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# Contributing

Everyone is welcome to contribute to GoDaddy's Open Source Software. Contributing doesn’t just mean submitting pull requests. To get involved you can, report or triage bugs and participate in discussions on the evolution of each project.

No matter how you want to get involved, we ask that you first learn what’s expected of anyone who participates in the project by reading the Contribution Guidelines.

**Please Note:** GitHub is for bug reports and contributions primarily - if you have a support question head over to [GoDaddy's Open Source Software Slack channel][slack].

## Answering Questions

One of the most important and immediate ways you can support the community is to answer questions on the forums. Whether you’re helping a newcomer understand a language feature or troubleshooting an edge case with a seasoned developer, your knowledge and experience of Swift can go a long way to help others.

## Getting Started

- **Do not report potential security vulnerabilities here. Refer to [](./ for more details about the process of reporting security vulnerabilities.**
- Before submitting a ticket, please be sure to have a simple replication of the behavior.
- Submit a ticket for your issue, assuming one does not already exist.
- Raise it on our [Issue Tracker][issues]
- Clearly describe the issue by following the template layout, make sure to include steps to reproduce the bug.

## Making Changes

- Fork the repository on GitHub.
- Make the changes to your forked repository.
- When committing, reference your issue (if present) and include a note about the fix
- If possible, and if applicable, please also add/update unit tests for your changes
- Push the changes to your fork and submit a pull request to the 'master' branch of the projects' repository

## Code Documentation

- Ensure that every function in is documented and follows the standards set by [JSDoc].
- Finally, please use spaces to indent. The default indent size is 2.

At this point you're waiting on us to merge your pull request.
We'll review all pull requests, and make suggestions and changes if necessary.

# Additional Resources

- [General GitHub Documentation](
- [GitHub Pull Request documentation](
- [JSDoc]

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The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.
Copyright (c) 2019 GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
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# Reporting Security Issues

We take security very seriously at GoDaddy. We appreciate your efforts to
responsibly disclose your findings, and will make every effort to acknowledge
your contributions.

## Where should I report security issues?

In order to give the community time to respond and upgrade, we strongly urge you
report all security issues privately.

To report a security issue in one of our Open Source projects email us directly
at **** and include the word "SECURITY" in the subject line.

This mail is delivered to our Open Source Security team.

After the initial reply to your report, the team will keep you informed of the
progress being made towards a fix and announcement, and may ask for additional
information or guidance.

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