A command-line tool for managing Jira
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A command-line tool for managing Jira.

Install with

npm i @godaddy/jiractl --global


Add a context for the Jira instance that you use. E.g:

$ jiractl config set-context https://jira.yourteam.com
Username: name
Context "https://jira.yourteam.com" created.
Set default context to "https://jira.yourteam.com".

Add the teams in your project. E.g., for a project named FOO:

jiractl setup FOO

This will output the team names added.

Some team names are difficult to type or remember on the command line; to alias a team that you use frequently, run:

jiractl alias [name] [alias]


$ jiractl alias "Orange Cats" cats


Aliased Orange Cats with cats:
 { board: 1234,
   name: 'Orange Cats',
   epicFilter: [ epicFilter ] }

You can then run jiractl commands using cats as the team name.

Example usage

jiractl --team=cats [action] [context]


Get teams for a project:

$ jiractl get teams FOO
ID      TYPE    NAME
1234    scrum   Orange Cats
1111    scrum   Sharks
5678    kanban  Bats

Describe a team with velocity:

$ jiractl describe team 1111
NAME       ID      TYPE
Sharks     2593    scrum

ID      NAME                    ESTIMATED       COMPLETED       DELTA
18465   Sharks 4/23 - 5/4       0               0               0
17071   Sharks 4/9 - 4/20       46              41              5
17047   Sharks 3/26 - 4/6       47              53              -6
17046   Sharks 3/12 - 3/23      41              34              7

Current Sprint: Sharks 4/23 - 5/4 ID: 18465


KEY             SUMMARY                                             POINTS
FOO-2911        As a shark ISBAT eat fish                           -
FOO-2910        As a shark ISBAT eat crustaceans                    -
FOO-2909        As a shark ISBAT participate in shark week          5


Get a team's sprints:

$ jiractl --team=1111 get sprints
ID      STATE   NAME               VELOCITY
18465   open    Sharks 4/23-5/4    0
17071   closed  Sharks 4/9-4/20    41
17047   closed  Sharks 3/26-4/6    53
17046   closed  Sharks 3/12-3/23   34

Describe a specific sprint:

$ jiractl --team=1111 describe sprint 18465


Get a team's epics:

$ jiractl --team=1111 get epics

Describe an epic:

$ jiractl describe epic EPIC-KEY


Get an issue:

$ jiractl get issue ISSUE-KEY

Describe an issue:

$ jiractl describe issue ISSUE-KEY

Update an issue:

$ jiractl update issue ISSUE-KEY --points=8

Open an issue in the Jira UI:

$ jiractl open ISSUE-KEY