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GDNative bindings for Rust

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Rust bindings to the Godot game engine.

Website | User Guide | API Documentation


The bindings cover most of the exposed API of Godot 3.2, and are being used on a number of projects in development, but we still expect non-trivial breaking changes in the API in the coming releases.

Engine compatibility

We are serious about engine compatibility. We are committed to keeping compatibility with the latest stable patch releases of all minor versions of the engine, starting from Godot 3.2.

The current minimum compatible version, with api.json replacement, is Godot 3.2-stable. Changes to this will be considered a breaking change, and will be called out in the release notes.

The bindings do not support Godot 4.0 (master branch) currently.


The generator makes use of bindgen, which depends on Clang. Instructions for installing bindgen's dependencies for popular OSes can be found in their documentation:

bindgen may complain about a missing llvm-config binary, but it is not actually required to build the gdnative crate. If you see a warning about llvm-config and a failed build, it's likely that you're having a different problem!

'Header not found' errors

When building the library, bindgen may produce errors that look like this:

godot-rust\gdnative-sys/godot_headers\gdnative/string.h:39:10: fatal error: 'wchar.h' file not found

This means that bindgen was unable to find the C system headers for your platform. If you can locate the headers manually, you may try setting the C_INCLUDE_PATH environment variable so libclang could find them. If on Windows, you may try building from the Visual Studio "developer console", which should setup the appropriate variables for you.


Godot 3.2.3-stable

After bindgen dependencies are installed, add the gdnative crate as a dependency, and set the crate type to cdylib:

gdnative = "0.9.3"

crate-type = ["cdylib"]

Other versions or custom builds

The bindings are currently generated from the API description of Godot 3.2.3-stable by default. To use the bindings with another version or a custom build, see Using custom builds of Godot in the user guide.


The most general use-case of the bindings will be to interact with Godot using the generated wrapper classes, as well as providing custom functionality by exposing Rust types as NativeScripts.

NativeScript is an extension for GDNative that allows a dynamic library to register "script classes" to Godot.

As is tradition, a simple "Hello World" should serve as an introduction. For a full tutorial, check out "Getting Started" from the user guide!

use gdnative::prelude::*;

pub struct HelloWorld;

impl HelloWorld {
    fn new(_owner: &Node) -> Self {

    fn _ready(&self, _owner: &Node) {
        godot_print!("hello, world.");

fn init(handle: InitHandle) {


Further examples

The /examples directory contains several ready to use examples, complete with Godot projects and setup for easy compilation from Cargo:

Third-party resources


Open-source projects



See the contribution guidelines


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you shall be licensed under the MIT license, without any additional terms or conditions.