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-- Splitting Exp and Compt
type Var = String
data Exp = Val Int
| Var Int
| Plus Exp Exp
| Lam Exp
| App Exp Exp deriving Show
data Val = Num Int
| Clos Env Compt
type Env = [Val]
type Compt = Env -> Cont -> Val
data Cont = Cont0
| Cont1 Compt Env Cont
| Cont2 Int Cont
| Cont3 Compt Env Cont
| Cont4 Compt Env Cont
eval :: Exp -> Compt
eval (Val n) _ k = appK k (Num n)
eval (Var n) env k = appK k (env !! n)
eval (Plus e1 e2) env k = eval e1 env (Cont1 (eval e2) env k)
eval (Lam e) env k = appK k (Clos env (eval e))
eval (App e1 e2) env k =
eval e1 env (Cont3 (eval e2) env k)
appK :: Cont -> Val -> Val
appK Cont0 v = v
appK (Cont1 c2 env k) (Num i) =
c2 env (Cont2 i k)
appK (Cont2 i k) (Num j) = appK k (Num (i + j))
appK (Cont3 c2 env k) (Clos env' cb) =
c2 env (Cont4 cb env' k)
appK (Cont4 cb env' k) v =
cb (v : env') k
testexpr =
(Lam (Lam (Lam (Plus (App (Var 2) (Var 1)) (App (Var 2) (Var 0))))))
(App (Lam (Lam (Plus (Var 0) (Var 1))))
(Val 1)))
(Val 2)) (Val 3))
instance Show Val where
show (Num v) = "Num " ++ show v
show (Clos _ _) = "Closure"