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-- Defunctionalising eval
type Var = String
data Exp = Val Int
| Var Int
| Plus Exp Exp
| Lam Exp
| App Exp Exp deriving Show
data Val = Num Int
| Clos Env Compt deriving Show
type Env = [Val]
type Compt = [Inst]
data Cont = Cont0
| Cont1 Compt Env Cont
| Cont2 Int Cont
| Cont3 Compt Env Cont
| Cont4 Compt Env Cont deriving Show
data Inst = Lit Int
| Access Int
| Close Compt
| Push1 Compt
| Push2 Compt deriving Show
eval :: Exp -> Compt
eval (Val m) = [Lit m]
eval (Var n) = [Access n]
eval (Plus e1 e2) = Push1 (eval e1) : eval e2
eval (Lam e) = [Close (eval e)]
eval (App e1 e2) = Push2 (eval e1) : eval e2
appC :: [Inst] -> Env -> Cont -> Val
appC [Lit m] env k = appK k (Num m)
appC [Access n] env k = appK k (env !! n)
appC [Close is] env k = appK k (Clos env is)
appC (Push1 is1 : is2) env k = appC is1 env (Cont1 is2 env k)
appC (Push2 is1 : is2) env k = appC is1 env (Cont3 is2 env k)
appK :: Cont -> Val -> Val
appK Cont0 v = v
appK (Cont1 c2 env k) (Num i) =
appC c2 env (Cont2 i k)
appK (Cont2 i k) (Num j) = appK k (Num (i + j))
appK (Cont3 c2 env k) (Clos env' cb) =
appC c2 env (Cont4 cb env' k)
appK (Cont4 cb env' k) v =
appC cb (v : env') k
testexpr =
(Lam (Lam (Lam (Plus (App (Var 2) (Var 1)) (App (Var 2) (Var 0))))))
(App (Lam (Lam (Plus (Var 0) (Var 1))))
(Val 1)))
(Val 2)) (Val 3))
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