A tweaked, more compact version of Adwaita.
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A tweaked, more compact version of the default GNOME theme, Adwaita. Some of the additional tweaks include:

  • Window shadow being reduced to get rid of the "dirty" look Adwaita has.
  • New headerbar styling
  • GTK2 assets more resemble their GTK3 counterparts
  • New window button options - OSX, Vertex and regular/no custom buttons
  • A couple more tasteful design tweaks such as removing the progressbar borders for a cleaner look
  • There is now a light variant
  • The appmenu icon in the topbar has been removed (with spacing accounted for)
  • Dropdown arrows have been removed
  • Colours, the panel, buttons and entry fields closer resemble elements found in the GTK3 theme
  • The spacing in third-party indicators and the aggregate menu have been tweaked to make it all appear uniform
  • Additional Dash to Dock styling to make the dock feel more "complete" and resemble Plank

The end goal is to provide a sleeker, more streamlined GNOME experience without the need for too many extensions and additional tools. For a more vanilla version of this theme, see: https://github.com/godlyranchdressing/Adwaita-Slim


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Latest release here also over at GNOME-Look.

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