A file and directory indexing tool
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A file and directory indexing tool. 

Welcome to Indexor, a program designed to keep track of where you left which
things stored. Indexor can currently scan a directory of your choosing,
indexing all files and directories under it, and extracting metadata from
media files (audio, video and image). Filters can be applied to the scanning
process, and error messages are logged in a separate window, giving the
possibility to save the error list to a plain text file. The resulting catalog
can be saved into a plain text file or into a binary file. If saved to binary,
such file can later be loaded into an Indexor instance (in less time than it
took to scan the directory), and all data will still be there.

Indexor also features an info pane, inspired by the one present in the Dolphin
file manager. When visible, displays all metadata it was able to extract from
the currently selected file, plus a thumbnail for image files (the thumbnail
is also displayed in the file list but at a smaller default size).

While it theoretically CAN run under Windows, as long as you have all the
dependencies (I personally ran it some time ago), as of now a Windows
installer doesn't exist. I have plans to develop one, but I never did put much
effort in them (e.g. develop the py2exe setup.py and InnoSetup script, testing
it, etc). Nevertheless, I intend to officially support Windows when most of
the things I have planned for the app are finished :)

Indexor is currently under development, so there are no guarantees: things may
break or become incompatible, kitties may die and houses may be repossessed.
Other than that, it's safe to use ;). I developed it with the purpose of
learning Python, and because the similar tools available did not satisfy me in
some aspects, portability being one of them. Indexor's generated catalog
binary files can be loaded on any Indexor instance, and I intend to keep it
that way, despite format changes. Since I do this in my free time (whenever I
have some), I could really use a hand developing Indexor. If you are
interested, please contact me.


Python-2.6 or newer GTK+-2.16 or newer PyGTK-2.14.1 or newer (and its suite of
libraries: gobject, pango, etc.) kaa-metadata (used for extracting metadata
from media files)


Currently there aren't any as I don't have a setup script or anything like
that :P. Just make sure you have all the deps installed, and then run
runner.py from the directory where it is located.


All code (including glade files) is licensed under the GPLv3. Icons are
licensed under a CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA license.


GODLiKE (godlike64 4t gm4il d0t c0m) 


(godlike64 at gm4il d0t c0m) 


You can download this project in either zip 
[http://github.com/godlike64/indexor/zipball/master] or tar 
[http://github.com/godlike64/indexor/tarball/master] formats. 

You can also clone the project with Git by running: 
$ git clone git://github.com/godlike64/indexor