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CoBlocks WordPress Theme

Notice: The CoBlocks WordPress theme in being deprecated in favor of the uber-flexible Go WordPress theme. Go was built by the team who builds CoBlocks, and with it you'll have access to at least five global design styles, innovative design controls, header/footer variations, and WooCommerce support.


  1. Clone the GitHub repository:
  2. Browse to the folder in the command line.
  3. Run the npm install command to install the theme's dependencies within a /node_modules/ folder.
  4. Run the default gulp task for development.
  5. Run the build gulp task to process build files and generate a zip.


Please read the guidelines for contributing to CoBlocks. Anyone is welcome to contribute!

There are various ways you can contribute:

  1. Raise an Issue on GitHub
  2. Send a pull request with your bug fixes and/or new features
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions on enhancements