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Doc fix for GTabularize

1 parent dadab80 commit d3acca35fdb3e4fc70c1ffa18a76c2784ee7ef57 @godlygeek committed Sep 11, 2012
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@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ endfunction
" unchanged, and not in any way affect the outcome of other lines in the
" range (at least, normally - but Pipelines can and will still look at
" non-matching rows unless they are specifically written to be aware of
-" tabular#LineInclusionPattern() and handle it appropriately).
+" tabular#DoGTabularize() and handle it appropriately).
" 2) No automatic range determination - :Tabularize automatically expands
" a single-line range (or a call with no range) to include all adjacent
" matching lines. That behavior does not make sense for this command.

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