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Version 3.17.8

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v3.17.8 - 2018-05-04

Updates and Enchancements
  • Added admin email notification when student cancels a subscription
  • Quiz results will now display the question's description when reviewing results as a student and on the admin panel during grading
  • Add action hook fired when a student cancels a subscription (llms_subscription_cancelled_by_student)
  • Reduce unnecessary DB queries for integrations by checking for dependencies and then calling querying the options table to see if the integration has been enabled.
  • Updated the notifications settings table to be more friendly to the human eye
Bug Fixes
  • Fix admin scripts enqueue order. Fixes issue preventing manual student enrollment selection from functioning properly in certain scenarios.
  • Shift + Enter when in a question choice field now adds a return as expected instead of exiting the field
  • When pasting into question choice fields HTML from RTF documents will be automatically stripped
  • Ensure certificates print with a white brackground regardless of theme CSS
  • Fix issue causing themes with overflow:hidden on divs from cutting certificate background images
  • Upon export completion unlock tables regardless of mail success / failure
  • Resolve issue causing incorrect number of access plans to be returned on systems that have custom defaults set for WP_Query post_per_page parameter
  • Fix error occurring when all 3rd party integrations are disabled by filter, credit to @Mte90!
  • Ensure LLMS()->integrations()->integrations() returns all integrations regardless of availability.
  • Updated LLMS_Abstract_Options_Data to have an option set method
Template Updates