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A GraphNode Based State machine tool for Godot 3
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WIP - Abstract State Machine (ASM)

ASM is a GraphNode Based State machine tool for Godot 3, It generates a ready-to-go state machine for your game


ASM is now part of Godot Extended Libraries (GEL)

ASM in action Generated code

WIP Alpha 0.5

New Features:

  • Run at editor
  • Delete States
  • State Machine working animation (live feedback)
  • State Containers (for better organization)
  • Edit an existing code (in case you have a script and want to attach the state machine automatically)
  • Save/Load System
  • And a lot of things

Bug Fixes

  • was not producing _process() to update the state machine
  • Right-Mouse click was generating itemlist far from mouse (needs testing on different screens)

How to Use:

  • Download this
  • Extract to your project's addon folder
  • Now you need to enable the plugin
  • You should see an ASM on the engine's top (where 2d,3d is located)
  • Make your State Machine
  • Click at the compile button at the top
  • Get your ready-to-go CustomStateMachine at res://addons/ASM/compiled/
    • If you can see inside the engine use the system folder explorer
    • Engine's Output tab will give you information if anything happens
  • Have fun

Known Issues

  • If you create a state connect it, and then rename it, can cause compile errors
  • I encourage you to test this plugin and give me feedback, enhancement ideas, Pull requests, lets make this tool very powerful!

How this SH@T works behind the scenes?

ASM graph

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