fixed compatibility issue with the Classic Editor plugin when it was added after a post was migrated to the new editor structure.

v3.25.2 - 2018-12-13

  • Added new filters to the LLMS_Product model.
  • Fix issue with student dashboard login redirect causing a white screen on initial login.

v3.25.1 - 2018-12-12

  • Editor blocks now display a lock icon when hovering/selecting a block which corresponds to the enrollment visibility settings of the block.
  • Removal of core actions is now handled by a general migrator function instead of by individual blocks.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing strings from the lifterlms-blocks package from being translatable.
  • Fix issue causing block visibility options to not be properly set when enrollment visibility is first enabled for a block.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Yoast SEO Premium redirect manager settings, thanks @moorscode!
  • Fixed typo preventing tag size options (or filters) of course information block from functioning properly. Thanks @tnorthcutt!
Templates Changed

v3.25.0 - 2018-12-05

WordPress 5.0 Ready!
  • Tested with WordPress core 5.0 (Gutenberg)!
  • Editor Blocks: Course and Lesson layouts are now (preferably) powered by various editor blocks.
  • When a block is added to a course or lesson, the template hook that automatically outputs that element is removed automatically (preventing duplicates).
  • If you use the LifterLMS Labs: Action Manager you may no longer need it!
  • Course & Membership instructors are now managed through an editor "plugin". Check out the rocket icon near the "Publish/Update" button.
  • Instructor metabox will load conditionally based on presence of the block editor
  • New courses and lessons will automatically have a preloaded block editor template
  • Courses and lessons will automatically be "migrated" to these templates when edited on the admin panel
  • Various course settings conditionally load based on the presence of the block editor
  • Added filter to the headline size in the course/meta-wrapper-start.php template. Allows customization of headline via the "Course Information" block settings.
  • If you're not ready for WordPress 5.0 you can still upgrade LifterLMS. This release is fully functional without the block editor.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo in quiz/start-button.php template.
  • Fixed error occurring during activation of LaunchPad via the Add-Ons & More screen.
  • Fixed issue causing quiz reporting screens to be blank for users without view_others_lifterlms_reports capabilities.
Templates Changed

v3.24.3 - 2018-11-13

  • Added user email, login, url, nicename, display name, first name, and last name as fields searched when searching orders. Thanks Thanks @yojance!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing fatal errors encountered during certificate downloading caused by CSS <link> tags existing outside of the <head> element.
  • Certificates downloaded by users who can see the WP Admin Bar will no longer show the admin bar on the downloaded certificate
  • Fixed issue on iOS Safari causing multiple choice quiz questions to require a "long press" to be properly selected
  • Fixed issue causing access plan sales to end 36m and 1s prior to end of the day on the desired sale end date. Thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • Ensure that fallback url slugs for course & membership archives are translatable.

v3.24.2 - 2018-10-30

  • Fix issue causing newline characters to be malformed on course builder description fields, resulting in n characters being output in strange places.

v3.24.1 - 2018-10-29

  • The shortcode [lifterlms_hide_content] now accepts multiple IDs and can specify whether the user must belong to either all or any one of the specified memberships. Thanks @yojance!
  • The action llms_voucher_used, called when a voucher code is used, will now pass the voucher code as a 3rd parameter. Thanks @yojance!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a typo in engagement drop creation dropdown. Thanks README1ST!
  • Fixed issue causing backslash characters (\) to be removed from course elements (sections, lessons, quizzes, and assignments) constructed in the course builder.
  • Fixed an issue in the 3.16.0 database migration script that would cause migrations to get stuck as a result of malformed data saved in an invalid format.
  • Added processing handlers to payment confirmation form. Fixes an issue which would allow multiple payment confirmation requests to be made (if the form was submitted multiple times before the page reloaded) resulting in duplicate charges.
Templates Changed
  • templates/checkout/form-confirm-payment.php

v3.24.0 - 2018-10-23

"My Grades" Student Dashboard Endpoint
  • A new student dashboard endpoint, "My Grades", has been added
  • The main screen displays a paginated and sortable list of all courses a student is enrolled in and outputs their progress and grade in the courses
  • Students can drill into individual reporting screens for each course where specific details for each course are available for review
Grading Enhancements
  • Each lesson can now be assigned an individual "points" value
  • When a course is graded the points assigned to each lesson will be used to calculate the value of the lesson's grade within the overall course grade
  • Lessons can also be assigned a value of "0" to allow a lesson to not count towards the overall grade of the course.
  • Email notifications are now sent to a student when an instructor reviews, grades, or leaves remarks on a quiz attempt.
Test Email Notifications
  • An interface and API for sending test email notifications has been added, the following notifications can now be tested:

    • Purchase Receipt
    • Quizzes: Failed (Thanks @philwp!)
    • Quizzes: Graded
    • Quizzes: Passed (Thanks @philwp!)
Updates and Enhancements
  • Quiz Passed & Quiz Failed notifications have new names on the admin panel ("Quizzes: Quiz Passed" & "Quizzes: Quiz Failed")
  • The default content for Quiz Passed and Quiz Failed notifications have been enhanced. If you've modified these you can delete your modified content to have your notifications "restored" to the improved defaults.
  • Change the page title of the Student Dashboard page installed via the Setup Wizard to be "Dashboard" instead of "My Courses." Thanks @philwp!
  • In the course builder when a lesson is duplicated, the attached quiz will be duplicated as well
  • Minor increase to performance in the LLMS_Course->get_lessons() method
  • Added student_id as a parameter passed to the llms_student_get_progress filter
  • Updated all access plan templates added in 3.23.0 to ensure ABSPATH is defined to prevent direct template access
  • Remove use of deprecated LLMS_Lesson->get_children_lessons() in the LLMS_Course and LLMS_Lesson models as well as in the course/syllabus.php template
  • Refactored the LLMS_Section->get_percent_complete() method to utilize methods from the LLMS_Student model
  • Added the ability for admin table classes to define <tr> element CSS classes
  • Admin settings pages with no settings to save (like the Notifications list) no longer display a "Save" button
  • Added actions when creating, updating, and deleting records managed by LLMS_Abstract_Database_Store classes
  • Updated system report to include URLs to settings with URLs, adds a small speed boost to support request turn around time.
Please Rate & Review LifterLMS on
  • Added a review request link to the footer of LifterLMS admin pages.
  • Added a review request notice which displays a week after installation if the site has 50+ active students.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue causing HTML entity codes to display in email subject lines. Thanks @philwp!
  • Fixed issue causing post cleanup functions to run queries against unsupported post types.
  • Fixed typos in a handful of i18n functions so that the proper textdomain is now being used
  • Removed get_option() call to unused option lifterlms_logout_endpoint which ran on WordPress initialization unnecessarily.
  • Removed 3.21.0 fixes for iOS touch issues that are now causing iOS touch issues on quizzes.
  • When an order is deleted, all order transactions will also be deleted. This does not happen until the order is deleted (transactions will remain while the order is in the trash)
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicated quizzes to initially show images for question images & image choices (reorder pictures & picture choice) but the image data would not be properly saved so when returning to the builder or viewing a quiz on the frontend the images would be lost
Deprecated Functions & Methods
  • Deprecated LLMS_Section->get_children_lessons(), use LLMS_Section->get_lessons( 'posts' ) instead
Template Updates

v3.23.0 - 2018-08-27

Access Plan & Pricing Table Template Improvements
  • The pricing table template has been split into multiple templates which are now rendered via action hooks. No visual changes have been made but if you've customized the template using a template override you'll want to review the template changes before updating!

  • New action hooks are available to modify the rendering of access plans in course / membership pricing tables.

    • llms_access_plan: Main hook for outputting an entire access plan within the pricing table
    • llms_before_access_plan: Called before main content of access plan. Outputs the "Featured" area of plans
    • llms_acces_plan_content: Main access plan content. Outputs title, pricing info, restrictions, and description
    • llms_acces_plan_footer: Called after main content. Outputs trial info and the checkout / enrollment button
  • Added filters to the returns of many of the functions in the LLMS_Acces_Plan model.

  • Minor improvements made to LLMS_Access_Plan model

Updates and Enhancements
  • Improved handling of empty blank / empty data when adding instructors to courses and memberships
  • Added filters to the "Sales Page Content" type options & functions for courses and memberships to allow 3rd parties to define their own type of sales page functionality
  • Added filters to the saving of access plan data
  • Improved the HTML and added CSS classes to the access plan admin panel html view
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes issue causing the "Preview Changes" button on courses to lock the "Update" publishing button which prevents changes from being properly
  • Fixed issue causing PHP errors when viewing courses / memberships on the admin panel when an instructor user was deleted
  • Fixed issue causing PHP notices when viewing course / membership post lists on the admin panel when an instructor user was deleted
  • Fixed issue causing PHP warnings to be generated when viewing the user add / edit screen on the admin panel
  • Fixed an issue which would cause access plans to never be available to users. This bug didn't affect any existing installations except if you wrote custom code that called the LLMS_Access_Plan::is_available_to_user() method.
Template Updates

v3.22.2 - 2018-08-13

  • Fixed issue causing banners on general settings screen to cause a fatal error when api connection errors occurred
  • Improved CSS on setup wizard

v3.22.1 - 2018-08-06

  • Fix issue causing themes to appear as requiring updates when using the LifterLMS Helper

v3.22.0 - 2018-07-31

  • Frontend notifications are no longer powered by AJAX requests. This change will significantly reduce the number of requests made but will remove the ability for students to receive asynchronous notifications. This means that notifications will only be displayed on page load as notification polling will no longer occur while a student is on a page (while reading the content a lesson, for example).
  • Course and membership catalogs items in navigation menus will now have expected CSS classes to identify current item and current item parents
  • The admin panel add-ons screen has been reworked to be powered by the REST api
  • Some visual changes have been made to the add-ons screen
  • The colors on the voucher screen on the admin panel have been updated to match the rest of the interfaces in LifterLMS

v3.21.1 - 2018-07-24

  • Fixed issue causing visual issues on checkout summary when using coupons which apply discounts to a plan trial
  • Fixed issue causing .mo files stored in the languages/lifterlms safe directory from being loaded before files stored in the default location languages/plugins
  • Added methods to integration abstract to allow integration developers to automatically describe missing integration dependencies
  • Tested to WordPress 4.9.8
Template Updates

v3.21.0 - 2018-07-18

Updates and Enhancements
  • Added new actions before and after global login form HTML: llms_before_person_login_form & llms_after_person_login_form
  • Settings API can now create disabled fields
  • Added new actions to the checkout form: lifterlms_pre_checkout_form && lifterlms_post_checkout_form
  • Added CRUD functions for interacting with data located in the wp_lifterlms_user_postmeta table
  • Replaced various database queries for CRUD user postmeta data with new CRUD functions
  • Added new utility function to allow splicing data into associative arrays
Bug Fixes
  • If all user information fields are disabled, the "Student Information" are will now be hidden during checkout for logged in users instead of displaying an empty information box
  • Fixed plugin compatibility issue with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Fixed issue causing multiple choice quiz questions to require a double tap on some iOS devices
  • Fixed incorrectly named filter causing section titles to not display on student course reporting screens
  • We do not advocate using PHP 5.5 or lower but if you were using 5.5 or lower and encountered an error during bulk enrollment we've fixed that for. Please upgrade to 7.2 though. We all want faster more secure websites.
Template Updates

v3.20.0 - 2018-07-12

  • Updated user interfaces on admin panel for courses and memberships with relation to "Enrolled" and "Non-Enrolled" student descriptions
  • "Enrolled Student Description" is now the default WordPress editor
  • "Non-Enrolled Student Description" is now the "Sales Page"
  • Additional options for sales pages (the content displayed to visitors and non-enrolled students) have been added:
    • Do nothing (show course description)
    • Show custom content (use a WYSIWYG editor to define content)
    • Redirect to a WordPress page (use custom templates and enhance page builder compatibility and capabilities)
    • Redirect to a custom URL (use a sales page hosted on another domain!)
  • Tested to WordPress 4.9.7

v3.19.6 - 2018-07-06

  • Fix file load paths in OptimizePress plugin compatibility function

v3.19.5 - 2018-07-05

  • Fixed bug causing select2 multi-selects from functioning as multi-selects
  • Fixed visual issue with select2 elements being set without a width causing them to be both too small and too large in various scenarios.
  • Fixed duplicate action on dashboard section template
Template Updates

v3.19.4 - 2018-07-02

Updates and enhancements
  • Bulk enroll multiple users into a course or membership from the Users table on your admin panel. See how at
  • Added event on builder to allow integrations to run trigger events when course elements are saved
  • Added general redirect method llms_redirect_and_exit() which is a wrapper for wp_redirect() and wp_safe_redirect() which can be plugged (and tested via phpunit)
  • Added new action called before validation occurs for a user account update form submission: llms_before_user_account_update_submit
  • Removed placeholders from form fields. Fixes a UX issue causing registration forms to appear cluttered due to having both placeholders and labels.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue allowing nonce checks to be bypassed on login and registration forms
  • Fixed issue causing a PHP notice if the registration form is submitted without an email address and automatic username generation is enabled
  • Fixed issue preventing email addresses with the "'" character from being able to register, login, or update account information
  • Fixed typo in automatic username generation filter lifterlms_generated_username (previously was lifterlms_gnerated_username)
  • Fixed issue causing admin panel static assets to have a double slash (//) in the asset URI path
  • Fixed issue allowing users with view_lifterlms_reports capability (Instructors) to access sales & enrollment reporting screens. The view_others_lifterlms_reports capability (Admins & LMS Managers) is now required to view these reporting tabs.
  • Updated IDs of login and registration nonces to be unique. Fixes an issue causing Chrome to throw non-unique ID warnings in the developer console. Also, IDs are supposed to be unique anyway but thanks for helping us out Google.

v3.19.3 - 2018-06-14

  • Fix issue causing new quizzes to be unable to load questions list without reloading the builder

v3.19.2 - 2018-06-14

Updates and enhancements
  • The course builder will now load quiz question data when the quiz is opened instead of loading all quizzes on builder page load. Improves builder load times and addresses an issue which could cause timeouts in certain environments when attempting to edit very large courses.
  • The currently viewed lesson will now be bold in the lesson outline widget.
  • Added a CSS class .llms-widget-syllabus .llms-lesson.current-lesson which can be used to customize the display of the current lesson in the widget.
  • Added the ability to filter quiz attempt reports by quiz status
  • Updated language for access plans on with a limited number of payments to reflect the total number of payments due as opposed to the length (for example in years) that the plan will run.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing oEmbed media from being used in quiz question descriptions
  • Fixed issue preventing <iframes> from being used in quiz question descriptions
  • Quiz results will now exclude questions with 0 points value when displaying the number of questions in the quiz.
  • Fixed error occurring when sorting was applied to quiz attempt reports which would cause quiz attempts from other quizzes to be included in the new sorted report
  • Fixed filter lifterlms_reviews_section_title which was unusable due to the incorrect usage of _e() within the filter. Now using __() as expected.
  • Fixed issue causing course featured image to display in place of lesson feature images
Template Updates

v3.19.1 - 2018-06-07

  • Fixed CSS specificity issue on admin panel causing white text on white background on system status pages

v3.19.0 - 2018-06-07

Updates and enhancements
  • Added a "My Memberships" tab to the student dashboard
  • "My Memberships" preview area
  • Updated admin panel order status badges to match frontend order status badges
  • Added a new recurring order status "Pending Cancel." Orders in this state will allow students to access course / membership content until the next payment is due, on this date, instead of a recurring charge being made the order will move to "Cancelled" and the student's enrollment status will change to "Cancelled" removing their access to the course or membership.
  • When a student cancels an active recurring order from the student dashboard, the order will move to "Pending Cancellation" instead of "Cancelled"
  • Students can re-activate an order that's Pending Cancellation moving the expiration date to the next payment due date
  • Added the ability to edit the access expiration date for orders with limited access settings and for orders in the "pending-cancel" state
  • Added a filter to allow customization of the URL used to generate certificate downloads from
  • When viewing taxonomy archives for any course or membership taxonomy (categories, tags, and tracks), if a term description exists, it will be used instead of the default catalog description content defined on the catalog page.
  • Added a filter (llms_archive_description) to allow filtering of the archive description
  • When WP_DEBUG is disabled the scheduled-actions posttype interface is now available via direct link. Useful for debugging but don't want to expose a menu-item link to clients. Access via wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=scheduled-action. Be warned: you shouldn't be modifying scheduled actions manually and that's why we're not exposing this directly, this should be used for debugging only!
  • Updated the function used to check if lessons have featured images to improve performance and resolve an incompatibility issue with WP Overlays plugin.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue causing "My Courses" title to be duplicated on the student dashboard when viewing the endpoint
  • Fixed issue causing the trial price to be displayed with a strike-through during a sale
  • Fixed coupon issue causing coupons to expire at the beginning of the day on the expiration date instead of at the end of the day
  • Fixed issue causing CSS rules to lose their declared order during exports causing export rendering issues with certain themes and plugin combinations
Template Updates

v3.18.2 - 2018-05-24

  • Improved integrations settings screen to allow each integration to have it's own settings tab (page) with only its own settings
  • Allow programmatic access to notification content when notification views are accessed via filters
  • Fixed issue causing subscription cancellation notifications to be sent to admins when new orders were created
  • Fixed warning message displayed prior to membership bulk enrollment
  • Fixed multibyte character encoding issue encountered during certificate exports

v3.18.1 - 2018-05-18

  • Attached llms_privacy_policy_form_field() and llms_agree_to_terms_form_field() to an action hook llms_registration_privacy
  • Define minimum WordPress version requirement as 4.8.
Template Updates

v3.18.0 - 2018-05-16

Privacy & GDPR Compliance Tools
  • Added privacy policy notice on checkout, enrollment, and registration that integrates with the WP Core 4.9.6 Privacy Policy Page setting

  • Added settings to allow customization of the privacy policy and terms & conditions notices during checkout, enrollment, and registration

  • Added suggested Privacy Policy language outlining information gathered by a default LifterLMS site

  • During a WordPress Personal Data Export request the following LifterLMS information will be added to the export

    • All personal information gathered from registration, checkout, and enrollment forms
    • Course and membership enrollments, progress, and grades
    • Earned achievements and certificates
    • All order data
  • During a WordPress Personal Data Erasure request the following LifterLMS information will be erased

    • All personal information gathered from registration, checkout, and enrollment forms
    • Earned achievements and certificates
    • All notifications for or about the user
    • If the "Remove Order Data" setting is enabled, the order will be anonymized by removing student personal information from the order and, if the order is a recurring order, it will be cancelled.
    • If the "Remove Student LMS Data" setting is enabled, all student data related to course and membership activity will be removed
  • All of the above relies on features available in WordPress core 4.9.6

Updates and Enhancements
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9.6
  • Improved pricing table UX for members-only access plans. An access plan button for a plan belonging to only one membership will click directly to the membership as opposed to opening a popover. Plan's with access via multiple memberships will continue to open a popover listing all availability options.
  • Added a "My Certificates" tab to the Student Dashboard
  • Certificates can be downloaded as HTML files (available when viewing a certificate or from the certificate reporting screen on the admin panel)
  • Admins can now delete certificates and achievements from reporting screens on the admin panel
  • Added additional information to certificate and achievement reporting tables
  • Expanded widths of admin settings page setting names to be a bit wider and more readable
  • Now conditionally hiding some settings when they are no longer relevant
  • Added daily cron automatically remove files from the LLMS_TMP_DIR which are more that 24 hours old
  • Removed unused template content-llms_membership.php
  • Added initialization actions for use by integration classes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing coupon reports to always display "1" regardless of actual number of coupons used
  • Fixed issue causing new posts created via the Course Builder to always be created for user_id #1
  • Fixed issue causing "My Achievements" to display twice on the My Achievements student dashboard tab
  • Fixed issue preventing lessons from being completed when a quiz in draft mode was attached to the lesson
  • Fixed issue causing minified RTL stylesheets to 404
Template Updates

v3.17.8 - 2018-05-04

Updates and Enhancements
  • Added admin email notification when student cancels a subscription
  • Quiz results will now display the question's description when reviewing results as a student and on the admin panel during grading
  • Add action hook fired when a student cancels a subscription (llms_subscription_cancelled_by_student)
  • Reduce unnecessary DB queries for integrations by checking for dependencies and then calling querying the options table to see if the integration has been enabled.
  • Updated the notifications settings table to be more friendly to the human eye
Bug Fixes
  • Fix admin scripts enqueue order. Fixes issue preventing manual student enrollment selection from functioning properly in certain scenarios.
  • Shift + Enter when in a question choice field now adds a return as expected instead of exiting the field
  • When pasting into question choice fields HTML from RTF documents will be automatically stripped
  • Ensure certificates print with a white background regardless of theme CSS
  • Fix issue causing themes with overflow:hidden on divs from cutting certificate background images
  • Upon export completion unlock tables regardless of mail success / failure
  • Resolve issue causing incorrect number of access plans to be returned on systems that have custom defaults set for WP_Query post_per_page parameter
  • Fix error occurring when all 3rd party integrations are disabled by filter, credit to @Mte90!
  • Ensure LLMS()->integrations()->integrations() returns all integrations regardless of availability.
  • Updated LLMS_Abstract_Options_Data to have an option set method
Template Updates

v3.17.7 - 2018-04-27

  • Fix issue preventing assignments passing grade requirement from saving properly
  • Fix issue preventing builder toggle switches from properly saving some switch field data
  • Fix with "Launch Builder" button causing it to extend outside the bounds of its container
  • Fix issue with builder radio select fields during view rerenders
  • Course Outline shortcode (and widget) now retrieve parent course of the current page more consistently with other shortcodes
  • Added ability to filter which custom post types which can be children of a course (allows course shortcodes & widgets to be used in assignment sidebars of custom content areas)

v3.17.6 - 2018-04-26

  • Updated language on recurring orders with no expiration settings. Orders no longer say "Lifetime Access" and instead output no expiration information
  • Quiz editor on builder updated to be consistent visually and functionally to the lesson settings editor
  • Improved the builder field API to allow for radio element fields
  • Fix issue causing JS error on admin settings pages
  • Updated CSS for Certificates to be more generally compatible with theme styles when printed
  • Allow system print settings to control print layout for certificates by removing explicit landscape declarations
  • Now passing additional data to filters used to create custom columns on reporting screens
  • Remove unused JS files & Chosen JS library
  • Added filter to allow opting into alternate student dashboard order layout. Use add_filter( 'llms_sd_stacked_order_layout', '__return_true' ) to stack the payment update sidebar below the main order information. This is disabled by default.
  • Achievement and Certificate basic notifications now auto-dismiss after 10 seconds like all other basic notifications
  • Deprecated Filter llms_get_quiz_theme_settings and added backwards compatible methods to transition themes using this filter to the new custom field api. For more information see new methods at
  • Increased default z-index on notifications to prevent notifications from being hidden behind floating / static navigation menus
Template Updates

v3.17.5 - 2018-04-23

Admin Settings Interface Improvements
  • Improved admin settings page interface to allow for section navigation
  • Updated checkout setting pages to utilize a separate section (page) for each available payment gateway
  • Added a table of payment gateways to see at a glance which gateways are enabled and allows drag and drop reordering of gateway display order
  • Moved dashboard endpoints to a separate section on the accounts settings area
  • Updated CSS on settings page to have more regular spacing between subtitles and settings fields
  • Added a "View" button next to any admin setting post/page selection field to allow quick viewing of the selected post
  • Purchase page setting field is now ajax powered like all other page selection settings
  • Renamed dashboard settings section titles to be more consistent with language in other areas of LifterLMS
  • All dashboard endpoints now automatically sanitized to be URL safe
Updates and Enhancements
  • Dashboard endpoints can now be deregistered by setting the endpoint slug to be blank on account settings
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue causing 404s for various script files when SCRIPT_DEBUG is enabled
  • Fix issue with audio & video embeds to prevent fallback to default post attachments
  • Fix issue causing student selection boxes to malfunction due to missing dependencies when loaded over slow connections
Template Updates

v3.17.4 - 2018-04-17

  • Added core RTL language support
  • Fixed fatal error on student management tables resulting from deleted admin users who manually enrolled students
  • Added filter to allow 3rd parties to disable achievement dupchecking (llms_achievement_has_user_earned)
  • Added {student_id} merge code which can be utilized on certificates
  • Added merge code insert button to certificates editor
  • Added filter to allow 3rd parties to disable certificate dupchecking (llms_certificate_has_user_earned)
  • Added filter to allow 3rd parties to add custom merge codes to certificates (llms_certificate_merge_codes)
  • Fix restriction check issue for lessons with drip or prerequisites on course outline widget / shortcode
  • Bumped WP tested to version to 4.9.5
Template Updates

v3.17.3 - 2018-04-11

  • Course and Membership instructor metabox search field now correctly states "Select an Instructor" instead of previous "Select a Student"
  • Added missing translation for "Select a Student" on admin panel student selection search fields
  • Fix issue causing reporting export CSVs to throw a SYLK interpretation error when opened in Excel
  • Fix issue causing drafted courses and memberships to be published when the "Update" button is clicked to save changes
  • Remove use of PHP 7.2 deprecated create_function
  • Fix errors resulting from quiz questions which have been deleted
  • Fix issue causing current date / time to display as the End Date for incomplete quiz attempts on quiz reporting screens
Template Updates

v3.17.2 - 2018-04-09

  • Fixed issue preventing lesson video and audio embeds from being removed when using the course builder settings editor
  • Fixed issue causing question images to lose the image source
  • Updated student management table for courses and memberships to show the name (and a link to the user profile) of the site user who manually enrolled the student.
  • Add "All Time" reporting to various reporting filters
  • Added API for builder fields to enable multiple select fields
  • Fix memory leak related to assignments rendering on course builder
  • Fix issue causing course progress and enrollment checks to incorrectly display progress data cached for other users
  • Lesson progression actions (Mark Complete & Take Quiz buttons) will now always display to users with edit capabilities regardless of enrollment status
Template Updates

v3.17.1 - 2018-03-30

  • Refactored lesson completion methods to allow 3rd party customization of lesson completion behavior via filters and hooks.
  • Remove duplicate lesson completion notice implemented. Only popover notifications will display now instead of popovers and inline messages.
  • Object completion will now automatically prevent multiple records of completion from being recorded for a single object.
  • Lesson Mark Complete button and lessons completed by quiz now utilizes a generic trigger to mark lessons as complete: llms_trigger_lesson_completion.
  • Removed several unused functions from frontend forms class
  • Moved lesson completion form controllers to their own class
Templates updates

v3.17.0 - 2018-03-27

Builder Updates
  • Moved action buttons for each lesson (for opening quiz and lesson editor) to be static below the lesson title as opposed to only being visible on hover
  • Added new audio and video status indicator icons for each lesson
  • Various status indicator icons will now have different icons in addition to different colors depending on their state
  • Replaced "pencil" icons that open the WordPress post editor with a small "WP" icon
  • Added several actions and filters to backend functions so that 3rd parties can hook into builder saves
  • Added lesson settings editing to the builder. Lesson settings can now be updated from settings metaboxes on the lesson post edit screen AND on the builder.
  • Added prerequisite validation for lessons to prevent accidental impossible prerequisite creating (eg: Lesson 5 can never be a prerequisite for Lesson 4)
  • Added functions and filters to allow 3rd parties to add custom fields to the builder. For more details see an example.
  • Fixed issue causing changes made in "Text" mode on content editors wouldn't trigger save events
  • Fixed issue causing lesson prerequisites to not properly display on the course builder
  • Fixed CSS z-index issues related to builder field tooltip displays
  • Removed unused Javascript dependencies
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo on filter on quiz question image getter function
  • Performance improvements made to database queries and functions related to student enrollment status and student course progress queries. Thanks to @mte90 for raising issues and testing solutions related to these updates and changes!
  • Added PHP Requires plugin header (5.6 minimum)
  • Added HTTP User Agent data to the system report
  • LifterLMS Assignments Beta is imminent and this release adds functionality to the Builder which will be extended by Assignments upon when availability

v3.16.16 - 2018-03-19

  • Fixed builder issue causing multiple question choices to be incorrectly selected
  • Fixed builder issue with media library uploads causing an error message to prevent new uploads before the quiz or question has been persisted to the database
  • Fixed builder issue preventing quizzes from being deleted before they were persisted to the database
  • Fixed builder issue causing autosaves to interrupt typing and reset lesson and section titles
  • Fixed JS console error related to LifterLMS JS dependency checks

v3.16.15 - 2018-03-13

Quiz Results Improvements and fixes
  • Improved quiz result user and correct answer handling functions for more consistent HTML output
  • Result answers (correct and user) will display as lists
  • image question types will display without bullets and will "float" next to each other
  • Fixed issue causing quiz results with multiple answers from outputting all HTMLS with no spaces between them
Quiz Grading
  • Fixed issue causing advanced reorder and reorder question types from being graded incorrectly in some scenarios
  • Advanced fill in the blank questions are now case insensitive. Case sensitivity can be enabled with a filter: add_filter( 'llms_quiz_grading_case_sensitive', '__return_true' )
  • Updated spacing and returns found in the email header and footer templates to prevent line breaks from occurring in undesirable places on previews of HTML emails in mobile email clients
  • Added options for themes to add layout support to quizzes where the custom field utilizes an underscore at the beginning of the field key
  • Fixed CSS issue causing blanks of fill in the blanks to not be visible on the course builder when using Chrome on Windows
  • Removed unnecessary get_option() call to unused option lifterlms_permalinks
  • Updated permissions required to see various LifterLMS post types to rely on manage_lifterlms capabilities as opposed to manage_options
    • This will only affect the LMS Manager core role or any custom role which was provided with the manage_options capability. Manages will now be able to access all LMS content and custom roles would now not be able to access LMS content
    • Affected content types are: Orders, Coupons, Vouchers, Engagements, Achievements, Certificates, and Emails
  • Several references to an option removed in LifterLMS 3.0 still existed in the codebase and have now been removed.
    • Option lifterlms_course_display_banner is no longer called or referenced
    • Template function lifterlms_template_single_featured_image() has been removed
    • Actions referencing lifterlms_template_single_featured_image() have been removed
    • Template function lifterlms_get_featured_image_banner() has been removed
    • Template templates/course/featured-image.php has been removed
Templates updates

v3.16.14 - 2018-03-07

  • Courses reporting table now includes courses with the "Private" status
  • Fixed issue causing some achievement notifications to be blank
  • Added tooltips to question choice add / delete icon buttons
  • Quiz results meta information elements now have unique CSS classes
  • Removed reliance PHP 7.2 deprecated function create_function()
  • Fixed invalid PHP 7.2 syntax creating a warning found on the setup wizard
  • Fixed undefined index error related to admin notices
  • Fixed untranslatable string on Users table ("No Memberships")
  • Fixed discrepancy between membership restrictions as presented to logged out users and logged in users who cannot access membership
  • Fixed FireFox and Edge issue causing changes to number inputs made via HTML5 input arrows from properly triggering save events

v3.16.13 - 2018-02-28

  • Hotfix: Only create quizzes on the builder if quizzes exist on the lesson

v3.16.12 - 2018-02-27

  • Quizzes can now be detached (removed from a lesson) or deleted (deleted from the lesson and the database) via the Course Builder
  • Improved question choice randomization to ensure randomized choices never display in their original order.
  • When a lesson is deleted, any quiz attached to the lesson will become an orphan
  • When a lesson is deleted, any lesson with this lesson as a prerequisite will have it's prerequisite data removed
  • When a quiz is deleted, all questions attached to the quiz will also be deleted
  • When a quiz is deleted, the lesson associated with the quiz will have those associations removed
  • Fixed grammar issue on restricted lesson tooltips when no custom message is stored on the course.
  • Updated functions causing issues in PHP 5.4 to work on PHP 5.4. This has been done to reduce frustration for users still using PHP 5.4 and lower; This does not mean we advocate using software past the end of its life or that we support PHP 5.4 and lower.

v3.16.11 - 2018-02-22

  • Course import/exports and lesson duplication now carry custom meta data from 3rd party plugins and themes
  • Added course completion date column to Course reporting students list
  • Restriction checks made against a quiz will now properly cascade to the quiz's parent lesson
  • Fixed issue preventing featured images from being exported with courses and lessons
  • Fixed duplicate lesson issue causing quizzes to be double assigned to the old and new lesson
  • Fixed issue allowing blog archive to be viewed by non-members when sitewide membership is enabled
  • Fixed builder issue causing data to be lost during autosaves if data was edited during an autosave
  • Fixed builder issue preventing lessons from moving between sections when clicking the "Prev" and "Next" section buttons
  • Added actions to LLMS_Generator to allow 3rd parties to extend core generator functionality

v3.16.10 - 2018-02-19

  • Content added to the editor of course & membership catalog pages will now be output above the catalog loop
  • Fix issue preventing iframes and some shortcodes from working when added to a Quiz question description
  • Added new columns to the Quizzes reporting table to display Course and Lesson relationships
  • Improved the task handler of background updater to ensure upgrade functions that need to run multiple times can do so
  • Fixed JS Backup confirmation dialog on the background updater.
  • Add support for 32-bit systems in the LLMS_Hasher class
  • Fix issue causing HTML template content to be added to lessons when duplicating an existing lesson within the course builder
3.16.0 migration improvements
  • Accommodates questions imported by 3rd party Excel to LifterLMS Quiz plugin. Fixes an issue where choices would have no correct answer designated after migration.
  • All migration functions now run on a loop. This improves progress reporting of the migration and prevents timeouts on mature databases with lots of quizzes, questions, and/or attempts.
  • Fix an issue that caused duplicate quizzes or questions to be created when the "Taking too long?" link was clicked

v3.16.9 - 2018-02-15

  • Fix issue causing error on student dashboard when reviewing an order with an access plan that was deleted.
  • Fixed spelling error on course metabox
  • Fixed spelling error on frontend quiz interface
  • Fixed issues with 0 point questions:
    • Will no longer prevent quizzes from being automatically graded when a 0 point question is in an otherwise automatically gradable quiz
    • Point value not editable during review
    • Visual display on results displays with grey background not as an orange "pending" question
  • Table schema uses default database charset. Fixes an issue with databases that don't support utf8mb4 charsets.
  • Updated LLMS_Hasher class for better compatibility with older versions of PHP

v3.16.8 - 2018-02-13

  • Added theme compatibility API so theme developers can add layout options to the quiz settings on the course builder. For details on adding theme compatibility see:
  • Quiz results "donut" chart had alternate styles for quizzes pending review (Dark grey text rather than red). You can target with the .llms-donut.pending CSS class to customize appearance.
  • Allow filtering when retrieving student answer for a quiz attempt question via llms_quiz_attempt_question_get_answer filter
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issues causing conditionally gradable question types (fill in the blank and scale) from displaying without a status icon or possible points when awaiting admin review / grading.
  • Fix issue preventing conditionally gradable question types (fill in the blank and scale) from being reviewable on the admin panel when the question is configured as requiring manual grading.
  • Fix analytics widget undefined index warning during admin-ajax calls. Thanks @Mte90!
  • Fix issue causing is_search() to be called incorrectly. Thanks @Mte90!
  • Fix issue preventing text / html formatting from saving properly for access plan description fields
  • Fix html character encoding issue on reporting widgets causing currency symbols to display as a character code instead of the symbol glyph.
Templates changed
  • templates/quiz/results-attempt-questions-list.php
  • templates/quiz/results-attempt.php

v3.16.7 - 2018-02-08

  • Added manual saving methods for the course builder that passes data via standard ajax calls. Allows users (hosts) to disable the Heartbeat API but still save builder data.
  • Added an "Exit" button to the builder sidebar to allow exiting the builder back to the WP Edit Post screen for the current course
  • Added dashboard links to the WP Admin Bar to allow existing the course builder to various areas of the dashboard
  • Added data attribute to progress bars so JS (or CSS) can read the progress of a progress bar. Thanks @dineshchouhan!
  • Fixed issue causing newly created lessons to lose their assigned quiz
  • Fixed php max_input_vars issue causing a 400 Bad Request error when trying to save large courses in the course builder
  • Removed reliance on PHP bcmath functions

v3.16.6 - 2018-02-07

  • Removed reliance on PHP Hashids Library in favor of a simpler solution with no PHP module dependencies
  • Added interfaces to allow customization of quiz url / slug
  • Fixed [audio] shortcodes added to quiz question descriptions
  • Fixed untranslatable strings on frontend of quizzes
  • Fix issue causing certificate notifications to display as empty
  • Fix issue preventing quiz pass/fail notifications from triggering properly for manually graded quizzes
  • Fix undefined index warning on quiz pass/fail notifications

v3.16.5 - 2018-02-06

  • Fix issue preventing manually graded quiz review points from saving properly
  • Improved background updater to ensure scripts don't timeout during upgrades
  • Admin builder JS now minified for increased performance
  • Made frontend quiz and quiz-builder strings output via Javascript translatable

v3.16.4 - 2018-02-05

  • Fix issue causing newly created quizzes to not be properly related to their parent lesson
  • Fix issue preventing quiz time limits from starting unless an attempt limit is also set
  • Fixes a WP Engine issue that prevented the builder from loading due to a blocked dependency

v3.16.3 - 2018-02-02

  • When switching a quiz to "Published" it will now update the parent lesson to ensure it's recorded as having an enabled quiz.
  • Declared the WordPress heartbeat API script as a dependency for the Course Builder JS. It seems that some servers and hosts dequeue the heartbeat when not explicitly required. This resolves a saving issue on those hosts.
  • Added a Quiz Description content editor under quiz settings. This is the "Editor" from pre 3.16.0 quizzes and any content saved in these fields is now available in this description field
  • Fixed issue causing points percentage calculation tooltip on quiz builder to show the incorrect percentage value
  • Fix issue preventing lessons with no drip settings from being updated on the WP post editor
  • Fix issue causing 500 error on lesson settings metabox for lessons not attached to sections
  • Add a "Quiz Description" field to allow quiz post content to be edited on the quiz builder
  • Added a database migration script to ensure quizzes migrated from 3.16 and lower that had quiz post content to automatically have the optional quiz description to be enabled

v3.16.2 - 2018-02-02

  • Add an update notice to 3.16.0 migration scripts to provide more information about the major update.
  • Removed quiz assignment fields on the lesson metabox to reduce confusion as quizzes are now managed exclusively on the quiz builder.
  • Ensure questions migrated during 3.16 updates retain their initial points value from the quiz.

v3.16.1 - 2018-02-01

  • Ensure quizzes in draft mode are only accessible by those with edit access (instructors, admins, etc...)
  • Restore pre 3.16 actions and filters related to quiz start buttons
  • Remove legacy error message for quiz accessibility issues by site admins
  • Students who cannot access a quiz are redirected to the parent lesson if they attempt to access a quiz directly
  • Fix undefined index warning on wp-login.php related to LifterLMS js assets. Thanks Mte90!
  • Update checkout error message to provide user with direction when they already have access to a course. Thanks @andreasblumberg!

v3.16.0 - 2018-02-01

  • New question types: True/False, Picture Choice, and Non-question content
  • Picture & Multiple choice have options for multiple correct answers (checkbox-like questions)
  • You can now create questions with NO POINTS (maybe for surveys?)
  • Upgraded student quiz review interface
  • Upgraded instructor quiz attempt review interface
  • Admins may now leave remarks on questions directly
  • Improved data available related to quizzes and quiz attempts on reporting screens
  • Improved quiz user interface
  • Added a progress bar to the quiz interface
  • Shrunk the quiz timer
  • Added a question # counter on the quiz interface
  • Fixed issue causing randomized questions to get "lost" when navigating back through a quiz attempt
  • Improved error handling on quizzes
  • Overhauled quiz data structure for improved performance and scalability
  • Requires database migration and update: 3.16.0
Course Builder Improvements
  • Quiz-building is now available on the course builder
  • Quiz and Question WordPress editors no longer available. Quizzes and Questions HAVE NOT DISAPPEARED, they've been improved and relocated
  • All hooks & filters attached to the_content and the_title are now being removed when loading the course builder. This should prevent infinite spinners on builder loading and builder AJAX calls due to third-parties accidentally outputting html during these events.
  • Added space between arrows and "Next" and "Previous" text on pagination lists. Thanks sujaypawar!
  • Updated Quiz post type slug from "llms_quiz" to "quiz".
  • Updated default return of llms_get_post() to be false rather than a WP_Post object when a LifterLMS post cannot be located
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a potential database read error related to database store abstract
  • Now passing Post ID as second parameter to the the_title filter called on post model getters
Removed templates

The following quiz templates have been removed. Customization of these templates causes quiz application functionality to break and they should not have been available for customization but were due to oversights. This has been corrected.

  • templates/content-single-question-after.php
  • templates/content-single-question-before.php
  • templates/quiz/next-question.php
  • templates/quiz/previous-question.php
  • templates/quiz/question-count.php
  • templates/quiz/quiz-question.php
  • templates/quiz/single-choice.php
  • templates/quiz/single-choice_ajax.php
  • templates/quiz/summary.php
  • templates/quiz/timer.php
  • templates/quiz/wrapper-end.php
  • templates/quiz/wrapper-start.php
Removed Functions

Various template functions related to quizzes were removed due to the deprecation of their related templates

  • lifterlms_template_quiz_timer()
  • lifterlms_template_single_next_question()
  • lifterlms_template_single_prev_question()
  • lifterlms_template_single_single_choice()
  • lifterlms_template_single_single_choice_ajax()
  • lifterlms_template_single_question_count()

v3.15.1 - 2017-12-05

  • Ensure course & membership titles with HTML characters are decoded during reporting exports
  • Fix issue causing some courses to display in membership columns on reporting exports

v3.15.0 - 2017-12-04

Reporting Updates (and CSV exports!)
  • Added course-level reporting table (see "Courses" tab of Reporting screen)
  • Updated the interface on reporting screen when reviewing a single student
  • Added reporting exports: students list, courses list, and list of students per course
Bug fixes
  • Fix error when [lifterlms_course_continue_button] shortcode is displayed to logged out or students not enrolled in the chosen course
Minor updates
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9.1
  • Added background data processors to ensure reporting data stays up to date in close to real time
  • Add nocache constants and headers on student dashboard & checkout page to increase compatibility with caching plugins
  • Added filter to student dashboard courses query

v3.14.9 - 2017-11-27

  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9
  • Fix error during uninstall related to missing file
  • Fix issue with rewinding quiz using "Previous Question" button
  • On final question of a quiz the "Next Lesson" button now says "Complete Quiz"
  • When completing a quiz, the loading message will now say "Grading Quiz" the entire time instead of "Loading Question" and then "Grading Quiz"
  • Fix issue causing the <title> element on course builder pages from being partially empty

v3.14.8 - 2017-11-06

  • Lessons can be cloned via the "Clone" action from the lessons post table
Builder Improvements & Fixes
  • Add "Existing Lesson" functionality can now clone and attach the clone (when adding a lesson currently attached to a course) OR attach orphans
  • Lessons created via Course builder will have their slugs renamed the first time the lesson title is updated via the builder
  • No longer display notices on the course builder
  • Add extra space to the scrollable area on course builder
  • Removed logging and debugging functions from admin builder class
  • JS-generated error messages on the course builder are now translatable
Bug Fixes
  • Fix: Show all memberships on dashboard

v3.14.7 - 2017-10-25

Navigation Menu Items
Bug Fixes
  • Fix SQL query issue with orphaned lesson query on course builder
  • Fix undefined index warning occurring during theme switches
  • Fix issue causing duplicate error messages to display on certain servers

v3.14.6 - 2017-10-21

  • Fix: <iframes> are no longer stripped when exporting or duplicating courses (this applies to lessons within the courses as well)
  • Fix: Achievements on student dashboard now output the correct achievement title
  • Fix: Courses on student dashboard ordered by Order attributes will obey settings correctly

v3.14.5 - 2017-10-14

  • Course builder will persist open/collapsed state of sections when they are re-ordered
  • Course builder lessons in a section are draggable after reordering a section

v3.14.4 - 2017-10-13

  • You were right and we were wrong & we are sorry. This update returns the ability to add existing lessons to a course via the course builder.
  • Lessons added to a section will no longer visually disappear when editing a section title on the course builder
  • BuddyPress integration BP template fixes

v3.14.3 - 2017-10-12

  • Fix [lifterlms_my_account] shortcode issue affecting Divi theme users

v3.14.2 - 2017-10-11

  • Instructor query utilizes correct $wpdb->prefix for filtering by role instead of wp_ which will not work when the $table_prefix in wp-config.php is customized
  • include the admin notices class when running database update functions

v3.14.1 - 2017-10-10

  • Fix [lifterlms_my_achievements] shortcode
  • Fix reference to deprecated core function related to checking the permissions of content restricted to a membership
  • Builder titles will be saved on all field focusout/blur events, not just tab & enter key presses
  • LifterLMS custom meta save metaboxes will not trigger actions during ajax requests
  • Fix issue displaying certificates on admin panel reporting screens

v3.14.0 - 2017-10-10

  • Updated JS for 3.13 course builder to address issues on PHP 5.6 servers with asp_tags enabled
  • Normalized date returns with various dates related to enrollments, achievements, and certificates. These dates now utilize the WP Core date_format option.
  • Fixed strict comparison issue related to database query abstract (affected checks for last page & first page on admin reporting screens)
  • Added a new capability llms_instructor for admins, lms managers, instructors, and instructor's assistant to easily differentiate "instructors" from "students"
  • Fix $wpdb->prepare issue related to notification queries. Fixes WP 4.9-beta issue.
Student Dashboard Updates
  • Achievements on student dashboard now viewable in popover modal.
  • Achievements tab added to student dashboard
  • Courses, Memberships, Achievements, and Certificates have been updated to have a unified style
  • Courses & Memberships extend the default catalog tiles
  • Courses shortcode has new parameters useful for displaying a list of a specific users courses only. More info
Deprecated functions
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_courses_content() replaced with lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_my_courses( false )
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_dashboard_content replaced with lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_home()
Template Updates
Deleted Templates
  • /myaccount/my-achievements.php
  • /myaccount/my-courses.php
  • /myaccount/my-memberships.php

v3.13.1 - 2017-10-04

  • Fix caching issue preventing quiz pass & fail engagements from triggering.
  • Fix issue causing the "Builder" link to display on the lesson post table screen.
  • Fix issue preventing new courses & memberships from being moved from draft -> published.
  • Fix wpdb->prepare() empty placeholder issue related to engagement queries. Fixes warning added in WP 4.9.
  • Add better version numbering to static assets to prevent caching issues during plugin updates

v3.13.0 - 2017-10-02

An All New Course Builder
  • The "Course Outline" metabox found on the admin panel when editing any LifterLMS course has been savagely beaten. We stole its lunch money and we put it towards the construction of an all interface
  • Asynchronous loading: fixes issues where very large courses would drastically slow and possibly even time out the loading of the course edit screen
  • Course outline is now collapsible and expandable. This Fixes issues where it was very hard to move lessons and sections around on very large courses
  • In addition to the familiar (and now improved) drag and drop functionality, you may now also move sections and lessons up and down with button clicks. You can also move lessons between sections with button clicks
  • Add new lessons and sections with a click or drag a new lesson or section into the existing course
  • Edit section and lesson titles faster with inline title editing. No more modals with a potentially slow ajax load to update a title. Click the title, change it, and exit the field to automatically save!
  • Delete sections and lessons with the click of a button
  • Quick links to view (frontend) and edit (backend) lessons
  • Completely internationalized. Thanks for you patience translators!
  • Want to know more? Check out the docs.
New User Roles
  • Added new roles to enable you to provide access to LifterLMS (settings, courses building, etc...) without having to make an admin or mess with complicated code snippets.

  • New Roles:

    • LMS Manager: Do everything in LifterLMS and nothing with plugins, themes, core settings, and so on
    • Instructor: Create, update, and delete courses and memberships
    • Instructor's Assistant: Edit courses and memberships
  • More details and a full list of new LifterLMS capabilities are available here.

Updates & Fixes
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8.2
  • The "Lesson Tree" metabox has been replaced with a simplified version of the lesson tree and a link to the launch the Course Builder.
  • Course and membership categories and tags will now display on their respective post tables for sorting and filtering. They can be disabled on a per-user basis via the screen options.
  • Removed var_dump() from bbPress integration restriction check
Uninstall Script
  • Uninstall script now removes all the things LifterLMS creates in your database if a constant is defined. Read more here.
Database Update
  • Adds default Instructor data for all LifterLMS Courses & Memberships based off of the post author of the course or membership
  • More information
Template Updates
Deprecated Functions
  • The following AJAX functions are no longer utilized by LifterLMS core. If you are utilizing them find alternatives (they all exist). These will be remove in the next major release:

    • LLMS_AJAX::get_achievements()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_all_posts()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_associated_lessons()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_certificates()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_courses()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_course_tracks()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_emails()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_enrolled_students()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_enrolled_students_ids()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_lesson()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_lessons()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_lessons_alt()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_memberships()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_question()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_sections()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_sections_alt()
    • LLMS_AJAX::get_students()
    • LLMS_AJAX::update_syllabus()
Removed Filters
  • The following filters have been removed and are no longer in use.

    • lifterlms_admin_courses_access: replaced with user capability edit_courses
    • lifterlms_admin_membership_access: replaced with user capability edit_memberships
    • lifterlms_admin_reporting_access: replaced with user capability manage_lifterlms
    • lifterlms_admin_settings_access: replaced with user capability manage_lifterlms
    • lifterlms_admin_import_access: replaced with user capability manage_lifterlms
    • lifterlms_admin_system_report_access: replaced with user capability manage_lifterlms

v3.12.2 - 2017-09-18

Bug fixes
  • Fix issue with LifterLMS bbPress integration preventing course-restricted topics from being accessible by enrolled students
  • Fix an issue preventing students expired from courses via access expiration settings from being manually re-enrolled by admins
  • LLMS_Student class function has_access is scheduled for deprecation in next major release. Developers should switch to LLMS_Student->is_enrolled()

v3.12.1 - 2017-08-25

  • Prevent duplicate loading of repeater metabox fields
  • Fix undefined warning related to quiz completion
  • Ensure that the bbPress course forums shortcode & widget properly cascade up when used on a lesson or quiz

v3.12.0 - 2017-08-17

  • New quiz feature: randomize the order of quiz questions each attempt! Props to Larry Groebe
  • Fixed logic error related to access checks when bubbling from quiz->lesson->course
  • Fixed JS loader check for tinyMCE editors in repeater fields
  • Fixed CSS issue related to tinyMCE editors in repeater fields
  • Fixed issue causing tinyMCE editors in repeater fields to stop working after reordering rows
  • LifterLMS alert box notices are now cleared during shutdown instead of immediately after rendering. Fixes some plugin compatibility issues.
  • Fix reference to invalid meta key on order notes admin screen.
  • Record order note when orders with a defined length complete
  • When a payment is scheduled for an order with a defined length, calculate end date if no end date is saved
  • Minor updates to the LLMS_Abstract_Integration class
  • Fix undefined reference error on 404 pages resulting from the preview manager.
bbPress Integration Updates
  • Add "Private" Course Forums which allows forums to be made available only to students enrolled in the associated course
  • Adds a shortcode and widget for outputting a list of forums associated with a course
  • Adds the ability to restrict the page set as the bbPress forum index (via bbPress settings) to be restricted to LifterLMS memberships
  • Adds engagement triggers to allow engagements to be fired when a student posts a reply or creates a new topic
  • Improves integration membership restriction check performance
  • Migrated to the LLMS_Abstract_Integration class. Visually changes the settings display but has no other impact
  • More information
BuddyPress Integration Updates
  • Add the ability to restrict activity, group, and member directory pages to LifterLMS memberships.
  • Migrated to the LLMS_Abstract_Integration class. Visually changes the settings display but has no other impact
  • More information
Database update
  • calculate and store end dates for orders created prior to version 3.11.0 which have a defined length and do not have a stored end date.
  • migrate bbPress and BuddyPress options to LLMS_Abstract_Integration naming convention
  • More information
Admin Post Table Upgrades
  • Lessons
    • Fix section titles which formerly were a dead link. Now they're just text
    • Add filtering the table by associated course
  • Quizzes
    • Display associated course and lesson columns with links
    • Add filtering by associated course and/or lesson
  • Quiz Questions
    • Display associated Quizzes with links
    • Add filtering by associated quiz
Template Updates

v3.11.2 - 2017-08-14

  • Tested up to WP Core 3.8.1
System Status and Reporting updates
  • System Report renamed to "Status"
  • Added information of template overrides to the system report
  • Added "Get Help" button linking to LifterLMS Ticketing submission page
  • Added "Logs" tab which allows for easy viewing & management of LifterLMS logs
  • Added "Tools and Utilities" tab and moved tools from the General Settings screen to this tab
  • Improved Session Reset tool

v3.11.1 - 2017-08-03

  • New shortcode: [lifterlms_course_continue_button]. See shortcode docs for more information.
  • New shortcode: [lifterlms_lesson_mark_complete]. See shortcode docs for more information.
  • Added filter llms_product_pricing_table_enrollment_status to allow forceful display of course/membership pricing tables regardless of user enrollment status.
  • Fix course author shortcode to allow usage outside of a course via the course_id parameter.
Template Updates

v3.11.0 - 2017-07-31

  • New engagement trigger "Student purchases access plan" allows engagements to be triggered from a specific access plan!
  • Minor performance improvements to notification-related database queries
  • Fix issue causing payment gateways to always use test mode links from Orders on the admin panel
  • Added default email notification merge code for outputting an HTML divider
  • Added new actions to Dashboard template to allow adding custom content to course tiles on the dashboard
Template Updates

v3.10.2 - 2017-07-14

  • Fix fatal error related to purchase receipts for trashed or deleted orders
  • l10n "Reviews" tab title on course settings
  • Remove commented out sample preheader text from email header template which was displaying in some email clients.
Template Updates

v3.10.1 - 2017-07-12

  • Prevent errors related to attempting to display notification data related to deleted students
  • Fix errors related to displaying notifications for deleted post (courses, sections, lessons, quizzes, etc...)
  • Fix error causing email notifications being sent after related user has been deleted
  • Fix typo preventing llms_form_field() from outputting textareas
  • Add new filter llms_allow_subscription_cancellation useful for preventing students from self-cancelling their subscriptions on the student dashboard. More info.
  • Add new API for querying students via AJAX select2 elements
  • Select2 Post Query elements can now query multiple post types simultaneously
  • Seletc2 Post Query elements can now support <optgroup>
  • Course option metabox for reviews is not translatable

v3.10.0 - 2017-07-05

Recurring Order Management (for Admins)
  • Admins can now edit various pieces of data related to a recurring order from the order screen on the admin panel
    • Allow editing of the Next Payment Date
    • Allow editing of the Trial End Date (when a trial is active for the order)
    • Edit Payment Gateway and related gateway fields (Customer ID, Source ID, and Subscription ID)
  • If you're using LifterLMS Stripe or LifterLMS PayPal please update to the latest version of these add-ons to take advantage of these new features!
Recurring Order Management (for Students)
  • Students can now switch the payment method (source) for their recurring subscriptions from the student dashboard
  • Students can now cancel their recurring orders to prevent future payments on recurring orders
  • If you're using LifterLMS Stripe or LifterLMS PayPal please update to the latest version of these add-ons to take advantage of these new features!
Automatic Payment Retries (for supporting gateways)
  • LifterLMS Stripe and LifterLMS PayPal can now automatically retry failed payments to help recover lost revenue as a result of temporary declines to payment sources. Please see our documentation on this new feature here.
  • If you're using LifterLMS Stripe or LifterLMS PayPal please update to the latest version of these add-ons to take advantage of these new features!
Manual Payment Gateway Enhancements
  • The Manual Payment Gateway (bundled with LifterLMS Core) can now handle recurring payments. For more information on utilizing recurring payments with the Manual Gateway please see the gateway documentation.
Updates and Fixes
  • Force SSL setting now applies to Student Dashboard screens. This is useful as Google now recommends any page where a password is submitted should be encrypted and allows gateway communication from student dashboard screen with APIs that require an SSL connection.
  • Fixed spelling error related to quizzes
Templates changed



v3.9.5 - 2017-06-13

  • Increased css z-index of basic notifications to prevent issues with themes that have high z-index on menus and other elements
  • Increased the frequency of basic notification heartbeat check from 10 to 20 seconds
  • Added filter to allow for customization of the notifications heartbeat interval, example here.
  • Fixed error related to password reset when the "Disable Usernames" account setting is disabled

v3.9.4 - 2017-06-12

  • Fix hardcoded db reference to wp_posts table

v3.9.3 - 2017-06-09

  • Fix typo in notifications query

v3.9.2 - 2017-06-07

  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8
  • Fixed issue with merge codes on WP Editors for notifications, emails, etc...
  • Update notifications query to only return results related to posts which actually exist. Prevents errors occurring when reviewing achievements on the student dashboard for courses, lessons, etc which have been deleted/trashed.
  • Only display quiz time limit meta information when a time limit exists
  • Fix display of quiz question order (question x of x)
  • Improved logic powering quiz attempt grading for increased consistency, especially with regards to floats and rounding
Templates Changed

v3.9.1 - 2017-06-02

  • Fix engagement triggers with relation to quizzes to properly receive 3.9 api updates
  • Fix quiz attempt counting issue resulting in the total attempts by a student always being one more than the actual value
  • Fix membership access plan restrictions tooltip

v3.9.0 - 2017-06-02

  • All new quiz results interface for students
    • Donut charts are now animated
    • Donuts will be green for passing attempt and red for failing
    • Students can now review previous quiz attempts and summaries
    • Removed the juxtaposition of the current and best attempts to reduce confusion on the interface
    • Improved the consistency of the quiz meta information markup
    • Adjusted various pieces of language for an improved student experience
  • Improvements to the quiz taking experience
    • Added the LLMS_Spinner (seen on checkout screens and various places on the admin panel) and various loading messages when starting quiz, transitioning between questions, and completing a quiz
    • Better error handling and management should issues arise during a quiz
    • Better unload & beforeunload JS management to warn students when they attempt to leave a quiz in progress
  • Improved quiz data handling and management
    • Improved API calls and handlers related to taking quizzes for increased performance and consistency
    • quiz data can now be programmatically queried via consistent apis and data classes, see LLMS_Student->quizzes() and LLMS_Quiz_Attempt
  • Quizzes no longer rely on session and cookie data. All quiz data will always be saved directly to the database and related to the student. Fixes an issue on certain servers preventing student from starting quizzes.
  • Deprecated LLMS_Quiz::start_quiz(), LLMS_Quiz::answer_question(), and, LLMS_Quiz::complete_quiz()
    • Ajax handler functions of the same names should be used instead.
    • To programmatically "take" quizzes use related functions of similar names from the LLMS_Quiz_Attempt class
Templates changed
  • Student Dashboard notifications page will not display pagination links unless there's results to page through
  • Student Dashboard notifications page will now display a message when no notifications are found
  • Certificate previewing now takes into consideration the preview setting roles to allow admins (or other roles) to preview certificates
  • Made student name self fallback (you) i18n friendly

v3.8.1 - 2017-05-21

  • Fix merge code issue related to course title on quiz notifications

v3.8.0 - 2017-05-20

  • Automatic email and basic (on-screen) notifications for various events within LifterLMS
    • All notifications can be customized
    • Email notifications can be optionally sent to custom email address, course authors, and more
  • Students will automatically receive email receipts when making purchases and when recurring access plans rebill
  • Hidden Access Plans
  • Add a "Purchase Link" view button to access plans so admins can quickly grab the direct URL to an access plan
  • Notifications history screen on Student Dashboard to review past notifications that have been received
  • Updated LLMS_Email class and functionality
  • Email templates have been completely rewritten and styled
  • Updated and rewritten password reset flow
  • Earned certificates are only accessible by the student who earned the certificate
  • Added the functionality for image upload via options & settings api
  • Removed a handful of unused templates related to LifterLMS certificates that were replaced a long time ago but still existed in the codebase for unknown reasons.
  • Fixed filter on engagements settings page
  • Minor adjustments to language and settings order on Engagements settings screen for email settings
  • Email Header Image field is now an upload field as opposed to a "paste a url here" setting
  • Phone number recorded to order and displayed on order for admin panel during purchases
  • Order details now display full country name as opposed to the country code
  • Fix installation script to ensure admin can preview by default

v3.7.7 - 2017-05-16

  • Updated a few strings on the admin panel to be translatable
  • Fix PHP warning output during plugin activation
  • Fix reporting issue related to outputting quiz question answers where the correct answer is the first available answer
  • Fix PHP 7.1 issue on the checkout screen
  • Removed some unnecessary files from vendor libraries

v3.7.6 - 2017-05-05

  • New translations for new categories on Add-ons screen
  • Update to general settings which utilizes featured items from the general settings screen
  • Update readme & related meta files
  • Removed advert image files

v3.7.5 - 2017-05-02

  • Upgrade WP Session Manager to latest version
  • Code style updates across most files in codebase to bring to most recent styling guidelines put forth by WP Coding Standards

v3.7.4 - 2017-04-26

  • When cloned site detected automatically disable recurring_payments feature & trigger an action 3rd parties can hook into for custom 3rd party features
  • Add better JS dependency management to prevent issues where assets loaded in the wrong order
  • Fix issue where dismiss icon on LifterLMS admin notices was positioned poorly on non-LifterLMS admin screens
  • Fix issue preventing edit account form submission on student dashboard when password strength meter is disabled

v3.7.3 - 2017-04-21

  • Fixed issues where Course Track checks were not functioning properly with relation to prerequisite associations
  • LLMS_Generator can now be used to generate course(s) from a raw array of course data using the SingleCourseGenerator and BulkCourseGenerator
  • LLMS_Generator default post status can be set at runtime using set_default_post_status()
  • Fixed an issue causing JS errors on the wp-login.php screen
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.7.4

Template Updates

  • course/prerequisites.php - Prerequisite checks check for 'course_track' rather than 'track'

v3.7.2 - 2017-04-17

  • Resolved a JS errors on admin panel resulting from overly strict asset loading added in 3.7.0

v3.7.1 - 2017-04-14

  • Fix php notice when no roles are selected for preview management feature

v3.7.0 - 2017-04-13

Preview Management

  • All new view management for users to make editing content easier for course builders
  • Admins may customize the roles of users who can access view management
  • Qualifying users can view content as an enrolled student or a non-enrolled visitor
  • Default view allows users to bypass all restrictions (drip, membership, enrollment, and so on) for easy course navigation and management
  • Thanks to @fabianmarz and the team at and the team at netzstrategen for their assistance with this feature!


  • Edit Account Screen now utilizes updated APIs for better customization management
  • Improve intelligence of enqueued admin js & css files


  • Fixed coupon calculation issue related to currencies using commas as the decimal separator
  • Properly display track related information when reviewing engagements on the admin panel
  • fixed issue preventing course tracks from being recorded as completed

v3.6.2 - 2017-04-10

  • Fix issue preventing export of vouchers via email
  • added action after_llms_mark_complete to allow custom actions to happen after a course, lesson, etc... is marked complete

v3.6.1 - 2017-03-28

  • Fix issue related to taking a quiz for the first time when no quiz data is available for a user
  • Fix issue when course outline shortcode is displayed on non LifterLMS post types

v3.6.0 - 2017-03-27

  • Courses and Memberships now have settings to control their visibility in catalogs and search results. For more information visit the knowledge base.
  • Courses are now a searchable post type. All existing courses will automatically remain excluded from search via new catalog visibility settings. New courses added after this date will be searchable unless the visibility is updated prior to publishing the course.
  • Added options (and filters) to allow customization of the order of courses displayed on the Student Dashboard
    • Existing behavior (ordered by enrollment date, most recent to least recent) will be preserved
    • New installations will default (by popular demand) to Order (Low to High) which will obey the "Order" settings of courses
    • Customize or update the order for your site by visiting LifterLMS -> Settings -> Accounts and changing the setting for "Courses Sorting" under "Account Dashboard"
  • New Shortcodes:
    • [lifterlms_course_author] - Display the Course Author's name, avatar, and (optionally) biography. Info & Usage
    • [lifterlms_course_continue] - Display a progress bar and continue button for enrolled students only. Info & Usage
    • [lifterlms_course_meta_info] - Display all meta information for a course. Info & Usage
    • [lifterlms_course_prerequisites] - Display a notice describing unfulfilled prerequisites for a course. Info & Usage
    • [lifterlms_course_reviews] - Display reviews and review form for a LifterLMS Course. Info & Usage
    • [lifterlms_course_syllabus] - Display the course syllabus. Info & Usage
  • "Back" & "Next" pagination links on Student Dashboard View Courses are now buttons instead of text links
  • Fixed an issue preventing pagination links from displaying on the "View Courses" page of the student dashboard when the endpoint slug was customized
  • Course and Membership taxonomy archive pages will now properly match the heights of tiles
  • Fixed typo in lifterlms_get_enrollment_status_name filter
  • Fixed typo in lifterlms_get_order_status_name filter
  • Reduced complexity and redundancy of llms_get_enrolled_students()

v3.5.3 - 2017-03-21

  • Ensure that access plan subscription schedule details are fully translatable
  • Ensure "Services" title on admin add-ons screen can be translated
  • Fix "View All My Courses" link on Student Dashboard to obey endpoint slug customizations
  • Membership restriction checks only run on singular posts (not on archives)
  • Ensure [lifterlms_course_outline] and Course Syllabus widget can be used on Quizzes.
  • Fix reporting widgets for course & lesson completions to report the correct completion types only

v3.5.2 - 2017-03-16

  • Fix course outline shortcode when used on a lesson
  • Fix custom html form fields produced by llms_form_field()

v3.5.1 - 2017-03-15

  • Lessons marked as incomplete will now display as incomplete in the course outline generated by the above Course Syllabus Widget and the course outline shortcode
  • Updated course outline shortcode / course syllabus widget to utilize new APIs
  • The template at templates/course/outline-list-small.php updated to reflect above changes. If you're overriding this template please review the changes and update accordingly
  • Fix issue preventing course auto advance on lesson completion
  • Shortcodes added within [lifterlms_hide_content] will now be processed

v3.5.0 - 2017-03-13

  • New course setting Retake Lessons allows students to mark lessons as "incomplete" after completing lessons. Admins may enable this site-wide setting under Settings -> Courses.
  • Course and Membership catalog per page settings will now only accept numbers
  • "Catalogs" settings tab has been split into "Course" and "Membership" settings
  • Settings added via filter lifterlms_catalogs_settings will be added to the "Course" settings tab and deprecated in the next major release
  • Default course and membership catalog courses per page changed to 9. Previous default was 10 which results in a 4th row on catalogs with only one item.
  • Tweaked size of LifterLMS admin tab menu items
  • Pass API Mode Context to links generated by LifterLMS payment gateways
  • Fixed typo on general settings screen
  • Moved LifterLMS Add-on Banners from General Settings to an Add-Ons menu
  • If required fields exist on checkout and are empty during free quick enrollment users will be redirected to the normal checkout page where they can enter required fields
  • Updated action scheduler lib to latest version. Minor changes, fixes compatibility with WooMemberships.
  • Recent activity stats widgets on general settings screen updated to be more reliable and accurate (and performant!)
  • Added 3 new widgets to enrollments reporting tab: courses completed, lessons completed, and user registrations

v3.4.8 - 2017-03-07

  • Tested to WordPress Version 4.7.3
  • Fixed undefined index notice on admin panel
  • Added a real description to new _nx() functions
  • Access plan trial periods now allow proper translations

v3.4.7 - 2017-03-03

  • Ensure run when the lifterlms_db_version option doesn't exist in the database

v3.4.6 - 2017-03-03

  • Fixed a text domain typo preventing translation of "Correct Answer" on quiz results screen
  • Ensure access plan "periods" are translatable
  • Now using date_i18n() for certificate dates so that dates are properly localized
  • Load plugin textdomain during init rather than plugins_loaded

v3.4.5 - 2017-02-23

  • Ensure free access plans are available to logged out users

v3.4.4 - 2017-02-22

  • Added a popup to warn students when leaving a quiz they've already started
  • Enable removal of student quiz attempts by admins from student reporting screens
  • Fix an undefined error on quiz reporting screens for incomplete quizzes
  • Display incomplete (abandoned) quizzes as incomplete (instead of as still running) on the quiz reporting screen
  • Prevent logged in users from bypassing membership restrictions for free members-only access plans

v3.4.3 - 2017-02-20

  • Fix issue with bbPress integration so that forums restricted to multiple memberships allow users of at least one membership that the forum is restricted to access topics within that forum
  • Ensure that the correct ajax url is used for quizzes, resolves issue for sites utilizing FORCE_SSL_ADMIN
  • Refactored database background update scripts for increased reliability & performance
  • Database update 3.3.0 moved to 3.4.3 in order to accommodate users who were unable to run the 3.3.0 update, please read the 3.4.3 database update notes for more information.
  • WIP: refactoring shortcodes to a more sane set of functions and classes

v3.4.2 - 2017-02-14

  • Backwards compatible css for tooltips

v3.4.1 - 2017-02-14

  • Password strength meter now functions correctly when using the [lifterlms_registration] shortcode
  • Ensure open registration with required voucher prevents registration with invalid vouchers
  • Lesson completion via quiz completion only recorded the first time the quiz is completed
  • Fix issue preventing membership catalog from obeying the catalog's ordering settings
  • Prevent duplicate engagements from being triggered
  • Admin tables can display percentages as a progress bar!
  • Students reporting table displays overall progress as a progress bar
  • Refactored frontend assets class to allow better management of inline scripts

v3.4.0 - 2017-02-10

  • Enrollment for free access plans has improved based on your feedback. For more information see
  • Upgraded Student Management Table for courses and memberships:
    • Allow searching students by name / email
    • Allow filtering of students by current status
    • Allow sorting of students by name, user id, status, and enrollment updated date
    • Added student's grade to the table (courses only)
    • Table pagination allows skipping to the first and last pages
    • Student names link to full student reporting screen
    • Student IDs added to the table. ID links to the WP User Edit screen which was previously accessible by clicking the student's name
    • Utilizing improved database queries for displaying data on the table
  • One-click bulk enrollment of all current members of a membership into an auto-enrollment course. More info here
  • Students reporting table pagination can now jump to first and last page
  • Students reporting table pagination now displays current page and total number of pages
  • Added new class LLMS_Student_Query which is modeled, loosely, off of the WP_User_Query and allows for querying student data in relation to courses
  • LLMS_Admin_Table abstract now supports filtering and jump to first and last page pagination options
  • llms_get_enrolled_students now utilizes LLMS_Student_Query and resolves a bug where some users returned by this query would be returned with the incorrect status.
  • Ensure LLMS_Course::has_prerequisite( 'course' ) & LLMS_Course::has_prerequisite( 'track' ) always return booleans
  • Made a small performance tweak for courses without audio / video embeds
  • Fix coupon expiration dates check to be more i18n friendly
  • Update LLMS_Coupon class to utilize 3.3.0 class property enhancements
  • added llms_current_time, a pluggable wrapper for current_time() to enable easier unit testing of date-related functions
  • Shortcodes within course restriction messages are now handled properly to output their intend content rather than the raw shortcode
  • Ensure the Page Attributes area is available on lessons so WordPress 4.7 custom post type page templates can be utilized

v3.3.1 - 2017-01-31

  • Tested up to WordPress core 4.7.2
  • Added new engagement triggers for Quiz completion, quiz failure, and quiz passed.
  • Refactored Lesson Completion for sanity
  • Added function llms_mark_complete() for simple programmatic completion of courses, sections, lessons, and tracks. See usage docs for more information.
  • Class function LLMS_Lesson::mark_complete() has been staged for deprecation. It will still function but developers should update code to use above function.
  • LifterLMS background updaters will now display a progress report on the admin panel to add some transparency to how the update is doing.
  • Added author support to llms_membership post type
  • Added a way to remove all LifterLMS-generated data during plugin uninstallation.
  • llms_get_post() will now work with any LifterLMS Post Model post types
  • Removed references to LLMS_Activate class which was removed back in 2.0.
  • Changed include method to session related classes for better handling via phpunit
  • Refactored some of the LLMS_Install class for reliability and test coverage
    • Changed order of table and option creation during installation. Prevents a database warning from being thrown during installation.
    • Added function for retrieving default difficulty categories added during installation
    • Added function for removing default categories added during installation
  • llms_are_terms_and_conditions_required() ensure the page id used in this function is an absint
  • Removed redundant function LLMS_Lesson::single_mark_complete_text()
  • Add css classes for buttons to be auto-width rather than the width of their containers
  • Fix ID of engagement email class. Allows some filters and actions to actually be used.
  • Properly display quiz failures as failures on the quiz results screen
  • loop/feature-image.php now works for unsupported PHP 5.5 and down
  • Fix issue with modifying section titles from within the course builder
  • Fix undefined warning resulting from admin notice "flash" being undefined on pre-existing saved notices
  • Updated template at templates/course/complete-lesson-link.php to include a few new CSS classes and utilize llms_form_field() to standardize buttons

v3.3.0 - 2017-01-23

  • New course option allows displaying the video embed in place of the featured image on course tiles displayed on the course catalog screen
  • Courses can now be exported individually or in bulk. Export of a course includes all course content, sections, lessons, and quizzes.
  • Courses can now be duplicated. Duplication duplicates all course content, sections, lessons, and quizzes.
  • Upon completion of the Setup Wizard a sample course can be automatically installed.
  • Postmeta keys for Lessons and Sections which denote their relationship to their parents have been renamed for consistency, database upgrade 330 included in this release will rename the keys automatically. Read more here
  • Update to LLMS_Post_Model to allow easier programmatic definition and handling of extending class properties
  • classes extending LLMS_Post_Model can now be serialized to json and converted to arrays programmatically
  • new function llms_get_post() allows easier instantiation of an LLMS_Post_Model instance
  • Added LifterLMS Database Version to the system report

v3.2.7 - 2017-01-16

  • Fix float conversion of large numbers with relation to coupon price adjustments

v3.2.6 - 2017-01-16

  • Tested up to WordPress Core 4.7.1
  • Fix the display of track-related engagements on the engagement admin screen
  • Fix float conversion of large numbers with relation to prices

v3.2.5 - 2017-01-10

  • New shortcode: [lifterlms_pricing_table] allows pricing table display outside of a course or membership. See for usage information.
  • New shortcode: [lifterlms_access_plan_button] allows custom buttons for individual access plans to be created outside of a pricing table. See for usage information.
  • ensure every return from llms_page_restricted is filtered. Thanks to @matthalliday
  • Ensure purchase page can only load for valid access plans
  • Course / Membership taxonomy archives now obey orders defined by their respective catalog settings
  • Fix language of automatic validation error message for numeric field types
  • Fix translation function error causing course syllabus to display incorrect "x of x" text
  • Added correct text domain to an i18n string displayed on the checkout confirmation screen, thanks @ymashev
  • Ensure search result pages are viewable by members and non members regardless of result membership restrictions (unless site is restricted to sitewide membership)

v3.2.4 - 2017-01-03

  • Fixed tooltips on lesson preview tiles (in course syllabus and on next/prev tiles inside lessons) to show the actual reason the lesson is inaccessible rather than always showing a generic enrollment message
  • Removed the language "You must enroll in this course to unlock this lesson" in favor of "You do not have permission to access to this content" as a restriction message fallback when no better message is available
  • "Quiz Results" title is now translatable
  • Removed deprecated JS file "llms-metabox-data.js" which controlled UI/X for 2.x subscription data on courses and memberships
  • Non LMS Content (pages, posts, forums, etc...) restricted to multiple memberships will now correctly allow users access to the content as long as they have access to at least one of the memberships
  • Fixed a redirect loop encountered if direct access to a lesson with an incomplete prerequisite was attempted

v3.2.3 - 2016-12-29

  • Progress and Grade are now sortable columns on the student reporting table
  • Make enrollment statuses translatable for courses and memberships on the Student Dashboard
  • "Sign Out" text on student dashboard is now translatable, thanks @yumashev
  • Fixed prerequisite lesson display on lesson post tables
  • Ensure post archive (blog) is visible regardless of post membership restrictions
  • Moved lesson post table management functions to their own class
  • Unused section post table management functions removed

v3.2.2 - 2016-12-21

  • Adds filter llms_student_dashboard_login_redirect allowing customization of the redirect upon login via the Student Dashboard
  • Adds a shortcode parameter, login_redirect to [lifterlms_my_account] allowing customization of the redirect upon login via the Student Dashboard
  • Adds a new tool under "Tools and Utilities" on the LifterLMS Settings screen which allows users to clear the cached student overall progress and overall grade data
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with the OptimizePress live editor
  • Adds a text domain to a translation function where none was present, rendering the string untranslatable

v3.2.1 - 2016-12-14

  • Fix operator position on is_complete check

v3.2.0 - 2016-12-13

LifterLMS Reporting Beta
  • Students overview displays broad information about your students in a searchable and sortable table
  • Review data about individual students including:
    • Membership enrollments and statuses
    • Course enrollments, status, and progress
    • Quiz attempts and and their submitted answers
    • Earned achievements and certificates
  • Sales and Enrollments analytics are now found under the "Reporting" screen
  • Feedback on the beta? Let us know at
Other Updates & Fixes
  • Lesson completion checks now look for at least one record of the completed lesson as opposed to looking for exactly one
  • Fix positioning of teacher avatar on course/membership tiles
  • Remove explicit color definition from Student Dashboard navigation links for greater theme compatibility

v3.1.7 - 2016-12-06

  • Added support for WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme
  • Improved the messaging and functions related to LifterLMS Sidebar support
  • Add alternate language for a quiz requiring 100% grade to pass
  • Added CSS class .llms-button-primaray to lesson "Mark as Complete" buttons
  • Add box-sizing css rule to LifterLMS form field elements. Fixes layout issues on themes that don't border-box everything.
  • Fix an issue that prevented the admin notice to enable/disable recurring payments from clearing when a button was pressed from screens other than the LLMS Settings screen
  • Fix next payment date error when viewing a cancelled recurring order on the student dashboard
  • Recurring payments now scheduled based on UTC time in accordance with the action scheduler which executes based on UTC rather than site timezone
  • Add existing lesson to course modal now relies on async search. Improves performance and prevents timeouts on sites with a 500+ lessons
  • Removed 2.x -> 3.x update notification message
  • Fix an issue with comment counting on PHP7
  • Updated action scheduler library to latest version

v3.1.6 - 2016-11-11

  • Handle empty responses on analytics more responsibly
  • Fix typo preventing completed orders from displaying in analytics when using course / membership filters
  • Quiz builder now leverages llmsSelect2 rather than select2 directly. Resolves a number of theme and plugin compatibility issues.
  • Prevent bullets and weird margins on LifterLMS notices with slightly more specific CSS
  • Login error messages will now display regardless of whether or not open registration is enabled
  • Attempts to access quizzes are redirected or error messages are output when student is not enrolled.

v3.1.5 - 2016-11-10

  • Fix Month display on Analytics Screen

v3.1.4 - 2016-11-10

  • Progress bars are slightly more intelligent to prevent a widowed "%" on themes with larger base font sizes
  • LifterLMS Merge code button only displays where it's supposed to now
  • Fix issue where users removed from a membership were not properly removed from courses they were auto-enrolled into because of that membership
  • Fix analytics screen JS parsing error

v3.1.3 - 2016-11-04

  • Added new action hooks to the course syllabus widget/shortcode template
  • Added a small text link on the student dashboard which links to the full courses list of the dashboard
  • Display order revenue for legacy orders instead of 0
  • Make the Order History table on the Student Dashboard responsive
  • Only display published courses on the student dashboard
  • Fixes a conflict with WP Seo Premium's redirect manager which was creating access plan redirects
  • Reenable course review options on the admin panel
  • Updates review output method so reviews are now output via a removeable action

v3.1.2 - 2016-10-31

  • Update all course and lesson templates to rely only on global $post rather than on $course and $lesson globals which are working inconsistently across environments
  • Fix typo related to the line-height of LifterLMS order notes on the admin panel. Thanks @edent!

v3.1.1 - 2016-10-28

  • Shortcode [lifterlms_hide_content] has some new functionality. See documentation for usage and more information!
  • Fix logic when determining if terms and condition checkboxes should be displayed on checkout & open registration.
  • Define a placeholder on the Terms & Conditions page selection so it can be removed
  • Explicitly declare LLMS_Lesson on lesson audio/video embed templates instead of relying the global $lesson. Some environments appear to be losing the global.
  • Removed unused lesson template "full-description"

v3.1.0 - 2016-10-27

  • New engagement triggers available to allow engagements to be fired when a student enrolls into a course or membership!
  • Add custom email addresses for to, cc, and bcc when sending email engagements
  • New Merge Code button for easy merging of custom merge codes when creating emails
  • Added post table data for LifterLMS Engagements
  • Added new filter llms_email_engagement_date_format which allows customization of the format of the {current_date} merge code available in LifterLMS Emails
  • Added explicit max width declaration to images within LLMS Catalogs to prevent image overflow. Fixes some theme compatibility issues.
  • Optimize course and lesson audio video templates for faster loads
  • Fix course & lesson video to load videos instead of duplicating audio embeds
  • Fix coupon usage query so that coupons cannot be used more than the maximum number of times. Also now displays the correct number of coupons used on the coupons post table.
  • Fix LLMS Engagement Email merge codes to work in subject line

v3.0.4 - 2016-10-20

  • Added shortcode [lifterlms_login] so the login form can be displayed. Information usage at
  • Added internal function LLMS_Student->get_name()
  • Three basic course difficulties will be automatically created on installation and upgrades
  • Updated course difficulty save methods to rely only on the taxonomy rather than the taxonomy and postmeta table
  • Updated admin settings screens to only flush rewrite rules on screens where it is necessary to update rewrites
  • Fix issue with customization of LifterLMS account endpoint URLs
  • Fix a conflict with Redirection url monitoring that was causing redirects to be created from Courses and Memberships to the site home page automatically whenever updating the post
  • Fix an undefined index warning on courses / memberships when updating post data
  • Remove confusing and invalid warning message from Membership post screen on admin panel

v3.0.3 - 2016-10-17

  • Added filter llms_show_preview_excerpt which can be used to hide the excerpt on course syllabus or next/back preview tiles in lesson navigation
  • Fix logic so that only free lessons are marked as free lessons post 3.0 upgrade
  • Fix incorrect display of the "restricted" and "non-restricted" content areas for memberships
  • Fix undefined index warning output by membership metaboxes
  • Fix dead like under "Force SSL" checkout setting
  • Course & Membership tiles output by course or membership shortcodes now automatically match column heights like the default catalogs do.
  • Correctly register students as the "Student" Role
  • Database Upgrade script converts users with the role "studnet" to "student"

v3.0.2 - 2016-10-14

  • Added action lifterlms_before_student_dashboard_tab
  • Added action lifterlms_after_student_dashboard_greeting
  • Added action lifterlms_after_student_dashboard_tab
  • Added action lifterlms_sd_before_membership
  • Added action lifterlms_sd_after_membership
  • Fix membership shortcode
  • Fix issue that prevented "Student Dashboard" from rendering if the page was set as the child of another page
  • Fix undefined function error in admin notices
  • Fix nonce errors resulting from admin notice html being served from the database rather than being dynamically generated
  • Fix db upgrade script which was enabling course time period for restrictions for all courses regardless of their pre 3.0 restriction settings
  • Fix db upgrade script that was causing empty sale dates to show start of unix epoch b/c they were empty strings
  • Fix Javascript parse error preventing section & lesson editing from within the course outline on the admin panel
  • Fix lesson icons from highlighting lesson settings like drip delay & quiz association
  • Updated course outline color scheme to match the 3.0 admin color scheme overhaul
  • LLMS_Lesson::get_assigned_quiz() will output deprecation warnings for those using debug mode. LLMS core no longer uses this function and will be deprecated in the next major release.
  • Handle enrollment status of legacy orders based on enrollment rather than enrollment AND order status

v3.0.1 - 2016-10-13

  • Properly prefix llms_is_ajax() to prevent 500 errors when leaving HTTPS forced checkout screen
  • Fix student unenrollment from memberships which was leaving a trace of enrollment in the user_meta table
  • Update student dashboard nav list items to have more specific no styles to prevent "double discs" on various themes
  • Return course progress bar and "continue" button which was accidentally removed
  • Added core support for "Divi" theme sidebars

v3.0.0 - 2016-10-10

This is a massive update which breaks backwards compatibility for many LifterLMS features. A database migration is also necessary for upgrading users to reformat certain pieces of information which are being accessed differently in 3.0.0

We strongly recommend that you backup your website before upgrading and, if possible, test LifterLMS 3.0.0 in a non-public-facing testing environment to ensure compatibility with your theme and other plugins and to ensure that 3.0.0 changes do not adversely affect your existing website.

Please thoroughly read the following changelog and, if necessary, submit support tickets or post in the forums with any questions prior to upgrading. LifterLMS Support cannot and will not manually resolve migration issues which may arise from upgrading to 3.0.0.

  • New shortcodes to be documented later, checkout "includes/class.llms.shortcodes.php" if you're feeling anxious
  • All kinds of CSS changes to make LifterLMS, in general, be a little less old looking
  • Added a number of CSS classes to various areas in the Checkout template at "templates/checkout/form-checkout.php"
  • Added a "Cancel" button that allows you to hide the coupon form if the user decides not to add a coupon
  • Removed jQuery animations from the coupon form toggle in favor of a CSS class toggle. If you decide you want some animations on the form add some CSS transitions to the .llms-coupon-entry element (and children) to change when the class .active is added or removed from the element.
  • Refactored JavaScript related to LifterLMS Checkout. Improvements are minimal (if any) but the file is now smaller and more readable! Yay code stuff.
  • Fixed some redundant text on single payment confirmation screen. ("Single payment of single payment of")
  • Added a link to memberships listed under "My Memberships" on the LifterLMS Account Screen
  • LifterLMS Order posts have been renamed in the database from "order" to "llms_order" to prevent any potential conflicts with other plugins. Automated database migration will handle the renaming of old orders.
  • Fixed undefined variable notice generated by Sections without any lessons inside of them
  • renamed function add_query_var_product_id() to llms_add_query_var_product_id()
  • added a class for interacting with a course TRACK, instantiated by a track term or term_id (LLMS_Track)
  • password strength meter and related settings / options via utilizing WordPress password strength functions available
  • cleaned up the lesson locked tooltips to be a bit more sane and also utilized in course navigation on individual lessons.
  • Updated admin menus for LifterLMS content to be more sane and organized and intuitive and so on and so forth
Payment Gateways

NOTE: at this release, LifterLMS PayPal is the only payment gateway that will work with this release. We haven't started working on Stripe 4.0.0 which will work with LifterLMS 3.0.0

  • Payment gateways powered by a new abstract gateway class
  • PayPal has been removed from LifterLMS and is available as premium extension
Frontend Notices
  • LifterLMS "Notices" have been rewritten, slightly.
  • Most templates have been updated
  • associated CSS has been updated
  • Some sanity has been added to the related functions
Post "Model" Concept / Overhaul

Updated classes for programmatically accessing all sorts of data related to custom post types registered by LifterLMS.

These post types currently include:

  • Access Plans -- a non-public post type associated with courses and memberships which store payment related information
  • Coupons (replaces includes/
  • Courses (replaces includes/class.llms.course.php)
  • Lessons (replaces includes/class.llms.lesson.php)
  • Memberships
  • Orders (replaces includes/class.llms.order.php
  • Products -- can be instantiated from courses or memberships (replaces includes/class.llms.product.php)
  • Transaction -- a non-public post type associated with orders which store completed/attempted transaction data
Improved admin metabox methods (and related)
  • Updated custom LifterLMS Admin Metaboxes to have a more sane programmatic interface. This affects nearly all admin metabox classes in the plugin.
  • A set of methods and classes have been added to improve the programmatic interface around custom post type post tables. These can be found in "includes/admin/post-types/post-tables"
  • New class LLMS_Coupon allows for easy getting & setting of coupon data.
  • Updated coupon post table to include relevant coupon information for all coupons at a glance
  • Refactored admin panel coupon metabox generation to utilize new model for saving data
  • Added translation functions to all strings in coupon settings screen
  • Added new coupon settings
    • Expiration Date -- coupons cannot be applied to a purchase after the expiration date
    • Payment Type -- coupons can only be applied to either single or recurring payment plans. Existing coupons will be treated as single payment coupons until updated by the Admin.
    • First Payment Discount -- Applies only to recurring payment coupons. Determines the discount applied to the first payment of a recurring payment transaction.
    • Recurring Payments Discount -- Applies only to recurring payment coupons. Determines the discount applied all payments (other than the first) of a recurring payment transaction.
    • Description -- Record internal notes for a coupon visible only by admins on the admin panel
  • The "Coupon Code" field has been removed in favor of the WordPress Coupon Post Title being utilized as the code. After upgrading, an automated database migration will move all coupon code fields to the title. The title previously functioned as the coupon description. During the migration the existing title will be moved to the new description field.
  • Added Order Statuses
    • Completed - Single payment only. Denotes a successful transaction
    • Active - Recurring only. Denotes the subscription is active with no issues
    • Expired - Recurring only. Denotes the subscription has ended and is no longer active
    • Refunded - Denotes the order has been refunded.
    • Cancelled - Denotes the order has been cancelled manually by an admin.
    • Failed - Denotes payment has failed. For subscriptions a failed payment will switch from "active" to "failed"
    • Pending - Denotes that the order has been created but payment has not been completed yet
  • Admin panel order table new features:
    • The following columns are now sortable in ascending and descending orders: Order, Product, and Date
    • Added totals based on order type (single or recurring) to the "Total" column
    • Added an order status column for quick status review
  • Order notes available for internal and system notes. powered by WP comments. lots of inspiration (and code) from WooCommerce, thank you <3
  • Added a bunch of currency settings (as well as right-side currency and decimal-less currency support!)
New Templates
  • Pricing Table at "templates/product/pricing-table.php" utilized by courses and memberships for displaying access plan information. Replaces "templates/membership/purchase-link.php" and "templates/course/purchase-link.php"
  • Course Taxonomy Templates at "templates/course/categories.php", "templates/course/tags.php", and "templates/course/tracks.php" display comma separated lists for course custom taxonomy terms
  • Course Prerequisite Template at "templates/course/prerequisites.php" displays prerequisite information (course and tracks) for a given course.
  • Meta Wrapper templates at "templates/course/meta-wrapper-end.php" and "templates/course/meta-wrapper-start.php" wrap some HTML around various meta data output about a course
  • Significantly updated checkout process with all kinds of new templates including:
    • templates/checkout/form-gateways.php
    • templates/checkout/form-summary.php
  • Unified "Lesson Preview" at "templates/course/lesson-preview.php" displays "buttons" in course syllabus (on course page) and in course navigation (on lesson pages)
  • Various template hook priority changes in order to make adding content between default LifterLMS areas easier
Deleted Templates
  • templates/checkout/form-checkout-cc.php
  • templates/checkout/form-pricing.php
New & Updated Admin Interfaces & Templates
  • Significantly improved, changed, or brand new templates for metaboxes for various post types:
    • templates/admin/post-types/order-details.php
    • templates/admin/post-types/order-transactions.php
    • templates/admin/post-types/product-access-plan.php
    • templates/admin/post-types/product.php
New Functions
  • llms_confirm_payment_url() - Retrieve the URL used for confirming LifterLMS Payments
  • llms_cancel_payment_url() - Retrieve the URL users are directed to when cancelling a payment
Install Script
  • Removed some legacy default options that were being created and are no longer required for new installations.
  • Removed unused update_courses_archive() function & related hook

Now utilizing a forked version of Select2 to prevent 3.5.x conflicts we've been plagued with

  • Removed filter lifterlms_get_price_html, use lifterlms_get_single_price_html instead
  • Removed unused LLMS_Product->get_price_suffix_html() function
  • Removed LLMS_Product->set_price_html_as_value() because we didn't like it anymore, don't use anything instead.
  • Removed add_query_var_course_id() function
  • Removed displaying_sidebar_in_post_types() function with the LLMS_Sidebars::replace_default_sidebars() function
  • Filter lifterlms_order_process_pending_redirect has been replaced with lifterlms_order_process_payment_redirect
  • Action lifterlms_order_process_begin has been deprecated
  • Removed lifterlms_order_process_complete action
  • Replaced LLMS_Course::check_enrollment() with various new utilities. See llms_is_user_enrolled() for fastest use.
  • Officially removed the LLMS_Language class
  • Officially removed the PluginUpdateChecker class stubs we created to prevent updating issues with LifterLMS extensions during our transition to 2.0.0. This library has caused nothing but pain for everyone on our team and many of our users. It's gone now, forever.
  • Removed function lifterlms_template_single_price() and replaced with lifterlms_template_pricing_table()
  • Removed templates at "includes/course/price.php" and "includes/membership/price.php" in favor of "includes/product/pricing-table.php"
  • Removed LLMS_Person::create_new_person() in favor of LLMS_Person_Handler::register() or llms_create_new_person()
  • Removed LLMS_Person->set_user_login_timestamp_on_register() and are simply adding the metadata during registration
  • Removed lifterlms_register_post action hook which fired after new user registration validation, this has been replaced with lifterlms_user_registration_after_validation
  • Removed lifterlms_new_person_data and lifterlms_new_person_address filters, replaced with lifterlms_user_registration_data
  • Removed LLMS_Person::login_user() in favor of LLMS_Person_Handler::login()
  • background updater
  • system report facelift + inclusion of all new settings via LLMS_Data class
  • Fix setup wizard styles to follow update admin panel styles
  • add links to last step of setup wizard for documentation and demo
  • removed a bunch of deprecated coupon-related functions
  • added a "force ssl" option to ensure checkout is secured
  • added settings and options around recurring payments and staging sites to prevent duplicate charges when testing on a cloned site
  • Check course restrictions automatically when checking lesson
  • Added user_id to all access function checks to allow for checks for non current user
  • course restriction messages display regardless of enrollment status
  • check memberships and lock purchase of members only access plans
  • Fixed titles of course closed and open messages on the course restrictions options
  • record a start date for access plans based off when order moves to complete or active for the first time
  • automatically expire limited access plans
  • gave a quick facelift & unification to a lot of admin panel elements
  • Color consistency updated according to LLMS brand guide
  • Unified front and backend button classes
  • Updated all frontend buttons to have consistent classes
  • Removed the "FREE" lesson SVG in favor of simple text which allows translating
  • Install & activation overhauls. Resolves #179
  • jQuery MatchHeight lib unignored
  • A bunch of settings pages updated and a bunch of settings deprecated
  • Gateways setting page removed
  • Memberships & Courses page combined into "Catalogs" settings
  • Added a data getting class used by the tracker class
  • added a new page creation function with better intelligence that (hopefully) prevents duplicate pages from being created during core page installation
  • new default country setting
  • all order status changes recorded as order notes
  • pending orders can be completed after failed payments
  • better handling for gateways with fields
  • JS spinners support multiples via start & stop!
  • Updated (and semi-finished) analytics
  • achievement metabox converted
  • minor updates to voucher class
  • Added a "post state" visible on the Pages posts table identifying if the page is saved as a LifterLMS page (EG: Checkout Page)
  • Fixed copy/paste error of duplicate enrollment closed message on course restrictions tab
  • Removed WC integration in favor of WC
  • Upgrade "back to course" template to new lesson API
  • Renamed course/parent_course.php to course/parent-course.php for template naming consistency
  • use strict when auto generating usernames when creating from email addresses, resolves #182
3.0.0 Auto Upgrader
  • lots of postmeta data rekeyed
  • intelligently generated defaults for various pieces of new meta data on courses, lessons, and memberships
  • automatically generate access plans from existing course and membership data
  • update existing orders to pull semi-accurate data into analytics based on new database structure
  • cleans database of a ton of deprecated options and postmeta data
  • function llms_is_user_member(), use llms_is_user_enrolled() instead
  • function llms_check_course_date_restrictions()
  • function quiz_restricted()
  • function membership_page_restricted()
  • function is_topic_restricted()
  • function llms_get_post_memberships()
  • function llms_get_parent_post_memberships()
  • function parent_page_restricted_by_membership()
  • function outstanding_prerequisite_exists()
  • function find_prerequisite()
  • function llms_get_course_enrolled_date()
  • function llms_get_lesson_start_date()
  • function lesson_start_date_in_future()
  • function page_restricted_by_membership_alert()
  • function llms_does_user_memberships_contain_course()
  • class LLMS_Checkout
  • function LLMS()->checkout()
Auto Enrollment
  • Course auto enrollment for Memberships has been restored
  • Works exactly the same as previously except auto-enrollment is not dependent on a course "belonging to" the membership via membership restrictions. This is because membership restrictions no longer apply to courses
  • Charts! I'm really excited about this. I know we still need more data but please say nice things to me, I worked really hard on these little charts.
  • Updated styles & interface
  • Restrict individual forums (and their topics) to LifterLMS Membership levels
  • Fixes broken course display on bp profile
  • Adds memberships subpage to bp profile
  • Admin notices class for managing admin notices, it's pretty neat!
Student Management on Courses and Memberships
  • All new and improved student management interface for managing student enrollments from courses and memberships
  • filter: llms_meta_fields_course_main, replace with llms_metabox_fields_lifterlms_course_options
Manual Payments
  • Manual Payment Gateway can now be enabled on the frontend!
  • When a manual payment is recorded the user will be redirected to a view order page where they will be prompted to make a manual payment
  • Define the payment instructions on the admin panel "Checkout Settings"
  • Once you verify payment, head to the pending order and hit the "Record a Manual Payment" button to record the transaction
  • Upon recording the order status will be upgraded to "Complete" and the user will be enrolled automatically
Student Dashboard Upgrades
  • More sane template hooks and functions
  • Pagination on Courses endpoint (view only a preview on the main dashboard)
  • Orders history & view orders screens!

Deprecated options (and related functions where applicable) for the following course & membership options:

  • lifterlms_button_purchase_membership_custom_text
  • lifterlms_course_display_outline_lesson_thumbnails
  • lifterlms_course_display_author
  • lifterlms_course_display_banner
  • lifterlms_course_display_difficulty
  • lifterlms_course_display_length
  • lifterlms_course_display_categories
  • lifterlms_course_display_tags
  • lifterlms_course_display_tracks
  • lifterlms_lesson_nav_display_excerpt
  • lifterlms_course_display_outline
  • lifterlms_course_display_outline_titles
  • lifterlms_course_display_outline_lesson_thumbnails
  • lifterlms_display_lesson_complete_placeholders
  • redirect_to_checkout

In all scenarios either a add_filter (returning false) or a remove_action() can be used to replicate the option.

v3.0.0-beta.4 - 2016-09-01

  • fix issue with course prereq checks
  • next payment due date visible on order admin view
  • trial end date visible on order admin view
Free Access Plans
  • "Free" access plans now defined as such based on a checkbox rather than by entering 0 into the price
  • Only single payment access plans can be free (a free recurring payment makes no sense but we can certainly discuss this if you disagree with me)
  • trials are disabled with free plans (because trials only apply to recurring plans)
  • sales are disabled for free access plans
Checkout Form JS API
  • unified JS checkout handler
  • allows extensions to enqueue validation or pre-submission JS functions that should run prior to checkout form submission
Manual Payment Gateway
  • handles purchase of access plans marked ar FREE & orders that are discounted to 100% via coupons
Open Enrollment
  • Open Enrollment allows users to register on the account dashboard without purchasing a course
  • Voucher settings are available to customize whether vouchers should be optional or required during open registration
  • Better error reporting around voucher usage during enrollment
Deprecated Functions
  • llms_get_coupon()
  • get_section_id()
  • check_course_capacity()
  • Updated admin metaboxes to use new metabox abstract class
  • display 0 instead of negative attempts on quiz summary
  • updated logic in start button template
Emails (for engagements)
  • Admin metabox updated to new API
  • Postmeta data migration:
    • _email_subject renamed to _llms_email_subject
    • _email_heading renamed to _llms_email_heading

v2.7.12 - 2016-09-22

  • Added a new filter on content returned after port permission checks
  • Added additional information to plugin update message in preparation for major 3.0 release
  • Updated plugin contributor metadata

v2.7.11 - 2016-07-22

  • Removed a duplicate action hook on course archive loop.
  • Switched registration template include to use a more sane function
  • Added updated banner adds with prettier ones. Wooooooo.

v2.7.10 - 2016-07-19

  • Fix undefined noticed related to LifterLMS custom post type archive filtering
  • Fix filter which was supposed to allow custom engagement types to be queried & triggered by engagements automatically but was passing data incorrectly

v2.7.9 - 2016-07-11

  • We are now properly storing delayed engagement trigger data.
  • Fixed an issue with our engagement query functions that caused, in very rare circumstances, the extra engagements to be triggered during an engagement trigger due to a lack of specificity in our query
  • Fixed an undefined property notice related to email engagements when the email had no subject or header
  • Fixed a typo in the description of a translation function.
  • Added an engagement debug logging function. You can log all sorts of data related to engagements by adding define( 'LLMS_ENGAGEMENT_DEBUG', true ); to your wp-config.php file.
  • Allow course title shortcode to be used on course pages (and quizzes too). Documentation incorrectly said it was available on courses so we've fixed the function to allow for use on courses.

v2.7.8 - 2016-07-05

  • Bugfix: Restore access to quiz results on quiz completion

v2.7.7 - 2016-07-01

  • LifterLMS is now 100% Translated into Russian thanks to our new Russian Translation Editor @kellerpt
  • All transition messages between questions during a Quiz are now translatable.
  • LifterLMS subpages below the LifterLMS icon on the admin panel will now always display regardless of how you've chosen to translate the menu items. Hopefully puts to rest a long-standing i18n issue.
Bug fixes
  • Attempting to access a quiz when not enrolled in the associated course and having not properly started the quiz now results in a useful error message rather than a PHP warning.
  • We've adjusted the way we're adding a admin panel "separator" to reduce conflicts with other plugins that have menu items with the same position as our separator (51).
  • Added new logic to display an error message (instead of nothing) if there's an error during question loading.
  • Resolve issue with course progress bar when added to a quiz sidebar (assuming your theme has sidebar support on your quizzes).
  • Updated version number in the changelog for last version (it was supposed to be 2.7.6)

v2.7.6 - 2016-06-28

  • Students manually removed by Memberships by using the "Students" tab of a LifterLMS Membership will now be fully removed from the membership.
  • Updated a few time-related strings to be l18n friendly. These items were all around Quiz time reporting and quiz time limits.
  • Updated testing information, tested up to WP 4.5.3
  • Fixed date of last release on changelog. It had the wrong date. Does that really matter?
  • Updated readme.txt description area, we have a new youtube video! Yassss.

v2.7.5 - 2016-06-13

New features
  • Added an "id" parameter to both LifterLMS Courses and LifterLMS Memberships shortcodes
  • Allow date translation on quiz results screen by using date_i18n() instead of date()
  • Allow date translation on my courses screen by using date_i18n() instead of date()
  • Ensure course status "Enrolled" is translatable on my courses screen
  • Thanks to @kjohnson who fixed undefined index warnings & errors which occurred when viewing the last lesson in a section when the next section contained no lessons.
  • Resolved an issue where formatting for "Restricted Access Description" course content would not display proper formatting.
  • Fixed an issue with the "FREE" stamp for a free lesson caused layout issues.
  • Removed the "is-complete" css class from incorrectly being added to lesson preview tiles for free lessons
  • Fix an escaping issue when rendering Course titles inside LifterLMS notices. Prevents "'s" from displaying when "'s" should be displaying (and similar issues).

v2.7.4 - 2016-05-26

  • Fixed a bug with the new localization methods from 2.7.3
  • Removed bundled it_IT translation files in favor of official language pack available at
  • Removed bundled en_US translation files because LifterLMS is in English so the files are unnecessary.
  • Fixed a few mis-labeled filters applied when registering LifterLMS Custom Post Types
  • Adjusted the default supported features of LifterLMS Quizzes and Questions
    • Quizzes now support custom fields as per user request
    • Commenting, thumbnails, and excerpts are no longer "supported" as they were never intended to be and were never correctly implemented.
      • If you are relying on any of these features for your quizzes or questions please use the following filters to re-implement these features: lifterlms_register_post_type_quiz or lifterlms_register_post_type_question. These will allow you filter the default arguments LifterLMS passes to the WordPress function register_post_type()

v2.7.3 - 2016-05-23

  • Added a separate filter for login redirects lifterlms_login_redirect and added the user_id as a second parameter available to the filter
  • Added second parameter to lifterlms_registration_redirect to allow access to the registered users's user_id
  • Fixed a timestamp conversion issue on Course sale price checks that caused indefinite sales (those with no date restrictions) to appear not on sale during certain periods of time. The period would differ depending on the server's timezone settings and the time of visit.
  • Added a "Pointer" when hovering quiz summary accordion to allow for a slightly more obvious user experience that the elements are expandable.
  • Added some new localization methods to ensure strings that only appear in Javascript files will be translator friendly. This initially fixes a few issues on the Quiz Summary page and during quiz taking where strings only appeared in Javascript and were, therefore, completely inaccessible to translators.

v2.7.2 - 2016-05-19

  • In course syllabus widget & shortcodes free lessons will now be clickable links.
  • Record llms_last_login timestamp in usermeta when a user registers.

v2.7.1 - 2016-05-09

Enrollment & Voucher Checks
  • Enrollment functions will now automatically check to ensure that users are not already enrolled in a course or membership before enrolling. This addresses an issue which would create double enrollment for user redeeming a voucher for a product they were already enrolled in.
  • Vouchers will now automatically check to see if the user has already redeemed this voucher before allowing the user to redeem it. This would have caused multiple enrollments and would allow one user to eat up an entire voucher by using it over and over again for funsies. A voucher can now only be redeemed once by a user as intended.
  • llms_is_user_enrolled() now allows developers to check membership enrollment. Previously this function would only check enrollment of Courses despite what the documentation stated.
  • 3 strings have had translation functions added to them. This makes LifterLMS voucher redemptions translatable!
Bugs & Fixes
  • Fix javascript dependency & enqueueing issue on admin panel which prevented LifterLMS settings from saving correctly in various places
  • Removed inline CSS from "next lesson button" on quiz completion / summary screen. This was overriding some default styles and making the button very thin and gross.

v2.7.0 - 2016-05-05

LifterLMS Custom User Fields Exposed
  • Custom fields added during registration via LifterLMS account settings are now exposed on the admin panel via the student's WordPress user profile
  • All custom fields that are available (billing and phone) are editable on the WordPress user profile by anyone with profile edit access regardless of LifterLMS settings. If the settings are disabled (eg not required for registration) you can still add this information manually to a user's profile. This is useful if you require the information and then disable it later, you would still be able to access the information on the admin panel but would no longer be required for user's during registration.
  • A few new filters added to help developers customize the experience here. Check out the documentation at
Membership Manual Add & Remove Student Functions
  • Duplicated "Students" tab from the Course admin screen to Memberships
    • Students can be manually added to a membership by an admin
    • Students can be removed manually from a membership by an admin
  • Added the ability for students to edit their phone number via their account settings page if the phone number registration option is enabled on the site.
  • Fixed a few spelling errors on LifterLMS admin panel order screens
  • Fixed a typo on meta data for LifterLMS admin created (manual) orders

v2.6.3 - 2016-05-02

  • Removed redirecting action from WooCommerce integration that was causing issues on multiple product purchase checkouts with larger databases.
  • Added a new payment action lifterlms_order_complete which runs at the same time as some previous actions during payment processing but servers a different purpose. This is mostly in preparation for a forthcoming AffiliateWP integration.
  • Fixed an issue with LifterLMS certificate background image that caused the wrong dimensions to be returned when outputting a LifterLMS certificate background image

v2.6.2 - 2016-04-27

  • Fix class conflict in collapsible course outline widget template which caused some UX issues.
  • Added new filters run during course & lesson sidebar registration to allow customization of LifterLMS sidebars
    • lifterlms_register_course_sidebar
    • lifterlms_register_lesson_sidebar
  • Removed a stray logging function.
  • Cleaned up some undefined variable warnings & notices on the quiz summary template
  • Fixed an issue appearing when registering users did not submit the optional phone number which caused a PHP notice
  • LifterLMS Orders generated by WooCommerce will now have a payment method of "WooCommerce". This also addresses an undefined notice produced during WooCommerce order completion because a LifterLMS Payment Method wasn't being defined.

v2.6.1 - 2016-04-26

  • Fix class conflict in collapsible course outline widget template which caused some UX issues.

v2.6.0 - 2016-04-25

Collapsible Course Outline Widget
  • By request we've added an option to make your course outline widgets collapsible!
  • View feature Documentation
  • New translations available related to feature. I think it's 4 strings.
Bug Fixes
  • Removed an unused CSS selector that caused some issues on the admin panel. This resolves an issue identified with the Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin. The selector was very generic (.title) and may have caused issues with other themes or plugins using that class.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented post update, save, and publishing messages for core post types (posts, pages) from displaying properly.

v2.5.1 - 2016-04-22

  • Fixed session handler initialization as it was being initialized prior to user data availability.
  • Staged LLMS_Language class for deprecation in favor of WordPress translation functions __(), _e(), etc... If you're a developer you'll start seeing warning's on screen or in your logs if you're using this function, it will be completely removed in the next MAJOR release (3.0.0)
  • Added a new function to handle the deprecation warning above (llms_deprecated_function) and now that we have this function we'll start deprecating all the things. Just kidding, or am I?
  • This gives translators access to 69 new strings that were previously untranslatable! However, this number might be inaccurate +/- 5 strings. I only counted it once and I don't feel like the exact number is important enough for a recount to ensure accuracy. /shrug

v2.5.0 - 2016-04-15

Admin Panel Order Table Updates

  • Several visual improvements to the table
  • Exposed the following fields on the table
    • Order number
    • Customer name (with a link to their WP profile)
    • Customer email (mailto link)
    • Payment gateway used (this is filterable per gateway as well so gateways can improve the functionality here in the future)
  • Added a link to the product edit page from the product column
  • Free orders will now display as "Free" as opposed to {currency}0.00
  • Removed the not-so-useful "Order" column which was a long ugly string of data that was displayed in other columns already
  • Removed the "Password Protected" flag since all orders are always automatically password protected for added security. This flag distracts from the interface so we've removed it. Orders are still password protected though.
  • Numerous strings that were previously not translatable have been made translatable on this screen
  • A few new strings that previously didn't exist are now available for translation

Fixes and other small changes

  • Fixed a translation issue on the LifterLMS menu that we thought we fixed in the last release but have now really fixed (probably).
  • Fixed a few small issues with engagements as they related to external engagements triggered by other plugins and LifterLMS extensions.
  • Tired of seeing a banner for a plugin you've already installed? We have your back! The general settings area will now only display banners for plugins that aren't installed.
  • Fixed various javascript issues, mostly removed console.log() statements.
  • Fixed a spelling error on the membership admin panel settings screen

v2.4.1 - 2016-04-07

  • Tested and compatible with WordPress 4.5 Release Candidate.
  • Fixed a pagination issue related to updates to the quiz builder from 2.4.0 which would cause results to return incorrect results on the last page of paginated results in the "Add Question" dropdown.
  • Added translation functions to LifterLMS Menu Items. Resolves an issue where translated LifterLMS installations might not see all the menu items under the LifterLMS Icon.
  • Italian translation updates courtesy of @AndreaBarghigiani
  • On some themes the "Next Lesson" button was displayed while quizzes were being taken. We now always hide the next lesson button when a quiz is being taken.
  • Adjusted some static functions to be non static in
  • Added a function to ensure support for post thumbnails on LifterLMS custom post types
  • If a user views a course that is available to them because it belongs to a membership level they are a member of, course pricing information will no longer be visible. This addresses a confusing user experience issue. Previously it appeared like payment for a course was still required even though it really wasn't.
  • Fixed undefined variable warning on quiz summary screen
  • Resolve an issue with quiz timer that caused issues on time display if the time limit was set to a fraction of a minute (eg 1.5 minutes)
  • resolved an undefined variable warning resulting from courses still holding a reference to a membership after the membership has been deleted or trashed

v2.4.0 - 2016-03-29

Performance Improvements on the LifterLMS Quiz Builder
  • Completely rewrote Javascript associated with building a LifterLMS Quiz. Our users have been identifying some performance issues and slowness when working with larger databases. We've refactored the Javascript and our related database queries to allow faster quiz building and fewer timeouts when working in the quiz builder.
  • Fixed a bunch of undefined variables that would produce PHP warnings in various quiz templates
  • Added validation to quiz questions on the admin panel to prevent the same question from being added to a quiz multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented quizzes from correctly marking the lesson as completed when the quiz was passed.
  • Added three new actions now available for developers to hook into.
    • lifterlms_quiz_completed called upon completion of a quiz (regardless of grade)
    • lifterlms_quiz_passed called when a quiz is completed with a passing grade
    • lifterlms_quiz_failed called when a quiz is completed with a failing grade
  • Course Progress and Course Syllabus shortcodes (and widgets) now work on Quiz pages
  • Completed Metabox refactor for the LifterLMS Quiz post type and removed LLMS_Meta_Box_Quiz_General class. All functions now exist in LLMS_Meta_Box_Quiz
  • Added validation to the Quiz general settings
    • Cannot only enter numbers in attempts, percentage, and time limit fields
    • Cannot enter a negative number or a number greater than 100 in the percentage field
  • Removed the membership restriction metabox from quiz admin and question admin screens
Other fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple certificates awarded for the same Course or Lesson to not properly display on the My Account page.
  • Removed an event bound to the publishing of a LifterLMS Question that called a function that didn't exist and caused a Javascript error on the console (but didn't actually cause any problems)
  • Removed a warning message that would display on sidebars when a shortcode was being displayed in a place that it couldn't function. We now simply don't display any content if the shortcode can't function.
  • Resolved an issue that prevent users from "purchasing" products when using a 100% coupon and the Stripe payment gateway. Users experiencing this issue should also update to Stripe 3.0.1.
  • Fixed an AJAX related issue that was incompatible with PHP7
  • Added the ability to have a "max" value on LifterLMS Admin Metabox number fields

v2.3.0 - 2016-03-24

Engagements Refactoring (lots of bugfixes, performance improvements, more hook & filter friendly)
  • We've completely rewritten the LifterLMS Engagement Handler methods (class LLMS_Engagements) and added some new engagement actions.
  • The rewrite unifies engagement handling into one function that can be easily hooked into by plugin and theme developers.
  • We've moved any engagement related data out of the main LifterLMS class
  • Fixed the broken engagement delay functionality which now runs of wp_schedule_single_event. This makes the function more reliable and also keeps it within the traditional WordPress architecture.
  • Added an additional check before sending emails or triggering any engagements that will prevent the achievement from being awarded or the email from being sent if the post is in not published. This fixes an issue that caused emails in the trash from still being emailed.
  • Removed the unused LLMS_Engagements class and file
  • Added two new engagement trigger events "Membership Purchased" and "Course Purchased"
  • Deprecated actions -- Removes some redundancy because the triggering actions (lifterlms_course_completed triggered the notification action, instead lifterlms_course_completed simply triggers the engagement now).
    • lifterlms_lesson_completed_notification
    • lifterlms_section_completed_notification
    • lifterlms_course_completed_notification
    • lifterlms_course_track_completed_notification
    • lifterlms_course_completed_notification
    • lifterlms_user_purchased_product_notification
    • lifterlms_created_person_notification
Bug and Issue fixes
  • Adjusted the size of the LifterLMS Admin Menu Icon. It was super big because of, perhaps, some overcompensation. It caused an issue on Gravity Forms admin pages for some reason (we didn't ever determine why) but we've resolved it by using an appropriately sized icon.
  • Fixed a CSS issue that caused some weirdness on the course archive page on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue with automated membership expirations
  • Fixed a function that should have been called statically in LLMS_Ajax class
  • Fixed a ton of issues related to the triggering of engagements and cleaned up a lot of classes and functions associated with them.
  • Properly instantiate LifterLMS singleton via LLMS() function and prevent direct instantiation of the class via new LifterLMS().
  • Removed the deprecated '' file as it was rendered useless a long time ago and caused some duplicate emails.

v2.2.3 - 2016-03-15

  • Added translation functions around quite a few untranslated strings. Thanks to the team at Netzstrategen
  • Added German translation .mo and .po files again thanks to the team at Netzstrategen
Student Enrollment Functions

We've refactored a bit of our code related to how to programmatically enroll a student in a course or membership during registration and purchase.

A new class LLMS_Student makes working with a LifterLMS student (user) a bit easier. We'll begin exposing user meta data through this class as we continue to improve the usability of the codebase for other developers.

We've also created a simple enrollment function llms_enroll_student() which enables programmatic enrollment to LifterLMS courses or memberships. This was previously handled in a pretty schizophrenic manner and this unifies various ways of enrollment into one clean function. All enrollment moving forward will use this functions.

The enrollment function calls a new action as well as calling existing enrollment-related actions:

  • before_llms_user_enrollment - called immediately prior to beginning the user enrollment function
  • llms_user_enrolled_in_course (previously existing)
  • llms_user_added_to_membership_level (previously existing)

This also addresses an issue that prevented the llms_user_enrolled_in_course action from being called when a user was auto-enrolled in a course because they joined a membership level that included auto-enrollment in one or more courses.

Bug and Issue fixes
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the way membership IDs were being saved to the postmeta table that would cause courses to not appear restricted on the Membership Enrollment tab, even though they were actually restricted and functioning correctly.
  • New lines are now preserved in the quiz question clarification text areas, thanks to @atimmer
  • Escape HTML in the quiz question description fields on the admin panel to allow outputting html without rendering it, thanks @atimmer
  • Fixed an issue related to the outputting of restricted course and membership content which caused errors on certain themes
  • added a clearfix to the .llms-lesson-preview element on the course syllabus template
  • Removed the class.llms.person.handler.php file as it wasn't actually being used by anything anywhere and contained no functions
  • Removed some unused and deprecated class functions from the LLMS Student Metabox class
  • Fixed an undefined javascript error resulting from code cleanup in 2.2.2. This issue prevented Vouchers from being published. The code has been further cleaned.

v2.2.2 - 2016-03-15

One step closer to a public GitHub repository

We've made a massive syntactical update to almost every file in the codebase for a (finally) unified and clearly defined coding standard. This puts us one step closer to beginning to open our GitHub repo publicly and accepting pull requests and contributions from developers everywhere.

Okay, we haven't exactly clearly defined it yet. We're working off a modified version of the WordPress Coding Standards.

Notable exceptions are related to file names because Thomas Levy didn't have the energy to rename a bunch of files as well as ignoring the Yoda Conditions standards. We'll be fixing these deviations in the future.

  • Created new time calculation and humanizing functions related to the display of quiz time on quiz results pages
  • Quizzes will now display hours, minutes, and seconds depending on the time it took to take the quiz
  • Timing calculations are more accurate and quizzes that are completed in less than 60 seconds will not bug out and display incredibly long lengths
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally prevented quiz data from saving during the last question causing the quiz to hang in an uncompletable state
  • Quiz questions now have a default point value of 1, thanks @atimmer
  • Quiz question answers now accept valid HTML as per wp_kses_post, thanks again to @atimmer
  • Thanks to @AndreaBarghigiani and the team at codeat LifterLMS now ships with Italian language files!
Issue and bug resolutions
  • Fixed a restriction issue that would happen when individual lessons were restricted to a membership level
  • Fixed an issue with the [lifterlms_my_account] shortcode that was preventing the shortcode from working on the Divi theme.
  • Engagements will now only be triggered if they are "Published". Resolves an issue where draft or trashed engagements were still firing.
  • Fixed CSS overflow on LifterLMS Meta boxes. Fixes an issue where select boxes would be hidden inside a metabox.
  • Changed the ConvertKit extension banner image on the LifterLMS general settings page and replaced added a link to the extension now that it's available.
  • Added a link to the new ConvertKit extension to the .org readme
  • When restricting an entire site to a membership level the page selected as the "Terms and Conditions" page in LifterLMS settings will automatically bypass Membership restriction settings. This will allow your unregistered users to actually read the T&C that they're confirming during registration.
  • CSS fix for has-icon class on course syllabus
  • Fixed a PHP warning that displayed when purchasing a membership with no auto-enrollment courses
  • Fixed an undefined variable warning in the WooCommerce integration class
  • Fixed a few templating issues related to certificates
  • Added a few new CSS rules that should make certificates more compatible across various themes
  • Added a css class to LifterLMS Next Lesson buttons, llms-next-lesson
  • Updated the scheduled event name for cleaning up LifterLMS session data from the WP database. It had a conflicting name with the scheduled event for expiring LifterLMS memberships.

v2.2.1 - 2016-03-07

  • Added a few actions to the class.llms.voucher.php class.

v2.2.0 - 2016-03-04

  • We've updated our .pot file for the first time in quite a while. We're really sorry for de-emphasizing translation. An updated .pot file will now accompany each version of LifterLMS whenever a translatable string is adjusted or when a new string is added.
  • We've also made it easier to include custom translations. Read our Translation Guide.
Certificate Background Images

We've completely rewritten the certificates template (but it's all backwards compatible).

Course and Membership Pricing & Sales
  • Sale price start and end date are now completely optional.
    • Provide neither a start date nor an end date to have a sale run indefinitely
    • Provide a start date with no end date to have a sale start at a pre-determined time with no pre-determined ending
    • Provide an end date with no start date to have a sale end a a pre-determined date but start immediately
    • Provide a start date and an end date to have a sale run for a pre-determined period of time
  • Optimized the LLMS_Product class to provide more reliable and extendable use of the class
  • The templates related to pricing functions have been refactored. Affected templates include: "templates/course/price.php", "templates/loop/price.php", "templates/membership/price.php"
  • Many people complained about the size of the .llms-price element on course and membership tiles on loop pages. We removed the inflated size and will now default to your theme for sizing. You selector remains the same if you wish to customize the size of the price text.
Coupon Updates
  • Coupons can (finally) be removed after being applied!
  • Coupons can now be restricted to specific courses and/or memberships
  • Percentage based coupons can no longer be created with a value larger than 100%
  • Added numeric restrictions to usage and coupon amount fields on the admin panel
  • Fixed a programmatic error that prevented product restrictions from being entirely removed
  • Fixed a few instances where hardcoded a US Dollar symbol ($) where a dynamic currency symbol should have been displayed.
Wow Bad Syntax, Very Typo, Such Grammar, So Undefined
  • Fixed a typo in filter associated with modifying the registration of the lesson post type (lifterlms_register_post_type_lesson)
  • Fixed a grammatical error in a Membership restriction message
  • Fixed a syntax error in "/templates/course/outline-list-small.php" that prevented the done CSS class from being properly applied to completed lessons
  • Fixed a few typos and grammatical errors on the Course and Membership settings metaboxes
  • Fixed an undefined variable in "templates/course/syllabus.php"
  • Fixed an issue on the system report that prevented the "Courses Page" from being reported properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused PHP warnings on the admin panel for students or WP users with no LifterLMS menu permissions
  • Fixed an installation warning caused by a reference to an undefined class variable
  • Fixed an HTML character encoding issue that caused &ndash; to display on the admin panel when viewing LifterLMS Orders
  • Fixed an undefined variable found during engagement triggering for non-email engagements.
Additional, less exciting updates
  • Added input type restrictions to course & membership price fields.
  • The "Emails" LifterLMS Settings Tab has been renamed "Engagements." All Email settings are found under this tab as well as some new settings related to other kinds of LifterLMS engagements.
  • Added the_content filter to the content of emails sent by LifterLMS
  • Fixed some CSS issues on Voucher screens
  • Updated Courses settings retrieval function to retrieve the correct "shop" page id
  • Added translation functions to voucher export meta box class
  • Vouchers Export metabox will only allow export after a voucher has been published. This prevent's an issue caused by attempting to export voucher codes before they were saved in the database via the publish / save action.
  • Vouchers can no longer be saved with a use of "0"
  • added a CSS class for various syllabus outputs that notes that the lesson has an icon. Previously CSS relied on "is-complete" to output styles for having an icon but with the addition of placeholders the "is-complete" is used only to note that the lesson is completed and "has-icon" is a more semantic class that applies to both complete and incomplete lessons with an icon.
  • Removed the membership restriction metabox from some post types where it shouldn't have been displaying.
  • admin select fields now have an option allow_null (default to "true") which can be set to false in order to prevent the output of the default "None" option

v2.1.1 - 2016-02-15

System Report
Additional Updates
  • Fixed a javascript issue which prevented users from saving vouchers
  • Cleaned up formatting in a large number of included PHP files

v2.0.5 - 2016-02-15

  • PayPal requests now using HTTP Version 1.1 in preparation for June 2016 TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Updates. This resolves user's inability to begin PayPal checkout when using Sandbox mode.
  • Updated deprecated function opt out to run off a constant that can be defined in wp-config.php instead of using a filter that is hard to use in the way that it is intended.

v2.0.4 - 2016-02-15

  • Fixed a typo on the class_exists check in the deprecated functions file
  • added a filter so that progressive users can opt out of loading the deprecated functions file

v2.0.3 - 2016-02-12

  • Removed an unused quiz stub

v2.0.2 - 2016-02-11

  • Bugfix: removed a progressive syntax array that caused fatal errors on older versions of PHP

v2.0.1 - 2016-02-11

Updated General Settings Screen
  • Improved the general settings interface to be more visually appealing and to provide some ad space to alert customers to other LifterLMS products and information.
  • Moved Currency options to the Checkout settings screen
Bug Fixes
  • Properly initialized jQuery on the vouchers metabox admin scripts
  • removed some php shortcut echos (<?= $var; ?>)
  • Resolve issue where courses that are available with a membership or on it's own outside of the membership would prevent users from accessing content if they were not a member.
  • Fixed a few files where undefined variables were being referenced and generating php notices
  • removed an call to a WordPress core function that has never existed. Not sure what we were thinking there...
  • Updated CSS to provide better course syllabus layout on smaller screens
  • Added validation to prevent against duplicate voucher code creation

v2.0.0 - 2016-02-04

Auto-advancing lessons
  • We've heard your feedback and added a new global course option which will auto-advance a student to the next lesson upon lesson completion.
Bug Fixes
  • Added spaces between numbers and "of" on the counter for course syllabus templates
  • Removed a template hook that was creating duplicate lesson thumbnails on quite a few themes
Membership Admin Improvements

Visit the "Enrollment" tab on any membership to see some new additions to make managing your memberships easier.

  • You can now add courses to and remove courses from a Membership from the Membership itself
  • You can now opt to automatically enroll students in a course (or multiple courses) when they sign up for a membership by checking "Auto Enroll" next to the course on the Membership enrollment tab
Student Enrollment & Removal on Courses Admin Screen

We've updated the Students tab interface for performance and usability!

  • AJAX enabled searching by student name and or email
  • Increased performance for course page load by only calling student information when needed. This resolves a bug identified by users with large user databases and/or low-powered servers.
  • Allow for addition or removal of several students at a time.
Syllabus Template
  • Added a Course setting to optionally enable Lesson Thumbnails on the Course Syllabus
  • Added a Course setting Display greyed out lesson completion checkmark icons on lessons not competed in the course syllabus
  • Reworded CSS on the course syllabus to rely on floats rather than absolute positioning, should allow for more robust customization with less frustration
  • Refactored the syllabus template at "templates/course/syllabus.php" for better performance and readability
Updates and enhancements
  • User email is now displayed on the "Students" table on student analytics screens
  • Membership now has it's own admin menu
  • Reordered the LifterLMS admin menu and submenu items
  • Removed membership specific taxonomies from courses
  • Removed course specific taxonomies from memberships
  • Coupon code is now a required field when creating a coupon
  • "Humbled" the metabox on all post types that restricts the post to a membership. The metabox would previously gain priority over the WordPress publishing actions metabox. The priority has been reduced to "default" and will to fall into line with all other metaboxes on the screen and appear based on registration priority. If you can't find the metabox, SCROLL DOWN! If you want to put it back up on the top, you can simply drag it up there and WordPress will save your preference.
Deprecated Classes

We've added a "deprecated" file which holds a few stubs for classes and functions deprecated below as to prevent fatal errors. The functions and classes in the deprecated class are classes which we know are being utilized by approved LifterLMS extensions and will allow users to upgrade LifterLMS without upgrade extensions without breaking their websites!

  • LLMS_Activate which as previously used to activate the plugin for updates via the LifterLMS Update Server and is no longer required.
  • PUC (plugin update checker) Library has been completely removed as it is no longer required for plugin updates.
  • LLMS_Analytics_Dashboard was removed as it was a stub that was never used and shouldn't have ever been released as a part of the LifterLMS codebase. I can't believe no one reported this bug!
Deprecated Functions
  • lifterlms_template_section_syllabus()

The following are officially deprecated and removed to prevent WooCommerce compatibility conflicts

  • is_shop() replaced by is_llms_shop()
  • is_account_page() replaced by is_llms_account_page()
  • is_checkout() replaced by is_llms_checkot()
Deprecated Templates
  • templates/course/section_syllabus.php
New Account Dashboard Filters

View documentation for more information

  • lifterlms_account_greeting
  • lifterlms_my_courses_title
  • lifterlms_my_courses_enrollment_status_html
  • lifterlms_my_courses_start_date_html
  • lifterlms_my_courses_course_button_text
  • lifterlms_my_certificates_title
New Checkout Page Filters:

View documentation for more information

  • lifterlms_checkout_user_logged_in_output
  • lifterlms_checkout_user_not_logged_in_output
New Course Filters:

View documentation for more information

  • lifterlms_product_purchase_account_redirect
  • lifterlms_product_purchase_redirect_membership_required
  • lifterlms_product_purchase_checkout_redirect
  • lifterlms_product_purchase_membership_redirect
  • lifterlms_lesson_complete_icon

v1.5.0 - 2016-01-22

WooCommerce Integration Enhancements

NOTE: The following enhancements only apply when the WooCommerce Integration is enabled

Always redirect to the WooCommerce Cart when a SKU Matched Product can be found

  • LifterLMS Products (courses and memberships) which are SKU matched to a WooCommerce product will now automatically add the related WooCommerce product to the WooCommerce shopping cart and then automatically redirect the visitor to the WooCommerce cart when the visitor attempts to enroll in a course or membership from the LifterLMS course or membership page.
  • If no WooCommerce product is found via a SKU match, the user will proceed to the LifterLMS checkout.
  • This will enable you to determine which Cart you want a user to use on a product by product basis. You may sell certain courses via WooCommerce and others via LifterLMS (should you choose to do so).

Multiple Item Checkout

  • When a WooCommerce order is complete user's will now be automatically enrolled in all courses and/or memberships in the WooCommerce order. This improves upon a previously limitation that would only allow WooCommerce checkout with one LifterLMS product at a time.
  • The products in the order will be intelligently SKU matched to LifterLMS Courses or Memberships.
  • You may also mix and match between WooCommerce products matched to LifterLMS products and those which are not matched to LifterLMS products. For example, your customers may now buy a Course via SKU matching as well as a T-Shirt that is not matched to a LifterLMS course via a SKU.
Other Fixes and improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused quiz results to display for users who had never taken the quiz.
  • Added Wistia as an oEmbed provider to fix an issue related to default oembed handling in WordPress 4.4.
  • added a .cc_cvv class that mimics the existing #cc_cvv styles to allow gateway extensions to change the ID of the field in their credit card forms
  • Added support for new 1.4.5 capability fixes to be also be reflected under the "+New" menu item in the WP Admin Bar. There are no changes to the filters, the capability filters will simply also remove restricted post types from the admin bar now (as they should).
  • Tested and compatible up to WordPress 4.4.1

The following functions have been staged for deprecation in LifterLMS 2.0!

  • Setup the is_account_page() function to be replaced by is_llms_account_page() function. The original causes conflicts when WooCommerce is installed as WooCommerce includes a core function by the same name. All references to is_account_page() in LifterLMS have been removed and the original has been left to prevent issues with developers currently relying on the LifterLMS version of the function.
  • Setup the is_checkout() function to be replaced by is_llms_checkout() function. The original causes conflicts when WooCommerce is installed as WooCommerce includes a core function by the same name. All references to is_checkout() in LifterLMS have been removed and the original has been left to prevent issues with developers currently relying on the LifterLMS version of the function.

v1.4.5 - 2016-01-13

  • Significant improvements to LifterLMS admin permissions as well as a hardening of permissions. Previously LifterLMS admin screens and menus were available to any users with edit_posts capabilities. This has been changed to manage_options. Filters for all screens and menus have been added with this release. If you're site currently relies on users with edit_posts to be able to access LifterLMS settings and analytics screens you must utilize these new filters in order to maintain their access. Please see full documentation on the new filters at Please consider testing your changes outside of production before updating to LifterLMS 1.4.5 in production.
  • Allow "Payment Method" to be translated on the "Confirm Payment" screen
  • Allow the name of the payment gateway to be filtered on the "Confirm Payment" screen
  • Added pagination support to lifterlms membership archive pages
  • Fixed a bug related to some required global variables for quizzes and lessons being incorrectly set on certain hosts
  • updated readme file to remove incomplete documentation
  • Added Chosen multi-select options to admin panel metaboxes (settings and posts)
  • Added two new actions that developers can hook into:
    • llms_user_enrolled_in_course, called when users are enrolled in a course. Usage details available here.
    • llms_user_added_to_membership_level, called when users are added to a membership level. Usage details available here.

v1.4.4 - 2015-12-21

  • My account page can now (optionally) display a list of memberships a student is currently enrolled in
  • Student analytics on the admin panel display student's Memberships
  • Student analytics on the admin panel will now display student's progress through courses in addition to their current enrollment status.
  • Custom taxonomy archive templates for Course tags, categories, tracks, and difficulties now exist and properly function.
  • Custom taxonomy archive templates for Membership categories and tags now exist and properly function.
  • Added the [lifterlms_memberships] shortcode which was documented but never implemented. Details on usage available at
  • Added basic styles to LifterLMS pagination HTML elements (elements with class .llms-pagination) which formerly had no associated CSS.
  • Setup the is_shop() function to be replaced by is_llms_shop() function. The original causes conflicts when WooCommerce is installed as WooCommerce includes a core function by the same name. All references to is_shop() in LifterLMS have been removed and the original has been left to prevent issues with developers currently relying on the LifterLMS version of the function. It will be removed in the next major update (2.0) and will be noted as an officially deprecated feature at that time.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed pagination issues when using the [lifterlms_courses] shortcode
  • Fixed an issue with the is_shop() function that prevented courses per page option from functioning properly on the default course archive page
  • Student analytics profile on admin panel will display the correct number of memberships the student is enrolled in.
  • Fixed a small CSS issue that caused extra white space to be displayed above Course or Membership tiles on archive pages when using the WordPress Twentyfifteen default theme
  • Account settings screen displays the correct title ("Account Settings" it previously said "Archive Settings")
  • Made language changes to the LifterLMS settings intro screen copy
  • Added link to CourseClinic on settings intro screen
  • Added link to LifterLMS documentation on the settings intro screen

v1.4.3 - 2015-12-11

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some older servers from being able to run LifterLMS

v1.4.2 - 2015-12-10

  • Tested and compatible with WordPress version 4.4
  • BugFixes: fixed issue in llms_featured_img() that was preventing the $size variable from being passed to the WP core function being utilized.
  • BugFixes: correctly handling conflicts with Plugin Update library

v1.4.1 - 2015-12-02

  • Feature: Custom single price text - Display custom text for the single price on the courses and course page. Custom field does not require a single payment price be set. IE: Free!
  • Feature: Custom Purchase Course Button Text Option. Change the text of the Take This Course button in Settings->Courses.
  • Feature: New Become A Member button on courses that are restricted to memberships.
  • Feature: Custom Become A Member Text Option. Change the text of the become a member button in Settings->Courses.
  • Feature: Paypal Debug Mode. Enable debug mode in Settings->Gateways to view responses from Paypal API when errors occur.
  • Updates: Updated support links in Settings->General.
  • Updates: added minor styling to course page to increase margin and padding for some themes.
  • Updates: Achievement content now available to pull into custom templates. The Achievement content is not by default displayed but can now be used in custom templates.
  • BugFixes: Resolved issue with no default price selected at checkout when only recurring option existed.
  • BugFixes: Lesson prerequisite now alert the user and provide a link to redirect the user to the next required lesson in the course.
  • BugFixes: Paypal errors now return error message instead of white screen when Paypal API fails.
  • BugFixes: Corrected JavaScript error with modals on course edit page in Internet Explorer 11.

v1.4.0 - 2015-10-29

  • Feature: Free lessons - demo lessons that can be taken at any time by any user
  • Feature: Guest lessons - demo lessons that can be taken by a non-logged in user
  • Feature: Random quiz question - quiz questions can now be set to be in user set order or random order
  • Updates: Automatically registers appropriate sidebars for Genesis theme
  • Updates: Backend file cleanup
  • Updates: Text cleanup
  • Updates: Adds greater localization support (more strings to translate! yay!)
  • Updates: Cleans up some unnecessary console.log() calls
  • Updates: Removes mass of commented out code (cleaner reading)
  • Updates: 'Next Lesson' button added after successful completion of quiz
  • Updates: 'Next Lesson' button at bottom of lesson properly gets starting lesson of next section at the end of the previous section
  • Updates: 'Previous Lesson' button at bottom of lesson will now properly get last lesson of previous section (if applicable)
  • Updates: Move Registration Form to global templates to allow users to disable registration on login page but use registration form on custom page.
  • BugFixes: WordPress pages are now properly restricted by memberships
  • BugFixes: Fixes bug that caused order screen to act up if user was deleted
  • BugFixes: Resolves nasty little bug that caused syllabus numbers to be out of whack
  • BugFixes: Resolved error with WooCommerce integration where courses would not always register the user
  • BugFixes: Corrected CSS conflict with Bridge theme settings page

v1.3.10 - 2015-10-15

  • Updates: Clarifies some prerequisite text
  • Updates: Quiz questions are now randomized!
  • Updates: Fixes small CSS issue
  • BugFixes: Resolves fatal errors with a small subset of premium themes

v1.3.9 - 2015-10-5

  • BugFixes: Removes conflict with Yoast SEO
  • BugFixes: Fixes CSS issues with box-sizing takeover
  • Feature: New Settings Tile: Session Management. Found at LifterLMS->Settings->General.
  • Feature: Clear User Session Tool. You can now clear all LifterLMS user session data from your site in LifterLMS->Settings->General
  • Updates: Backend code cleanup

v1.3.8 - 2015-10-02

  • BugFixes: Fixes Random error notices
  • Updates: Updates email template handler

v1.3.7 - 2015-09-25

  • Updates: Adds Spanish translation
  • Updates: Adds new filter 'lifterlms_single_payment_text' to customize single payment string on checkout
  • Updates: Student analytics now indicate which courses a student has completed
  • BugFixes: Resolved security issue with WordPress searches and lessons
  • BugFixes: Fixes analytics bug that potentially arises after a course is deleted

v1.3.6 - 2015-09-18

  • BugFixes: Fixes pesky Zend Error that plagued some unfortunate victims
  • BugFixes: Students can now be properly deleted from the course
  • BugFixes: Fixes random class redeclaration error messages
  • Updates: Adds new filter 'lifterlms_quiz_passed' to customize 'Passed' text after quiz
  • Updates: Adds new filter 'lifterlms_quiz_failed' to customize 'Failed' text after quiz

v1.3.5 - 2015-09-11

  • Revisions: Fixes typos
  • Updates: Adds sidebar functionality to various themes

v1.3.4 - 2015-09-04

  • BugFixes: Fixes bug with featured image on course page
  • BugFixes: Fixes issue with lesson completed percentage on analytics page

v1.3.3 - 2015-09-01

  • Updates: Removes deprecated plugin updater
  • Updates: Adds Course Track prerequisite
  • Updates: Various text fixes
  • BugFixes: Fixes lesson name on prerequisite notification
  • BugFixes: Fixes critical error with WordPress customizer

v1.3.2 - 2015-08-30

  • Hotfix: resolves issues with sidebar shortcodes
  • Updates: Text clarifications

v1.3.1 - 2015-08-28

  • Hotfix: resolves issue with ajax url

v1.3.0 - 2015-08-28

  • Improved popover behavior in course creation.
  • BugFixing. Prevent multiple lesson and section form submission
  • Fixed typos at backend quiz page
  • Fixed check for update bug when plugin isn't properly activated.
  • BugFixing, quiz post type should show author metabox
  • Added course category filter to lifter_lms shortcode
  • BugFixing, typo in [lifterlms_course_progress shortcode]
  • BugFixing, Analytics shouldn't fetch students meta info from users were deleted.
  • Adds in basic review functionality
  • Updates plugin-updater to remedy PHP conflicts
  • Fixes date bug in Analytics
  • Cleans up jQuery console messages
  • Adds in course tracks

v1.2.8 - 2015-07-17

  • Updated Portuguese translation file
  • Fixed issue where quiz score could not be equal to required grade.
  • New Feature: Quiz Results Summary. Display the quiz results to the user on quiz completion.
  • New feature: Clarification. Display information about correct and incorrect answers to users
  • New Feature: Display correct answers to user on quiz completion
  • Removed ability to add negative time limit to quiz
  • New Membership feature: Make membership archive links go directly to checkout. Setting allows you to skip membership sales page and send users directly to registration and checkout.
  • Sidebar support for prototype theme
  • Sidebar support for X theme
  • Sidebar support for WooCanvas
  • New Shortcode: [lifterlms_hide_content]: Use to restrict content on a page, course or lesson to a specific membership. Pass the post id of the membership you want to restrict the content to. Example: [lifterlms_hide_content membership="5"]
  • New updates to gulp build process
  • Class autoloading and LLMS namespace introduced for more efficient coding.

v1.2.7 - 2015-06-05

  • Minor bug fix with lesson redirect to quiz
  • Minor change to global Course object instantiation.
  • Bug Fix: Remove student from course
  • Bug Fix: Appearance Menus missing select field (THANKS ANDREA!)
  • New Course Setting: Hide Course Outline on course page
  • New Shortcode: [lifterlms_course_outline] - displays course outline with settings (see documentation)
  • Membership metabox design update
  • Certificate metabox design update
  • Achievement metabox design update
  • Lesson metabox design update
  • Emails metabox design update
  • Coupons metabox design update
  • Update to certificate design (better alignment and theme functionality)
  • Better theme sidebar support
  • More awesome control for developers building new settings for LifterLMS
  • Advanced filter system for metabox fields with finite control for 3rd party developers.
  • Woocommerce conflict correction to archive templates
  • Style updates to allow themes better control on design

v1.2.6 - 2015-04-28

  • Corrected issue with lesson re-order on save
  • corrected html formatting issue on purchase page
  • corrected html formatting issue on course page

v1.2.5 - 2015-04-23

  • Corrected excerpt to not pull in lesson navigation
  • Modified metabox api for better extension integration
  • Corrected issue with order not displaying all information if coupon was not applied to order

v1.2.4 - 2015-04-22

  • Moved All Course metaboxes to global Course Options Metabox
  • Move Enrolled and Non-Enrolled user wysiwyg post editors to Options Metabox
  • Removed Course Syllabus metabox, Added Course Outline Metabox
  • Set priority of Course Outline and Course Options Metabox to top
  • Added ability to Create new section to Course Outline
  • Added ability to Create new lesson to Course Outline
  • Added ability to add existing Lesson to Course Outline
  • Added Lesson duplicate functionality when adding lesson previously assigned to another course.
  • Added ability to drag lessons between sections in Course Outline
  • Added ability to edit Section Title in Course Outline
  • Added ability to edit lesson title and excerpt in Course Outline
  • Added New Style and Design for better usability to Course Outline
  • Added Lesson Icon with tooltip to Course Outline: Prerequisite - shows if prerequisite exists and displays name of prerequisite
  • Added Lesson Icon with tooltip to Course Outline: Quiz - shows if quiz is assigned to course and displays name of quiz
  • Added Lesson Icon with tooltip to Course Outline: Drip Content - shows if drip days are set and # of days
  • Added Lesson Icon with tooltip to Course Outline: Content - displays if lesson has content added.
  • Added Course Outline Metabox to Lesson Post Editor: Allows you to assign lesson to section and view entire course tree. Links to Course and all other lessons in course.
  • Style Update: backgrounds on frontend. Removed all references to white background on front end elements
  • Corrected Restriction for course in past. Updated course in past message to display as Course ended instead of Course not available until.
  • Added restriction message when user attempts to visit a restricted lesson.
  • Updated course syllabus sidebar widget to not display lessons as links if user is not enrolled in course.
  • Added ability to use Attribute Order for sorting Courses and Memberships on Archive pages.
  • Added support for selling memberships with Woocommerce. LifterLMS now checks memberships for SKU matches in addition to Courses when products are purchased using WooCommerce.
  • Added gulp for scss, js and svg management
  • Added svg sprite and svg class for managing svg elements on front and backend.
  • Added better language translation support for strings
  • Refactored Ajax Classes for cleaner, faster development
  • Refactored metabox build class for cleaner, faster development
  • Refactored Course syllabus to reduce query size for larger, complex courses
  • Added Handler classes for Lessons, Sections, Courses and Posts
  • Refactored Course get / set methods to reduce database queries

v1.2.3 - 2015-03-12

  • Achievement design and functionality updates
  • Achievement shortcode added
  • Better searching added to engagement screen
  • Achievement bug fixes
  • On screen error reporting added to activation for trouble shooting
  • Custom engagement methods added to certificate, achievement and sections
  • Corrected new user registration engagement bug
  • LifterLMS access reduced from manage_options to edit_posts
  • Filters added to analytics to allow custom development
  • Engagement bug fix: Section and Lesson bug select
  • Syllabus bug corrected: No longer displays lessons in section box if no sections exist.
  • Removed depreciated achievement template
  • Membership Bug fix: Membership restriction will now only display on single posts.

v1.2.2 - 2015-02-23

  • Corrected drip content bug
  • Added Ajax functionality to quiz
  • rounded quiz grades
  • Added quiz time limit setting to Quiz
  • Added quiz timer to quiz, front end
  • Quiz allowed attempts field now allows unlimited attempts
  • Set Ajax lesson delete method to not return empty lesson value
  • Set next and previous questions to display below quiz question
  • Decoupled Single option select question type from quiz to allow for more question types
  • Added Quiz time limit to display on Quiz page
  • Added functionality to automatically complete quiz when quiz timer reaches 0
  • Moved Quiz functionality methods from front end forms class to Quiz class

v1.2.1 - 2015-02-19

  • Updated settings page theming
  • Added Set up Quick Start Guide
  • Added Plugin Deactivation Option
  • Updated language POT file
  • Added Portuguese language support. Thank you Fernando Cassino for the translation :)

v1.2.0 - 2015-02-17

  • Admin Course Analytics Dashboard Page. View at LifterLMS->Analytics->Course
  • Admin Sales Analytics Dashboard Page. View at LifterLMS->Analytics->Sales
  • Admin Memberships Analytics Dashboard Page. View at LifterLMS->Analytics->Memberships
  • Admin Students Search Page. View at LifterLMS->Students
  • Admin Student Profile Page ( View user information related to courses and memberships )
  • Lesson and Course Sidebar Widgets ( Syllabus, Course Progress )
  • Course Syllabus: Lesson blocks greyed out. Clicking lesson displays message to take course.
  • Misc. Front end bug fixes
  • Misc. Admin bug fixes
  • Course and Lesson prerequisites: Can no longer select a prerequisite without marking "Has Prerequisite"
  • Admin CSS updates
  • Better Session Management
  • Number and Date formatting handled by separate classes to provide consistent date formats across system
  • Zero dollar coupon management: Coupons that set total to 0 will bypass payment gateway, generate order and enroll users.
  • Better coupon verification.
  • Better third party payment gateway support. Third party gateway plugins are now easier to develop and integrate.
  • User Registration: Phone Number Registration field option now available in Accounts settings page.

v1.1.2 - 2014-12-18

  • Moved Sidebar registration from plugin install to init

v1.1.1 - 2014-12-16

  • Added user registration settings to require users to agree to Terms and Conditions on user registration
  • Added comments to all classes methods and functions
  • Removed unused and depreciated methods
  • Added Lesson and Course Sidebar Widget Areas
  • Fixed bug with course capacity option
  • Fixed bug with endpoint rewrite
  • Added localization POT file and us_EN.po translation file

v1.1.0 - 2014-12-08

  • Updated HTML / CSS on Registration form
  • Added Coupon Creation
  • Added Coupon support for checkout processing
  • Added Credit Card Support processing support
  • Added Form filters for external integration
  • Added Form templates for external integration
  • Added Account Setting: Require First and Last Name on registration
  • Added Account Setting: Require Billing Address on registration
  • Added Account Setting: Require users to validate email address (double entry)
  • Added password validation (double entry) on user registration / account creation
  • Added Quiz Question post type and associated metaboxes
  • Added Quiz post type and associated metaboxes
  • Added ability to assign a quiz to a lesson
  • Added front end quiz functionality
  • Added Course capacity (limit # of students)

User Admin Table

  • Added Membership Custom Column that displays user's membership information
  • Added "Last Login" custom column that displays user's last login date/time

User Roles

  • Updated user role from "person" to "student"
  • Added temporary migration function to transition any register users with "person" role to "student" role
  • Added "Student" role install function


  • BuddyPress Screen Permission Fix
  • Added two additional screens to BuddyPress: Certificates and Achievements


  • Added llms options for course archive pagination and added course archive page pagination template
  • Added user statistics shortcode

v1.0.5 - 2014-11-12

  • Fixed a mis-placed parenthesis in templates/course/lesson-navigation.php related to outputting excerpt in navigation option
  • Changed theme override template directory from /llms to /lifterlms
  • Update the position & name of the "My Courses" Menu in BuddyPress Compatibility file
  • New meta_key _parent_section added for easier connection and quicker queries.
  • Section sorting on course syllabus
  • Edit links added to course syllabus
  • Assign section to course and view associated lessons metabox added to sections
  • Assign lesson to section and view associated lessons metabox added to lessons
  • Assigned Course, Assigned Section, Prerequisite and Membership Required added to lesson edit grid
  • Assigned Course added to section edit grid'
  • New membership setting: Restrict Entire Site by Membership Level (allows site restriction to everything but membership purchase and account).
  • Updated template overriding to check child & parent themes
  • Updated template overriding to apply filters to directories to check for overrides to allow themes and plugins to add their own directories

v1.0.4 - 2014-11-04

  • Templating bug fix
  • Added shortcode and autop support to course and lesson content / excerpt

v1.0.3 - 2014-11-04

  • Major Templating Update!
  • Removed Course, Lesson and Membership single lesson templates.
  • Course and Section content templates now filter through WP content

v1.0.2 - 2014-10-31

  • Added lesson short description to previous lesson preview links -- it was rendering on "Next" but not "Previous"
  • Added a class to course shop links wrapper to signify the course has been completed
  • Removed an unnecessary CSS rule related to the progress bar

v1.0.2 - 2014-10-30

  • Fixed SSL certificate issues when retrieving data from
  • Added rocket settings icon back into repo

v1.0.1 - 2014-10-30

  • Updated activation endpoint url to point towards live server rather than dev
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