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rest-more 3.4.0 -- 2016-02-04

  • RC::Github would now follow redirect for 5 times by default.
  • RestCore::Github::Error::ClientError was never used and removed.
  • RestCore::Github::Error::ServerError was also removed and favouring just RestCore::Github::Error.
  • Adopt rest-core 4.0.0

rest-more 3.3.4 -- 2015-10-15

  • [Dropbox] Updated content API server. Thanks khoa nguyen (@khoan)
  • [Github] Introduced RC::Github::Error replacing RuntimeError

rest-more 3.3.3 -- 2015-02-26

  • Try to adopt StackExchange's inconsistency

rest-more 3.3.2 -- 2015-01-05

  • Added RC::StackExchange#authorized?
  • Removed RC::Firebase from autoloading.

rest-more 3.3.1 -- 2014-10-08

  • Made RC::Facebook#authorize_url accepts the second argument as the option.

    5 khoa nguyen (@khoan)

  • The same fix applied to RC::Facebook#authorize!. #5 khoa nguyen (@khoan)

  • RC::Github now accepts :client_id, :client_secret as options, and RC::Github#authorize_url and RC::Github#authorize! and RC::Github#authorized? are now implemented. Lin Jen-Shin (@godfat)

rest-more 3.3.0 -- 2014-08-25

  • Adopted rest-core 3.3.0

rest-more 3.2.0 -- 2014-06-27

  • Removed RC::Firebase because it's extracted into rest-firebase
  • A lot of methods now accept callback properly.

Changes for RC::Github

  • Added RC::Github#all to grab resources through all pages automatically and concurrently. e.g.'users/godfat/repos')

Changes for RC::Linkedin

  • Added RC::Linkedin#profile to access someone's profile easier.

Added RC::StackExchange

rest-more 3.1.0 -- 2014-05-09

Changes for RC::Firebase

  • Now it would properly follow redirect.
  • Now it would raise an error if we're not giving a secret to RC::Firebase.
  • Now we have RC::Firebase::Error and its subclasses.
  • Introduced RC::Firebase::EventSource which would parse the data instead of simply giving the string for onmessage callback.

rest-more 3.0.0 -- 2014-05-04

  • Adopted latest rest-core
  • Added RC::Instagram, thanks @khoan
  • Added RC::Firebase

rest-more 2.0.4 -- 2013-04-13

  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Since now that we cannot retrieve the access token from cookie directly, we need to exchange it with the code in cookie, and then save it to our own storage. This fixed some issues with Facebook JavaScript SDK used together.

  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Changed the order checking access token, so that we don't have to exchange the access token every time.

  • [Twitter] Adopted Twitter API 1.1, thanks @khoan.

rest-more 2.0.3 -- 2013-04-01

  • Fixed compatibility with Ruby 2.0.
  • Adopt rest-core 2.0.3.

rest-more 2.0.2 -- 2013-02-07

rest-more 2.0.0 -- 2012-10-31

  • Adopted to rest-core 2.0.0, a whole new generation.
  • We no longer test against Ruby 1.9.2- and Rails 2-

Incompatible changes

  • Bing (no longer useable) and Mixi (anyone?) clients are removed.
  • Option for :json_decode is renamed to :json_response in rest-core.


  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Now we cache @rc_facebook_normalized_request_uri to avoid paring broken URI from Facebook. Facebook is returning some URI which are not properly escaped.

rest-more 1.0.2 -- 2012-07-13

  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Change the redirect log level from WARN to INFO.
  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Since Facebook would return correct URL now, we don't have to try to use URI.encode anymore. Actually, that causes bugs.

  • [Twitter::RailsUtil] Change the redirect log level from WARN to INFO.

  • [Flurry] Has been removed because it's too hard to maintain and make it right.

rest-more 1.0.1 -- 2012-05-14

  • [RailsUtilUtil] Fix for DalliStore

rest-more 1.0.0 -- 2012-03-17


All clients are now asynchrony-aware. Asynchrony support is added in rest-core >=1.0.0. Whenever you pass a callback block, the response would then be passed to the block. Error handling is different, too. In synchronous style, usually an exception would be raised, but in asynchronous style, the exception would be passed to the block instead of being raised.

  • [Dropbox] Added Dropbox support.
  • [Bing::Error] Added code method to get the original error code.
  • [Twitter::Error] Added code method to get HTTP status code.
  • [Facebook::Error] Instead of passing [true], pass error messages.
  • [Facebook] Pages related API is reimplemented. Passing a block would result a serious call to the callback block, ending with a nil.
  • [Config] Make sure the default attributes module is there even if the config file isn't presented.

rest-more 0.8.0 -- 2011-11-29

Incompatible changes

  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Some methods are renamed. For example, rc_facebook_write_rg_fbs is renamed to rc_facebook_write_fbs. All renamed methods are considered private, so we're not listing them here.

  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] rc_facebook_storage_key is changed to: "rc_facebook_#{rc_facebook.app_id}", your users might need to login again in order to save the access_token into the new place.

Bugs fixes

  • [Github] Fixed usage of Oauth2Query.

  • [Facebook] Now we're using POST in authorize! to exchange the access_token with the code instead of GET. If we're using GET, we would run into a risk where a user might use the code to get other people's access_token via the cache. Using POST would prevent this because POSTs are not cached.

  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Fixed a serious bug. The bug would jump up if you're using :write_session or :write_cookies or :write_handler along with :auto_authorize, for example: rc_facebook_setup(:auto_authorize => true, :write_session => true) The problem is that Facebook::RailsUtil is not removing the invalid access_token stored in session or cookie, and yet it is considered authorized, making redirecting to Facebook and redirecting back doesn't update the access_token. rc_facebook_cleanup is introduced to remove all invalid access_tokens, which would get called once the user is redirected to Facebook, fixing this bug.


  • [Facebook] Now we use default_data to get the default data, instead of relying Defaults middleware.

  • [Facebook] Protected methods are changed to private.

  • [Flurry] app_info now accepts opts.

  • [Flurry] event_metrics is renamed to event_summary
  • [Flurry] event_metrics is now the API for accessing 'eventMetrics/Event'
  • [Flurry] If you didn't pass dates, now default to for 7 days.
  • [Flurry] Instead of overriding query, defining default_query

  • [Linkedin+Twitter] Removed Defaults middleware because now we're using the data from Oauth1Client instead.

  • [Linkedin+Twitter] Removed oauth_token, oauth_token=, oauth_token_secret, and oauth_token_secret= because we're using them from Oauth1Client instead.

  • [Linkedin+Twitter] Removed set_token because it's handled in Oauth1Client now.

  • [Twitter::RailsUtil] Now rc_twitter_setup accepts options like rc_facebook_setup: auto_authorize, ensure_authorized, write_session, write_cookies, write_handler, and check_handler.

  • [Mixi] Removed Defaults middleware in favor of default_data.

  • [Facebook+Github+Mixi+Twitter] Added a me method for accessing current user information.

rest-more -- 2011-11-05

Bugs fixes

  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Fixed a missed change which should be made.

rest-more 0.7.2 -- 2011-11-05

Incompatible changes

  • [Flurry] renamed api_key to apiKey to better match the original name from flurry. Also renamed access_code to apiAccessCode.
  • [Facebook::RailsUtil] Some module_functions are changed to controller's private methods. You aren't using it if you don't know what does this mean.


  • Added rib-rest-core command line tool, extracted from rest-core.
  • [RailsUtilUtil] Introduced this to ease the pain writing RailsUtil for various clients.
  • [Bing] Added Bing client and its RailsUtil.
  • [Github] Added RailsUtil for Github client.
  • [Linkedin] Added RailsUtil for Linkedin client.
  • [Mixi] Added RailsUtil for Mixi client.
  • [Twitter] Added RailsUtil for Twitter client.

rest-more 0.7.1 -- 2011-10-31

Bugs fixes

  • [Mixi] Fixed => 'access_token') which is not working before.


  • [Mixi] RC::Mixi#authorize! now works like RC::Facebook#authorize! That is now we pass code like this: mixi.authorize!(:code => code)

  • RestCore::Config and RestCore::RailsUtilUtil are now moved to rest-more

rest-more 0.7.0 -- 2011-10-08

  • Extracted from rest-core 0.4.0
  • [Facebook] Added RC::Facebook#parse_fbsr! which can parse Facebook's new cookie. Also, RC::Facebook#parse_cookies! would look for that too.
  • [Facebook] Fixed that parsing an invalid signed_request would raise an error. From now on it would simply ignore it and wipe out the data.
  • [Flurry] Some minor updates.