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Contributing to LifterLMS

We welcome and encourage contributions from the community. If you'd like to contribute to LifterLMS there are a few ways to do so. Here's our guidelines for contributions:

Please Note GitHub is for bug reports and contributions only! If you have a support question or a request for a customization this is not the right place to post it. Please refer to LifterLMS Support or the community forums. If you're looking for help customizing LifterLMS, please consider hiring a LifterLMS Expert.

Ways to Contribute

Reporting a Bug or Issue

Bugs and issues can be reported at

Before reporting a bug, search existing issues and ensure you're not creating a duplicate. If the issue already exists you can add your information to the existing report.

Also check our known issues and conflicts for possible resolutions.

Contributing New Features

When contributing new features please communicate with us to ensure this is a feature we're interested in having added to LifterLMS before you start coding it.

First check if we already have a feature request or proposal for the feature you're interested in developing. Take a look at our existing feature requests here in GitHub and on our Feature Request voting board.

If you can't find an existing feature request you should propose it by opening a new feature request issue. In the issue we'll discuss your feature before you start working on it.

LifterLMS is a project that services a great many users. A feature which is attractive to a small number of users may create confusion for other users. These features may be better offered as a feature plugin instead of code in the core. In this scenario we'd be happy to help advise you on how to best develop and launch your feature as a plugin on! We'll even help market your add-on after you launch.

Contributing Code

  • Fork the repository on GitHub.
  • Install LifterLMS for development.
  • Create a new branch from the 'trunk' branch.
  • Make the changes to your forked repository.
  • Ensure you stick to our coding standards and have properly documented new and updated functions, methods, actions, and filters following our documentation standards.
  • Run PHPCS and ensure the output has no errors. We will reject pull requests if they fail codesniffing.
  • Ensure new code doesn't break existing tests and add new code should aim to have 100% code coverage. See the testing guide to get started with testing and let us know if you want help writing tests, we're happy to help!
  • When making changes to (S)CSS and Javascript files, you should only modify the source files. The compiled and minified files should not be committed or included in your PR.
  • When committing, reference your issue (if present) and include a note about the fix. Use GitHub auto-references.
  • Push the changes to your fork
  • Submit a pull request to the 'dev' branch of the LifterLMS repo.
  • We'll review all pull requests, and make suggestions and changes if necessary. We're newly open source and supporting users and customers and our own internal pull requests and releases will take priority over pull requests from the community. Please be patient!

Contribute Translations

All translations to LifterLMS can be made via our GlotPress project at

Anyone can contribute translations. All you need is to login to your account. If you have questions about how to submit translations please refer to the Translator's Handbook.

We're always seeking Translation Editors who can manage and approve translations for their locale. If you're interested in becoming a translation editor for your locale please submit an application at

Need Help Getting Started as a Contributor?

A number of resources are available for first time contributors:

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