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Addon for Blender to directly export to a Godot Scene
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Godot Engine's native Blender exporter add-on.

Native Godot scene format exporter for Blender, making the export process to Godot Engine as straightforward as possible.

WARNING: This exporter is experimental, and still lacks many features.


  1. Copy the io_scene_godot directory the location where Blender stores the scripts/addons folder on your system (you should see other io_scene_* folders there from other addons). Copy the entire dir and not just its contents.
  2. Go to the Blender settings and enable the "Godot Exporter" plugin.
  3. Export your file with File -> Export -> Godot Engine (.escn)

If you find bugs or want to suggest improvements, please open an issue on the upstream GitHub repository.

Development Notes

This repository includes a Makefile to assist with development. Running make from the project root will:

  1. Export all of the blend files from the tests/scenes directory.
    If you add a feature, it is suggested that you add a new blend file to the tests/scenes directory that uses this feature.
  2. Runs diff on the output files conpared to the reference exports. This acts as a regression test.
  3. Runs pycodestyle and pylint style tests. Your code must pass these to be elegible to merge.

Due to differences in blender versions creating minor differences in the output files (even with the same blender release number), the regression tests are best run with blender 2.79 downloaded from this exact url, which is used for the Travis builds. If you think your blender version is adequate, the hash (visble in the upper right of blender's splash screen) should be 5bd8ac9abfa. The exporter itself should run on all modern versions of blender, but the output may differ slightly.


This Godot exporter is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. See the LICENSE.txt file for details.

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