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A Zend Framework MVC like approach to building enterprise NodeJS applications.

Zenhance does a lot of the heavy lifting for you such as auto routing to controllers and views, automatic caching and optimization as well as loading and unloading of modified files. This leaves you the developer more time to focus on developing your application without the need to start and restart the node server.

The MVC Framework

The Zenhance framework is mainly comprised of controllers, models and views with support for additional library and configuration files. The Zenhance framework is built on top of Express and makes use of it's routing and parameter management system. Requests are automatically routed to corresponding controllers and actions based on the url requested. For more information on how routes work or how to implement custom routing see Basic Routing and Controller Documentation documentation. Static file locations are customizable and are by default served out of the public directory.

The controller handles the requests directly and hands the specific request over to a corresponding action. The action then in turn performs any logical routines required and passes data over to the view. By default, Zenhance ships with Handlebars as the default template engine. The view intern is responsible for handling the rendering of client content unless overridden by the controller action. For more information on views see the View Documentation.

Models are developed to handle the logical objects of the application and exist as separate code components. These models can then be utilized in both the controller and view when required. For more information on models see the Model Documentation.

Additional libraries can be reused and imported into the project by way of the library folder and library API. For more information on library usage see the Library Documentation.

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