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Please fork the repository, complete following exercises, either ruby and(or) javascript.
When you are complete submit a pull request for review.

If you have any questions feel free to email



In accordion.html you will find ACT course sections breakdown.

Please, write code to simulate jquery accordion plugin behavior with those sections. By default current setup comes with qunit, feel free to drop and use your own testing framework or write all your code as coffescript.

Nested Menu

In menu.html you will find nestedMenu structure that contains structure for nested menu that you need to build. Initially you will see study,practice,test headers.

Please provide the following functionality:

  • Upon clicking one of the headers,menu is replaced with a different menu that has nested headers in accordance to the nestedMenu structure. Ex: clicking on study should display submenu headers reading materials, flashcards and hide practice, test options.

  • Please, provide a way to get back to the state of the headers you were coming from before the click

Please, use your discretion in implementing nice-to-have features (things that you think that menu is missing and are not part of requirements).


Array extension

Please, write a module that provides where behavior to the array of hashes (see test.rb and make it pass, feel free to convert it to your favorite test framework).

Youtube client

Please, write a ruby api that for now takes a search string and returns 3 relevant search results from youtube (links to youtube videos)

Simplified Blackjack

blackjack.rb contains initial work on blackjack simulation

Please, use your discretion in fixing/adding tests. You are free to use/convert to any testing framework you want. You will need to implement the following functionality.

  • As a Player I can get a hand with two cards in it
  • As a Dealer I can get a hand with two cards in it
  • As a User I can see what card the dealer is showing
  • As a User I can bust (lose immediately) when I am getting cards
  • As a User I can blackjack (win immediately) when I am getting cards
  • As a Dealer I can draw cards after the player until I win or lose


  • Simulate a random round of the game (you dont have to write educated user decision logic - it could be guesses)


  • Bust - all possible hand values are greater than 21 points
  • Blackjack - any possible hand value is exactly 21 point
  • Assume dealer stays on 17 (any hand value)

For more rules on blackjack please refer to the wiki