Archiso-live is my custom fork of Archlinux official archiso scripts
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Archiso-Live For Dummies Like Me and You

-What the hell is Archiso-Live?

Archiso-Live is a small set of bash scripts that is capable of building fully
functional ArchLinux-based liveCDs. It is a very generic tool, so it
could potentially be used to generate anything from rescue systems,
to install disks, to special interest liveCD systems, and who knows what
else. Simply put, if it involves Arch on a shiny coaster, it can do it.

-What is the different between Archiso and Archiso-Live?

Archiso was the offical livecd build scripts but there not as modular has
Archiso-Live. With Archiso you had to list the squashfs images in a text file
at build for them to be added into the livecd. I also didn't like the idea of
a 'dump' livecd where you can't fix anything so easly. 

-How do a get Archiso-Live build scripts?
Install git
In shell type this:
cd $HOME
git clone git://

This should give you a archiso-live folder in your home folder.

To update the archiso-live scripts, type this in shell:
cd $HOME/archiso-live
git pull

This should update your build scripts. 

-What are the depends of Archiso-Live?
	- cdrkit
	- aufs2-util
	- kernel26-2.6.29 or higher
	- syslinux
Mksquashfs and mkinitcpio are in archiso-live folder. You should have
mkinitcpio installed anyway but my mkinitcpio is custom made for Archiso-Live.
You will have to do a force install of sqlzma package from my local repo. 

You must add this before core repo into /etc/pacman.conf file:
Server =

-How do I build my own Archiso-Live iso?

Your going to have to login to root on your system. Then you do this in shell:
su root
cd $HOME/archiso-live/scripts
source exports
cd profiles/archiso-live

How you make the iso from scrach for i686.
./build makeiso i686
or for x86_64
./build makeiso x86_64

How you make just the iso again for i686.
./build makeimg i686
or for x86_64
./build makeimg x86_64

How you do a live backup of your system
su root
cd $HOME/archiso-live/scripts
source exports
cd profiles/livebackup
./build livebackup

-How do I customize the archiso-live profile?
List of varibles that can be change for your Archiso-Live iso:

-config file:
	ROOT_MOD is the root filesystem or first module. This is where the kernel 
	should be installed into. You don't have to set it if the kernel is listed the 
	first .list file in list folder of archiso-live.
	MOVE_MODULES is for moving modules that are not need to the 
	.working/img/archiso-live/modules. Its so you can use baseonly boot option to have a basic
	system on boot.

	MODULES is for the names of modules but its also the name of packages .list files in list
	DELDIR is for deleting folders that are not need in your livecd iso.

	KERNEL is to be change only if your use a custom kernel that is not kernel26. Makes it 
	easyer to build the iso with custom kernel.

	VMLINUZ is to be change only if your use a custom kernel that is not kernel26. Makes it 
	easyer to build the iso with custom kernel.

	CDLABEL is for change volume iso name. 

	PUBLISHER is for the website you would be releasing it from. This is put into
	the volume iso.

	AUTHOR is for puting your name into the iso volume.
-build file:
	WORKDIR is for the working folder where your iso is build.

	DATE is for the date to be add to the iso name.

	CDNAME is the data folder name for the iso. This is need for liblinuxlive script to file
	the livecd.sgn file.