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Pradeep Godara edited this page Sep 24, 2022 · 13 revisions

What is infinit?

infinit is a cross-platform application for Salesforce developers, analysts, and release managers to operate and collaborate on their next feature, project, or release, all from within a single platform.

infinit allows you to package metadata, permission, and data changes in easy-to-use and simple constructs. With metadata, permission, and data changes packaged, the application lets you commit, merge, build and release changes in a controlled manner. The data that originates is saved locally and natively in Salesforce.

Under the hood, infinit is built with Electron, the very same platform that powers some well-renowned names- Visual Studio Code, Slack, Postman, WhatsApp, and many more.

Why we created infinit?

Salesforce is an amazing platform, providing great extensibility through configuration and code. Once a feature is developed in a sandbox it needs to be progressed up in the release chain for quality assurance and user testing and ultimately releasing changes to production.

This is easier said than done when we add the complexities of multiple features, environments, projects, and teams working simultaneously. It can get chaotic fast. Not to mention some great toolsets provided by Salesforce, but stitching them together can get overwhelming. That's where infinit fits nicely by removing all that complexity and helping you focus on the right things.

How infinit does it?

infinit is built to address some basic pain points like change tracking, commits, merges, and builds when it comes to Salesforce change management. While solving for these, infinit doesn't force one strategy but provides great flexibility to choose the tools and approach that works best for your team.

In the next few sections, we will explore this in great detail.