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A suite of professional page building content blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.
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CoBlocks: Page Builder Blocks for Gutenberg

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CoBlocks is a suite of professional page building content blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor. This the most innovative collection of page building WordPress blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor. We will make you rethink what WordPress is capable of.

CoBlocks, a suite of page builder Gutenberg blocks

Our Vision

The vision for CoBlocks is to create a suite of WordPress blocks and tools to help folks make beautiful websites easily.

Our Blocks

  • Accordion Block
  • Alert Block
  • Author Profile Block
  • Buttons Block
  • Carousel Gallery Block (New!)
  • Click to Tweet Block
  • Dynamic Separator Block
  • Features Block
  • Form Block (New!)
  • Gif Block
  • GitHub Gist Block
  • Hero Block
  • Highlight Block
  • Icon Block
  • Map Block
  • Masonry Gallery Block (New!)
  • Media Card Block
  • Pricing Table Block
  • Resizable Row/Columns Blocks
  • Shape Divider Block
  • Social Sharing Block
  • Stacked Gallery Block (New!)

Our Block Manager

Easily toggle off any WordPress block in the Gutenberg editor with the new CoBlocks Block Manager. No more unnecessary WordPress Gutenberg blocks standing in the way for you, or your clients.



  1. You'll need to install the Gutenberg plugin if you are not running WordPress 5.0+
  2. Download CoBlocks from the WordPress plugin directory.


  1. Clone the GitHub repository:
  2. Browse to the folder in the command line.
  3. Run the npm install command to install the plugin's dependencies within a /node_modules/ folder.
  4. Run the npm start command for development.
  5. Run the build gulp task to process build files and generate a zip.


Need help? This is a developer's portal for CoBlocks and should not be used for general support and queries. Please visit the CoBlocks support forum on for assistance.


Please read the guidelines for contributing to CoBlocks. Anyone is welcome to contribute. If you find a 🐞 or an issue, create an issue. Here are ways to contribute:

  1. Raise an issue
  2. Send a pull request with your bug fixes and/or new features
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions


Build modular grid systems with the CoBlocks Row and Columns blocks

Drag to resize and then nest CoBlocks Row blocks

Design with the CoBlocks Typography Control Panel

Add CoBlocks core blocks to pages

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