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WooCommerce Shipping Estimates

This plugin displays shipping time estimates for WooCommerce shipping methods on the cart and checkout pages. You can show estimates as a day or day range, such as "up to 7 days", or "Delivery estimate: 3-5 days".

You can also display date ranges instead (which are calculated from the days you set), such as "Estimated delivery by January 1", or "Estimated delivery: January 1 - January 3".


To use version 2.3+, you must be using WooCommerce 3.0.9 or newer. This adds support for shipping methods within a zone.

Ready to install? Check out the plugin here -- you'll receive an updater key to get automated updates.

This plugin supports any individual WooCommerce shipping method and can let the user set the estimated delivery time or range in days for each. It does not support combined methods like Table Rate Shipping. We do not plan to add this.

You can set a minimum delivery estimate, maximum estimate, or both for any / all shipping methods. The delivery label will adjust accordingly.


The plugin is translation ready, and the text domain is woocommerce-shipping-estimate.


We're happy to accept contributions! Feel free to add an issue or submit a PR :) Please follow WordPress code standards in your commits.


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  • The screenshots will show you the plugin in action.
  • Found it useful? We love hearing feedback, and we always appreciate donations to fund more free development.


Adds shipping time / delivery estimates for any shipping method to WooCommerce cart and checkout pages



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